Brian Kelly 8-5 for 7 years average at Notre Dame who is # 18 in wins starting 1978 to UGA # 7 decides way to make HIM look good is to fire Brian VanGorder like it is all HIS fault. And Kirby who sorely needs help on the Offensive Side of the Ball such as HINES WARD hires instead Brian VanGorder to help on his Defense which is our strongest point.


# 7 UGA

# 18 Notre Dame


Ranking in Wins starting 1978 :


Notre Dame has not played football starting 1978 and they have not come to grips with that even yet.


38 years of futility at Notre Dame and Brian VanGorder is the scapegoat for Brian Kelly.


And just when it would seem appropriate to make some move to assist our OFFENSE instead Kirby goes out and hires more help for our Defensive coaching staff ?


Strange indeed.


Where is Jim Chaney’s help Kirby ?


You ?


Our Offense is a failed model much like our rainfall 2016.  It hasn’t rained since September and Lake Lanier is double-digits down more than 10 feet today.  For the year now we are 32 inches of rain.  Last year 2015 we got 68 inches.  Last year we got 20 inches of rain in November and December.  This year we haven’t gotten any.  While the rain is a departure from last year our Offense has been miserable for 3 years now.


Get us some help on Offense please Kirby.  Jim Chaney needs help Kirby.

At least Alabama can not steal our water this year.  My yard is a mess and there is little I can do.  On Offense there clearly is something we can do.  Kirby get us some help on our woebegone Offense. We don’t have any game strategies and no in-game adjustments while we continue to not call productive plays in the booth or on the field.


Losing 3 starters on the OL after this season as Seniors just makes this critical Kirby that you do SOMETHING about our Offensive Woes.



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