Nick Chubb has 986 yards on the season Isaiah McKenzie 925 and Sony Michel 687 all-purpose yards. Jacob Eason has 13 TD Passes to 6 Interceptions 3 of which were off the hands of our receivers and has now 2075 yards total offense. Brian Herrien has 376 all-purpose yards and 3 TD and is destined to be our top running back. He goes forward.

Evander Holyfield did not graduate from college but his older son did from Auburn Evander Jr. Evander has the 2 Bulldog puppies named Chubbs and Girly whom Elijah used to commit.



This has been a largely unsuccessful offense despite the stars. And the defense certainly got gashed today.


Georgie tek yellowjackets are 7-4 on the season too while J.J. Green started the first 8 games and has 477 all-purpose yards but Georgie tek yellowjackets have been gashed all season in the air in addition to their 23 fumbles in 11 games in front of 47 thousand 503 fans in a city of 7 million downtown in the slums where it is not safe.


But this game is HERE at noon Saturday with no week off this year for us to prepare for their high school offense. Coming off this performance on defense this week that is not a good sign going into a triple option.


Although our special teams had their game of the season today Georgie tek yellowjackets are solid across the board on special teams.


Kirby plays 71 players in the win while he usually only plays 58. But they weren’t played before today so they did not do well.


Georgie tek yellowjackets have not beat any team all season while we have wins over # 17 College Football Play-Off Ranking and 8-3 on the season North Carolina who beat the shit out of Georgie tek yellowjackets. And Kirby has also beat # 15 College Football Play-Off Poll Auburn who goes into Tuscaloosa Saturday before Alabama plays Florida and then on to try to win their 5th national championship in the last 9 years while we’ve been averaging 9-4 these same last 9 years here.


There is a lot on the line Saturday where it will be 62 degrees and windy all week.



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