How many Scholarships does Kirby have remaining ?



16   Seniors

22   Juniors

2     Redshirt Sophomores

19   Sophomores

6    Redshirt Freshmen

16  Freshmen

4    Freshmen Redshirted 2016

85  Scholarships  – NO OTHER NUMBER


16 Seniors :

Greg Pyke Senior 1

Brandon Kublanow Senior 2

Quincy Mauger Senior 3

Chuks Amaechi Senior 4

Brendan Douglas Senior 5

Reggie Davis Senior 6

Ryne Rankin Senior 7

Tommy Long Senior 8

Glenn Welch Senior 9

Shattle Fenteng Senior 10

Johnny O’Neal Senior 11

Charlie Hegedus Senior 12

Kenneth Towns Senior 13

Mo Smith Graduate Senior 14

Tyler Catalina Graduate Senior 15

Greyson Lambert Graduate Senior 16

22 Juniors :

Dominick Sanders Junior 17

Isaiah Wynn Junior 18

Dyshon Sims Junior 19

Brice Ramsey Junior 20

Nick Chubb Junior 21 staying

Sony Michel Junior 22 staying

Christian Payne Junior 23

Isaiah McKenzie Junior 24

Javon Wims Junior 25

Jeb Blazevich Junior 26

Jordan Davis Junior 27

Shakenneth Williams Junior 28

Aulden Bynum Junior 29

Reggie Wilkerson Junior 30

Shaun McGee Junior 31

Malkom Parrish Junior 32

Aaron Davis Junior 33 no longer interested in leaving since he graduated

John Atkins Junior 34

Reggie Carter Junior 35

Davin Bellamy Junior 36 staying

Lorenzo Carter Junior 37 staying

2 Redshirt Sophomores :

Lamont Galliard Redshirt Sophomore 38

Kendall Baker Redshirt Sophomore 39

19 Sophomores :

Jackson Harris Sophomore 40

Terry Godwin Sophomore 41

Jayson Stanley Sophomore 42

Michael Chigbu Sophomore 43

Shaquery Wilson Sophomore    abdicated

Trent Thompson Sophomore 44

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Sophomore 45

Michael Barnett Sophomore 46

Roquan Smith Sophomore 47

Natrez Patrick Sophomore 48

Jonathan Ledbetter Sophomore 49

Juwan Taylor Sophomore 50

Rashad Roundtree Sophomore 51

Juwuan Briscoe Sophomore    abdicated

Rico McGraw Sophomore     abdicated

Deandre Baker Sophomore 52

D’Andre Walker Sophomore 53

Jarvis Wilson Sophomore 54

Kirby Choates Sophomore    academics abdicating

6 Redshirt Freshmen :

Sam Madden Redshirt Freshman 55

Sage Hardin Redshirt Freshman 56

Justin Young Redshirt Freshman 57

Patrick Allen Redshirt Freshman 58

Tae Crowder Redshirt Freshman 59

Jake Edwards Redshirt Freshman 60

16 Freshmen :

Jaleel Laquins Freshman 61

Michail Carter Freshman 62

Julian Rochester Freshman 63

Tyler Clark Freshman 64

David Marshall Freshman 65

Tyrique McGhee Freshman 66

Marshall Long Freshman 67

Elijah Holyfield Freshman 68

Riley Ridley Freshman 69

Tyler Simmons Freshman 70

Charlie Woerner Freshman 71

Brian Herrien Freshman 72

Isaac Nauta Freshman 73

Mecole Hardman Jr. Freshman 74

Jacob Eason Freshman 75

Solomon Kindley Freshman 76

4 Freshmen Redshirted 2016 :

Chris Barnes Freshman 77

Ben Cleveland 2016 Redshirted Freshman 78

Chauncey Manac 2016 Redshirted Freshman 79


Rico Johnson medical disqualified doesn’t count as scholarship


Walk-Ons :

Rodrigo Blankenship RF K still walk-on

Trent Frix Junior Walk-On

Prather Hudson Freshman Preferred Walk-on 2016

Tim Hill Senior db Played this season

Mitchell Wasson F K still walk-on –

William Ham Redshirt Sophomore K still walk-on played 3 games

Nick Moore Sophomore had tackle last year played 3 games 2016 walk-on still.

Steven Van Tiflin redshirt sophomore WR played one game 2016 walk-on.

Thomas Swilley Junior OG played one game 2015 one game 2016 walk-on.

I believe I recall we provided Keyon Brown Redshirt Sophomore a Scholarship and he has played in one game 2016.

I believe I recall we provided Mirko Jurkovic Redshirt Freshman a Scholarship but he has not played in 2016 and would appear to have loads in front of him at TE.

I believe I recall Mark Richt provided a scholarship to Joseph Ledbetter to get his younger brother to sign with us too but he is no longer playing with us this year so that is over.

I believe I recall Mark Richt provided a scholarship NEXT YEAR to J.R. Reed who had to sit-out this year so does that count as a Scholarship for this year ?  This is a Scholarship committed for 2017 by Mark Richt. Sophomore.  6′ 195 db played Tulsa 2015. Dad Jake Reed NFL not J.R. Reed NFL db.

Daniel Gothard Freshman on roster preferred walk-on still – has not played 2016.


79 On-Scholarship  – 16 seniors are 63 plus J.R. Reed is 64 for 2017 plus 20 commitments = 84 for 2017.



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