Game 11 we’ve been losing in EVERY game all season. But not today. While Kirby cleared the bench the back-ups allowed 2 late TD by Anthony Jennings who was arrested few years back. The former back-up to Zach Mettenberger at LSU now Louisiana Lafayette Anthony Jennings QB whose Dad Willie E. Jennings, Jr. was Bulldogs Nose Tackle from 1990-1993 a four-year letterman UGA from Banneker High in College Park and now lives in Marietta. But this day Anthony Jennings was beat by Isaiah McKenzie Jacob Eason Nick Chubb on a windy day today.

While the back-ups let us down at the end of the game 35-21 Isaiah McKenzie flashed another All-America day today and Nick Chubb too.  Jacob Eason 13-19 for 165 and 2 TD Passes.


There was a pass to Isaac Nauta which went flying-up off his hands believe it or not and right into the hands of ULL.  But they did not score.


The Black-Out was an utter failure.  One-third of the seats were empty and yet the day was last good day to watch Georgia Bulldogs’ football when it is not cold.  It was 80 yesterday and tomorrow night 29 degrees.


A lot of people will be sick Monday or Tuesday.


Of those who did come on out today we had a good time until the end actually never trailing believe that or not too.  But the crowd of two-thirds was maybe half black half red and no Black-Out was recorded.


Another failure for messing with our uniform.


Greyson Lambert contributed to the poor performances by the back-ups given his 1st chance to shine since game 2.


That is a long time ago Game 12 next.


Greyson Lambert botched the exchange and then lobbed a floating pass to the flats which he is not capable of executing which was nearly picked-off with 3:01 second left. They would go right back down the field and score AGAIN after that 3 and out.


Brian Herrien got us a first down and that finally ended it 35-21.


More than the usual 58 got to play but they haven’t been played and Game 12 next so they understandably were not good as back-ups.


We’re on-target for 9-4 now the very average of Mark Richt for the last 8 years so this is now right on-target for 9-4 again for the last 9 years now.


We sure have had some good football players through here these last 9 years now if we can make it to that point of 9-4 average for 9 years now.


3-game win streak for us while other teams struggled today.  Ohio State for example who has already lost a game played a 3-8 team and won 17-16.  They’ll drop in the polls again.  Did I mention Bobby Petrino lost 10-36 Thursday night.  Lol.  Unranked team beat Louisville 36-10.  LSU lost again so they drop out of the polls.


We had this game won 21 to nothing then at the end of both halves we let them back in the game.


When you are up 21 to nothing the other team should not make the score look close.


Beautiful Day in Athens if you love wind and leaves.



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