When the regular season is over and you played 7 cupcakes and yet all season long there was only 1 game we were NOT LOSING in – Louisiana Lafayette – well we’re NOT a good football team. Biggest off-season concerns ? Will all the OL be gone ? Is stubborn Kirby going to FIRE Jim Chaney ? Is any receiver going to come here who doesn’t DROP the passes to him ? Is Kirby planning on telling the God Damn Press how freaking HORRIBLE every freshman is NEXT YEAR 2017 too ? How many of the Juniors declarer ? Six ?

And oh yeah where is the athletic directors’ hot seat.com ?


I see this morning where Kirby Smart is # 28 on coaches’ hot seat.com but what about Greg McGarity ?




( http://coacheshotseat.com/ )


  1. Nicholls State had a LOSING SEASON 5-6
  2. Missouri had a LOSING SEASON 4-8
  3. Ole Miss had a LOSING SEASON 5-7
  4. South Carolina 6-6
  5. Vandie 6-6
  6. Kentucky 7-5
  7. Louisiana Lafayette had a LOSING SEASON 5-6



On the positive side after 100 days of no rain and Lake Lanier officially down more than 11 feet we got several inches of rain today.  That’s it for the good news.






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