One thought on “TRADITION IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL ? We don’t have any TRADITION in college football any longer now Bluto ? Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Bluto. How is it that we need to EXPAND the Play-Offs beyond the + 1 ? Who else deserved to be in it ? Oh I see no one else deserved to be in the Play-Offs you say ? SEC it is rumored is DOWN. B1G is supposed to be so great. Pac-12 is of no use for 44 years of no NC nowadays. Big 12 is left-out of the Play-Offs again. And the ACC has one NC this entire century. Who is the premier conference in college football this year ? The Bulldogs are NOT motivated Chipper Towers ? Jeff Schultz we need 8-team play-offs ? Kirk Herbstreit 10-2 Penn State has to be in the Play-Offs ? Really guys ? THIS is what I have to read today from ALL OF YOU ? Give it up. Leave the discussion of college football to those who LOVE the sport please ok ? You ALL wasted your blog space making fools of yourself. You want to explain how The SEC is DOWN Buck Belue ?

  1. Ha, what is this a troll blog? I didn’t read all of that and I doubt the Senator did either. Next time maybe just comment on the blog itself. I’ll address question that you posed to me.

    “If no one else deserved to be in the Play-Offs why are you saying that you want it expanded to 8 teams ?”

    I didn’t say nobody else deserved to be in the playoff. What I said was that Ohio State deserved to get in ahead of Penn State. In my opinion the best 4 teams are Bama, Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan. Clemson could have easily lost 6 games this year, but somehow escaped with only one loss. I’m not sold on Washington, but both Clemson and Washington earned their spot. An 8 team playoff gives them all a shot. I don’t see how you missed that, but perhaps I was unclear.

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