So how did Kirby do ?

Why do the players hold a players-only meeting ?

When the players hold a players-only meeting is this a good sign for your football coach ?

Why do players hold a players-only meeting and not allow the football coach in his own locker room ?

If there are players who are the leaders of the team – and there are always leaders in any group of people at any endeavor ever in the history of mankind – what have they done ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches and make points to the football coaches ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches made points to the football coaches and told OTHERS that they did ?

What does THAT indicate about the coaching of your football team ?

Nicholls State had a losing record this season and Kirby beat them come-from-behind 26-24 at Sanford.

Missouri was 4-8 this season a losing record too and Kirby beat them 28-27.

Ole Miss had a losing record as well 5-7 and they BEAT Kirby ahead 45 to nothing.

Vanderbilt was 6-6 and they beat Kirby at Sanford as well.

vols Georgie tek yellowjackets and Florida beat Kirby too.

Is number 26 ON THE HOT SEAT of 128 acceptable for your football coach – THAT 102 ARE DOING A BETTER JOB THAN KIRBY ?

The reasons for this are obvious to all Bulldog fans.  We had a great recruiting class last year and Kirby DRAGGED HIS FEET playing them, preparing them with the # 1 unit and using all that talent in the 2016 class.

What worries me most about his bias against Freshmen like this is 1959 with all these freshmen across the country doing so well for YEARS now is that our 2017 recruiting class is our best class arguably we’ve ever had.

Remember how Kirby was still practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit NOT Jacob Eason AFTER the 2nd game still both that Monday and Tuesday ?

He did not take advantage of his Freshmen class.

He was stubborn about running the ball even with every defense loading the box and did NOT use it to open up his passing game.

Kirby never figured-out who to throw to either.

His passing game NEVER got their timing down all season.  Still do not.

And there questions about the guy who hired Kirby big time right ?

Greg McGarity has been here all of 2010 through now.  He has been horrid across the board all sports ESPECIALLY FOOTBALL averaging MORE than 4 losses per season in football.  And it’s not just football.  All Greg McGarity’s hires have been MEDIOCRE hires.

So let’s evaluate here when do you know if a guy is a good football coach ?

Where are we ?

What does he know ?

College football is unique in that you have to be able to recruit. But if you hold-back your recruits are reticent about getting them out there with the # 1 unit and preparing them and urging them on and celebrating what you want from them when they do well and don’t do any of that what difference does it matter if you recruit well ? Don’t you have to play the recruits if you recruited good ones to have them make you look better as a coach than you might be on the strength of your experience as a football coach ?

Are we any good on offense ?

Are we any good on special teams ?

Is your football coach one who knocks the players down ? Is it wrong to do this ? Does any manager succeed if to others he is knocking the players down ? How do the players feel about it ?

Do we really just pay lip service to the back-ups or do you see the coach actually identify the back-up as a potential star who could take over if the others are injured for example ?

If a player is injured does the coach send him out there anyway less than 100 percent ? If he has the flu does he play him when he really was questionable in the first place before the flu too ?

Does the football coach take care of injured players or really take advantage of them and just ask too much of them when they had surgery of 3 ligaments in their previous game ?

How do you tell if we have a good football coach or not ?

Is your job to teach a football coach how to be a football coach or if you offer him up five million 400 thousand in 2016 to coach your team is it reasonable to expect him to have certain knowledge which you see he is demonstrating he simply does not have ?

Does a good football coach try to change the perception of how he is doing when he is not doing well by controlling who he lets talk and what he lets them say ?

Is it readily apparent what the questions are to ask a football coach ?

Does he see that as being critical of him or that ALL OF US are on the same page trying to do better ?

Is it pretty-darn obvious who the better players are and they are just not out there doing that all the time only as ho-hum go get a couple of snaps ?  Or can you really not even tell who the better players are ?

How does this motivate the others on the team when they know too who the better players are at certain positions and this guy they all thought would be isn’t out there all the time doing that when they too thought he should be ? Does this inspire others to be the best they can be ?

Should it be you want to be perceived as in-charge and therefore you are giving a player a lesson as a football coach and therefore spite him to teach him the lesson whether that is spiting you ?  When that hurts the team as a whole ?  Does ANY of this hit home here now ?

How does he treat his players ?

Does he inspire and motivate his players ?

Does he know about defense and how to teach that ?

Can you indeed succeed at any profession if you as the manager don’t have a desire that you want them to be perceived as great players who you helped succeed and win awards and win football games ?

Is he even willing to answer the question of him if you ask him ?

Does his utter denial to answer questions of him as football coach indicate that there probably is fire where there is smoke ?

Is anyone who is any good at anything unwilling to answer direct questions ?

Do you just hire experienced football coaches or can you hire a person with the traits and skills that give him the make-up to be a football coach ?

Is this the school to do that at or are other schools the proving ground for UGA ?

Is this the right time for that or did we just fire a coach because he was no experience as head coach either and was quite mediocre the last 8 years losing to unranked teams losing to the top teams and having glaring issues as head coach everyone easily saw ?

Does a successful company leave a guy in-charge who they maybe made a mistake in hiring ?

