About this shit that Georgie tek yellowjackets are our MAJOR RIVAL bullshit. Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Kyle Funderburk .


Hate.  What is hate ?  Hate is when you think the other person hates you.  THAT does NOT make them OUR rival; it makes US their rival.


You are just a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan Kyle Funderburk.  You and THEY should try kissing a girl if you can find one.  You’d like it.


Otherwise, just Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Kyle Funderburk .


Dawn of the Dawg.com Fansided all total dumb shits Kyle Funderburk.


Look dumbass if your ENTIRE LIFETIME it is win 3 for us win 1 for them then THAT is certainly NOT a RIVALRY.


Florida is.


Auburn is.


There is NO REASON  to play Georgie tek yellowjackets.  We have NOTHING to gain and EVERYTHING to lose.


They don’t give a shit if they LOSE EVERY GAME as long as they beat us.  In fact 7 seasons they have lost every game all season long.  They would have considered all 7 successful had they beat us.  They did not.


They don’t even go to their games with less than HALF our attendance and yet they in a city of more than 7 million.


The fact that THEY call us their # 1 Rival does not mean it is to us.  It’s NOT.


That does NOT make them ours.


Dumb shit.


It ALSO is NOT A REASON why it is for us.


Starting 1964 they have won 13 of 52 games.  Are you 52 years’ old Kyle Funderburk ?  I didn’t think so.


As for your total unadulterated bullshit Kyle Funderburk that they led the series 1963 they did NOT.  When Charley Trippi is over FIGHTING in World War II with my Dad and Georgie tek yellowjackets were PLAYING FOOTBALL with PLAYERS who were NOT ENROLLED at Georgie tek but STATIONED there during the war does NOT make those games count.


You piece of shit.


We have won 65 times.


They have won 38.


They did the same thing in World War I too.  Look up their records for Hall of Fame players and see they played for OTHER TEAMS not them and then during World War I also they played there.  THAT is cheating too.


Bobby Dodd is a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville who could NOT beat Vince Dooley and LOST EVERY GAME, so he DROPPED-OUT of The SEC he said over Revenue Sharing.  The SEC is about to share two-thirds a billion dollars.  Could they USE that ?  THAT was not why they dropped-out of The SEC but that we stood between them and the conference championship which they have not won ANY of since 1952.


I try to explain these points to y’all because I was HERE.  I would know.  And I damn sure remember.


Both have 7-4 records.  What hogwash.


We beat North Carolina who beat the ever-living shit out of them and we beat Auburn both ranked in the very top of EVERY POLL.  They beat NO ONE.


Your entire premise and EVERY WORD in it is totally biased one-sided and full of shit.


Not only that Kyle Funderburk you are a God Damn LIAR.




( http://dawnofthedawg.com/2016/11/23/why-should-non-georgia-georgia-tech-fans-care-about-their-rivalry/ )


Is there NO ONE EVER on Dawn of the Dawg who will CORRECT this bullshit this Kyle Funderburk just wrote today ?


I am succinctly calling YOU ALL OUT on these specific precise salient sagacious points.


Know what the fok you are writing about before you open your God Damn Mouth Kyle Funderburk.


Jesus Christ.


And you have the freaking gall to call your blog Dawn of the DAWG.


North Georgia does not have a football team.  When it does root for them.  Until then at least know about UGA before talking about US.




( http://ungathletics.com/index.aspx )


You just made an F in journalism class at UNGa for this entire article of lies Kyle Funderburk.


“Why Georgia Tech is still one of the Georgia Bulldogs biggest rivals” by Kyle Funderburk.

“Both the Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets enter the contest 7-4”

“Georgia is 13-3 against the team that is supposed to its biggest rival.”  THAT IS NOT EVEN A SENTENCE Kyle Funderburk sir.  If it were a sentence it is STILL not true.

“Georgia fans don’t have to deal with other Florida, Auburn or Tennessee fans on a daily basis, but they probably have a few Tech fans in their life.”  I know no one who roots for Georgie tek yellowjackets.

“Prior to 1964, Georgia Tech led the series 27-26-5.”  God damn lie too.

“They did win a national title in 1990”  They did NOT.  Colorado did.  In fact Georgie tek yellowjackets claim 6 national championships and in ALL everyone of the SAME POLLS who ranked UGA # 1 six times too but we have an AP POLL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 1980 and they have won 1 nc in the AP Poll ever in ANY sport and that girl’s tennis a long time ago.  They could not even beat North Carolina a 6–4–1 team in 1990.  That is why they are NOT nc.  Colorado lost to a ranked team and tied # 8 vols 1990.  Get over it.

“They even have the most recent conference championship.”  They do NOT.  Their most recent conference championship is 1952.  Georgia Tech defeated Atlantic Division champion Clemson in the championship game, but the NCAA later vacated their win.  So too did Georgie tek yellowjackets themselves vacate their win.  No one is ALLOWED to say they did WIN ACC Championship 2009.  2009 in fact both Clemson and they BOTH lost the week prior to South Carolina and to us during the NCAA Probation Georgie tek yellowjackets earned for lying to the NCAA and CHEATING – something they do ALL THE TIME. Even then they can not compete – which is WHY they cheat.  Had they NOT LOST to us they would have had to VACATE that too.  Had they NOT lost to Iowa they VACATE that too but they LOST THAT GAME TOO.  They also lost 2009 to Miami of Florida.  God Damn LIAR Kyle Funderburk.  They are STILL on Probation for that shit Kyle Funderburk and HERE you assign them ACC Champions for that very FACT 2009.   A “Win” ?  “Latest conference championship” ?  Bullshit.  The ACC CHUMPionship Game 2009 was NOT a win for Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Where the hell do you get your information from Kyle Funderburk ?  Make it up ?  You can NOT show me a URL Link to THESE LIES by YOU.  Georgia Institute of Technology is on NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL back-to-back REPEAT OFFENDERS today.  Today Kyle Funderburk for this and you say they won 2009 when they DID NOT.  Did they LIAR ?





HAPPY THANKSGIVING 21 Seniors 16 of whom are scholarship seniors being honored Senior Day Saturday the 26th November 2016 except for Shattle Fenteng – not sure why that would be ? We are certainly LOSING our Offensive Line after this season.



16 Scholarship Seniors 4 primary Starters :

3 more who got Starts for Kirby 2016

Greg Pyke 11

Brandon Kublanow 11

Quincy Mauger 2

Chuks Amaechi 1

Brendan Douglas 0

Reggie Davis 1

Ryne Rankin 0

Tommy Long –

Glenn Welch 0

Johnny O’Neal 0

Charlie Hegedus 0

Kenneth Towns 0

Mo Smith 9

Tyler Catalina 11

Greyson Lambert 1

Shattle Fenteng 0 starts played 6 games 2016 including last 4 not sure why he is not listed honored Senior Day 11-26-2016 :





Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Ridge Underwood

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Kyle LeStrange

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016  Thomas Pritchard

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Billy Seward

Walk-On Senior completes his career 2016 Jonah Guinn


We are certainly LOSING our Offensive Line after this season.