8-5 would look good right now for Kirby. What we’ve done until now we no longer control. We’re 3 and 0 against TCU and while we’re not those other teams those 3 years this year – we get 15 extra practices and get to get to win number 30 in bowl games. Only 2 programs have more wins in bowl games. Win # 30 in Bowl Games UGA would give us .6176 win percentage in Bowl Games and only 3 major teams are better than that too Penn State Southern California and Ole Miss and only 1 of those 3 has more Bowl Wins Southern California. This is VERY IMPORTANT for us and for Kirby to put behind us our struggling ways on Offense and get going offensively.

There is NO NEED for more than 4 teams in college football playoffs again this season as there was NOT last year either.


This bullshit by Bluto this morning that there is shows what he doesn’t know about college football.






( https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2016/12/05/tradition-left-college-football-long-ago/ )


We have a REAL NATIONAL CHAMPION again this season as we did last season Bluto you dumbass MF.


Who the F do you want to be playing this year or last who did not or is not ?


Dumb Shit.


Yeah our game is on a Friday at noon ESPN.  62 thousand show-up for the game every year.  We can get Kirby to 8-5.


We beat TCU 37-13 the other 3 times we played them but we were 8-3 and 12-0 and 9-1-1 those previous 3 meetings.  We’re not those teams this year.


It’s our OFFENSE.


That is what we have to work on.


We were 4-4 this season after Florida.  8-5 looks good compared to that.


Let’s beat TCU.


No neither team TCU or UGA had the season this year our fans expected.


It is frankly pretty embarrassing for both coaches but rather than both be 7-6 we can be 8-5.


That’s good.


It’s a lot better than our 6-7 the last time we played in this game and LOST 6-10 to Florida Atlantic whatever that is in Mark Richt’s 2010 season here.


It would also get us to 2-2 in the Liberty Bowl.


The truth of the matter is that I have driven to MANY BOWL GAMES through the years and we travel as well or better than any team and so we our fan base won this bowl for us.


We’re the # 10 of 14 SEC teams 2016 season.


Honestly we didn’t deserve this bowl.  I figured us in the Birmingham Bowl.


We approached Gary Patterson about this job here and he turned us down.


He wants win number 150 there the only place he has coached.


He can go get that next year in the Big XII.


The lone fact about the Big XII is that they play NO DEFENSE.


We certainly do.


TCU is only 15-15-1 in Bowl Games and if we can beat them a 4th time 4 Fridays from now at noon that would give them a LOSING BOWL RECORD.


For a team who throws the ball around which is what Gary Patterson ALWAYS does at TCU they play pretty good special teams but have no defense.


This is not a good match-up for TCU.


I am not saying 8-5 saves any face but it looks good when you’re 4-4 after Florida.


The only item we can control now is to beat TCU.  Go to Memphis.  Eat some Bar-B-Q.  Play Defense.  Defend the pass.  GATA and win bowl game number 30 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Be 8-5.


If you think there is no difference in 8-5 and 7-6 think again.  This is important.


He did not want to compete against these defenses in The SEC.  I want to remind him why.  We have a whole lot more talent.  Let’s show that.





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