Juwan Parker 3 of 8 made both free throws snagged 5 boards with 3 assists and no turnovers to add to Yante Maten’s 27 pts and 7 boards along with J.J. Frazier’s 28 points to will us to victory at home tonight.

Furman is a team of just all seniors and juniors as starters so they’re not like we are.


Hoops’ Dawgs improve to 2-1 on the season for Mark Fox.


Jarvis Hayes and Jonas Hayes are 2 fine-looking young men.  They both did a great job tonight.  Jarvis says he is 5 minutes older.  I sure remember them here.  I think they are both better looking young men now than then.


That was back when Mike Adam$ was meddling in the not only the Athletic Directors but also the coaches back then.  Vince Dooley had said he had his reservations about hiring that coach from Pepperdine Jim Harrick and his son but Mike Adam$ insisted as he did on Damon Evans and then Greg McGarity.


You see ?


Mike Adam$ and Jim Harrick both worked together at Pepperdine from 1982 all the way through 1988 when they both left together from Pepperdine.




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