# 79 NFL Draft Prospect Nick Chubb JUNIOR. # 125 Davin Bellamy redshirt JUNIOR with 10 starts for Kirby. # 181 Greg Pyke redshirt SENIOR. # 246 Dominick Sanders JUNIOR. # 342 Brandon Kublanow SENIOR. # 532 Greyson Lambert SENIOR. # 572 Quincy Mauger SENIOR. # 593 Mo Smith SENIOR. # 967 Reggie Davis SENIOR. 32 teams 7 rounds so any NFL DRAFT PROSPECT ranked higher than # 253 is most likely not going to be drafted April 27. Do you realize we could lose the ENTIRE OL after 2016 to the NFL Draft ? Everyone can leave if they want. en masse

Tyler Catalina Graduate Senior is not listed by CBS.  At least NFL Draft Scout.com lists Tyler Catalina.



No player from Rhode Island is listed by CBS.


Glenn Welch Senior is not listed by CBS.

Brendan Douglas Senior is not listed by CBS.

Chuks Amaechi Senior is not listed by CBS and he had a start this year for Kirby.


I would not think these 4 players appreciate that CBS with all the others you do list who you consider the top 1000 available CBS.


It is pretty hard to make a name for yourself when you are not even listed by CBS.  That list is read.  It is studied.


Deshawn Watson # 8

Josh Harvey-Clemons # 93

12 Alabama players projected by CBS to be Drafted in the First 7 Rounds especially in the trenches.




OLB Lorenzo Carter also could come out a Junior whom Mark Richt mostly wasted 2014 and 2015 because it was not in his nature to get after guys.  Not declared yet.  Kirby tried to teach him lessons too 2016 with only 7 starts but STILL that is 7 starts for Kirby.  High Praise for a guy we all know is a PRO.  He is top special teams’ player too.  Kirby held us back with his LESSONS he taught 2016 to the detriment of the team.  Lorenzo Carter games NOT STARTED were LOSSES.  Clearly 1 of top 11 on D AND on special teams.  When he STARTS in the NFL for 15 years Kirby will LOOK BADLY for 7 starts 2016.  Especially when folks look at the games he did NOT start in.


Sony Michel could come out a Junior whom Mark Richt mostly wasted 2014. Not declared yet.


Reggie Carter (6-1, 230, Jr.) could declare. Not declared yet.  Kirby started him 7 games already 2016 with 2 more to come and frankly could have had more if Kirby wasn’t trying to teach him a lesson to get after their asses every down.  Look pro players take plays off ALL THE TIME.  Maybe not at LB and he is too small to play NFL DE.  But he can help on Special Teams


Isaiah Wynn (6-2, 285, Jr.) could declare.   You never know all the details why one does and another not.  And the OL would be decimated.   He started 10 games for Kirby this season.


Isaiah McKenzie (5-8, 175, Jr.) maybe does not declare.


Jeb Blazevich (6-5, 242, Jr.) probably does not declare.


Javon Wims Junior could declare but I think comes back bright future here.


Malkom Parrish (5-10, 185, Jr.) probably does not declare but Kirby certainly started him 10 games this year already.  That is high praise from a guy in Kirby whose opinion MATTERS to the NFL.  Well his opinion on talent no talent on DEFENSE anyway certainly matters.  He certainly did NOT nail the QB as I January 12 and held us back as a result all season.


Dyshon Sims (6-4, 309, Jr.) probably does not declare.  Think about the OL if he declares too and he can.  He started a game for Kirby this year.


Brice Ramsey (6-3, 210, Jr.) probably does not declare but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him invited to the Combines 2018 not 2017.  I would also not be surprised to see him do well.  He should have been Jacob Eason’s back-up QB this year and not only would I have prepared him as the back-up this year but I would have STARTED him last year not Greyson Lambert THEN EITHER. I also would have EITHER started Brice Ramsey 2014 or I would have started Jacob Park 2014 not Hutson Mason and his floating passes for 4 yards and # 89 Passing Offense 2014.  Greyson Lambert NOR Hutson Mason has the arm that Brice Ramsey has.  Mark Richt LOST HIS JOB over this slight of Brice Ramsey more than ANYTHING ELSE.  And that’s a fact.


Christian Payne (6-1, 242, Jr.) probably does not declare.


Aaron Davis Junior probably does not declare but he started 9 games for Kirby already this year.  Again that is HIGH PRAISE for a guy who has made his name deciding on defensive prowess.


John Atkins (6-4, 315, Jr.) probably does not declare but with 7 starts for Kirby he just might.  He could.


Aulden Bynum (6-5, 292, Jr.) He isn’t declaring.

Jordan Davis Jr isn’t declaring. 0 starts for Kirby yet.

Shakenneth Williams Jr isn’t declaring and he got a Start this year for Kirby.


Reggie Wilkerson Jr no starts for Kirby yet isn’t declaring.

Shaun McGee was redshirted Jr. by Kirby 2016 so he isn’t declaring.

Trent Frix no official starts for Kirby isn’t declaring.  Move him to OL ?





Lamont Gaillard as Redshirt Sophomore can CERTAINLY DECLARE.  With 11 starts he just might as well.  That would possibly leave us with NO ONE who Started a single game on the OL back next year.  en masse.  Think about it.  And Ben Cleveland not one snap experience.  Sad.


Kendall Baker  redshirt sophomore isn’t declaring with -0- starts for Kirby.




The NFL Scouting Combine will be held February 28 – March 6, 2017.




( http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/2017/all )


CBS usually does a pretty good job of this and have a host of experts who have input into their listings of NFL Players by each school and how they are considered by the NFL as to moving-forward to the list of players in the NFL by school.  It is a good database I use frequently every year and always have.


I have no idea why no one but myself is capable of listing who might and who might not declare for us after this season.  Your list is WRONG.  My list here is complete.


But I forget how much better everyone else’s blog is.  Right.


You just might want to know what I have to say on the topic of us.





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