Here are Kirby’s OFFENSE numbers now that 2016 regular season is over. # 62 on 3rd Down Conversions. # 62 on 4th Down Conversions. # 77 on 1st Downs made. # 77 on Fumbles Lost. # 99 Passing Offense. # 73 Red Zone Offense. # 89 Total Offense. # 55 Rushing Offense. # 107 Scoring Offense. Special Teams : # 106 on Kick-Off Return Defense. # 54 Kick-Off Returns. . # 111 on Net Punting. Kirby just doesn’t have any background knowledge of OFFENSE or SPECIAL TEAMS. He’s not ready to be head coach knowing only 1 of the 3 aspects of a football team.

Plus One +1 which I called for for 20 years finds that this season once again THERE ARE ONLY 4 TEAMS.  We do NOT need a 5th team.  I do not think Washington belongs in the Play-Offs but that only leaves 3.  Any way you slice it +1 works again.


If you can beat North Carolina and Auburn 2016 then well you should not be losing 5 games including the regular season finale who average the # 52 recruiting rankings.  Mark Richt averaged the # 8 recruiting ranking and Kirby # 7 and improving.  There is no excuse for all this except that Kirby has blind spots on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and that he also HIRED POORLY for BOTH.


Kirby is stubborn about that which he does NOT KNOW and made no move to correct his obviously POOR CHOICES for Special Teams and OFFENSE coaching.


He added extra help during the season ONLY on DEFENSE.


Now he faces a BLEAK YEAR next year on OFFENSE with potentially losing EVERY SINGLE OFFENSIVE LINEMAN after this season.


Kirby had a  VERY EASY SCHEDULE 2016.


Officially the NCAA Official Strength of Schedule for the entire season of only # 42 and that does not take into account FCS teams which drags it down even worse.


vols played Strength of Schedule # 2 for example.

Alabama # 5 Strength of Schedule.

LSU # 6 Strength of Schedule.

The ENTIRE SEC played a tougher Strength of Schedule than Kirby 2016.


And yet this is what he did on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS against a SOFT SCHEDULE.


Nicholls State had a LOSING SEASON 5-6

Missouri had a LOSING SEASON 4-8

Ole Miss had a LOSING SEASON 5-7

South Carolina 6-6

Vandie 6-6

Kentucky 7-5

Louisiana Lafayette had a LOSING SEASON 5-6


Kirby was LOSING in EVERY GAME ALL SEASON LONG except for Louisiana Lafayette.


And YET these are his OFFENSIVE NUMBERS and his SPECIAL TEAMS production against this EASY CUPCAKE SCHEDULE for Kirby 2016.


We’re not a good team.


We stood pat on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS when it was apparent we did NOT KNOW WHAT WE WERE DOING.


That is what is really disconcerting.




We offered him $ 5 million 400 thousand 2016 to coach defense offense and special teams.


Greg McGarity hired a coach who knows only 1 aspect of football because he was only a girls’ tennis coach 1 year.


Installed into that position by Mike Adam$ to determine if Kirby knew OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS which are the 1st two questions Vince would have asked him.


Greg McGarity as a result is averaging MORE than 4 losses a season in football at a FOOTBALL SCHOOL # 11 all-time in wins and # 3 all-time in bowl games since Greg McGarity was hired by Mike Adam$ to replace a guy Mike Adam$ also hired Damon Evans.


Where are we at ?


Not a good place.


  1. And what is Kirby doing about his OFFENSIVE LINE who all might leave en masse after this season ?
  2. What is Kirby doing about receivers who all they did all season long was DROP PASSES ?


I don’t see Kirby doing ANYTHING on EITHER FRONT do you ?

What is Kirby doing ?


Well he is in charge and the fan base no longer has questions – we have pretty much made up our mind.


I’d say Kirby is on a SHORT LEASH.


And that Greg McGarity will NOT weather this.










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