Is it obvious when a football coach needs help ?

If you’re his boss and you hired him should you be able to talk to him about what you hired him to do ?

Or are you obviously a person who was put there by a quite controversial person Mike Adam$ who has demonstrated yourself that you know nothing about what you’re doing too ?

Do you have expectations for your football team that you EVEN WANT the coach to be great ?

Do you settle for less than great ?

Do you really not even really care how great or not the football coach is ?

Does he know about offense and how to teach that ?

Does he know about special teams and how to teach that ?

Can he be a good head football coach and know only defense ?

Can he be weak himself at offense and special teams ?

How well does he recruit ?

How well does he evaluate talent and quickly get the best players on the field ?

If he recruits well but is slow on the uptake to play them what difference does it matter how well he recruits ?

Does he seem to have some other goal other than getting his best players playing ?

Does he have built-in biases ?

Is he treating all his players and coaches equally ?

How has he done in hiring coaches ? Do they know what they’re doing ?

Can you evaluate a coach after one year ? Sure you can.

Just as a coach has to be quick on the uptake to get his best players out there playing for him – if you are going to judge how good a coach he is then you have to evaluate him after a year and see where his deficiencies are right ?

Does he know what he needs to learn about coaching football ?

Is he stubborn about being told where he is needing to improve himself as a football coach ?

Does he seek those who know what he does not know about coaching football and surround himself with those or only wants to have it his way or the highway ?

Is sheer determination to WIN a trait of a successful coach ?

Does a good football coach force his system on everyone around him all his players and coaches or does that coach have an uncanny ability to adapt himself and his system to what he actually has as players ?

Do you frequently see him urging the players on and his staff too ?

Or does he mostly criticize ?

Does he get his players to think they can do more and get them fired-up to try to do more than they thought they might ? Is this what a good football coach does ? Can you be a good football coach and not do this ? Can a coach be lucky and have good players and that made him a good coach ?

What are his priorities as coach ? What are your priorities for him as your coach ?

What experience does he have as coach which prove that he is an experienced coach ?

Do you have a list of questions you ask of a prospective football coach you expect him to know ?

Do you have no business in hiring a coach ?

What skills and traits you have seen in successful coaches does he have ?

Does he know enough about the game to teach the skills to his players ?

Is he winning ?

Is he a good coach ?

Is he learning to be a football coach ?

Is he continuing to make the same mistakes or learning from his mistakes ?

Has he been making mistakes as a football coach ?

It seems in each lifetime there are certain winning coaches who get it as a football coach and seem to have a tree of those under him who go on and prove that he developed good football coaches on his staff or does he seem to come from a tree where the successful coach he worked for really has a mixed-bag of former coaches for him who really didn’t prove that they know how to coach at all ?

What do others say about him as a good football coach ?

Did he play the game himself or was a back-up not playing football ?

Is that important ?  Can he have the skills to coach when was just a back-up ?

Do you want a coach who wins ? Does he want to win ?

Are you wanting some goal from him as coach other than winning ?

Does he have some other goal other than winning ?

Does he have a list of areas where he can improve himself as a football coach ?

Is he studying the game and taking courses on being a football coach ?

Does he know it all ?

If you stand idly by and never get in their face and demand greatness can you be a successful football coach ?

How do you judge a good football coach ?

You have to be a good football coach to judge a good football coach ? You have to have been a good football coach to hire a good football coach ? You can get lucky as a person hiring a football coach for him to be good ?

Can a woman be a football coach ?

What would a woman have to know to be a football coach ?

Does being the son of a football coach mean that you will be a football coach ? How good average or great was the father in coaching football ?

Are you pretty-much a know-it-all or like to just put others down ? Have you ever managed or coached yourself or played the game ? Is that important either ?

Do you select among those yourself of the players and spur them on ?

Does a good football coach have favorites ? Should he ? Should it be a trophy for everyone ?

Is being the best they can be what is important ?

How does he deal with losing ?

Does he have some other goal other than winning ?  Is that wrong to ask yourself of your team ?

Is your football coach not doing well ?

Why are you afraid to say that your coach is not doing well ?

Can’t you see what makes a good football coach and what does not ?

Are you a casual fan who really knows nothing and really don’t care to learn either ?

Do you find yourself studying the game of football ?

Do you go to the games ?

Have you been to many away games too ?

Have you been to a ton of bowl games ?

Do you just go on the Internet and criticize others on the Internet and turn the TV off when the team is not going to win that day ? Or do you stick it out to the bitter-end each game and have expectations of at least trying to help the team players and coaches ?

Do you ever get to the point where you give-up on a football coach ? What does he have to demonstrate for you make that decision ?

Did the football coach start doing anything that made you wonder about him as a football coach ?

How long to go before you speak-out about it ?

Is that for someone else to do to determine if he is obviously the guy who gets it as a football coach ?

Are you just kind of stupid and lazy and really don’t get into anything so you really don’t care as long as you like a guy or not as your football coach ?

Do you go along with others’ evaluations of him as a football coach or do you have an informed opinion of your own ?

Do you hate it when a fan says that they think their football coach isn’t doing well when it might be obvious to you as a player coach on his staff administration or fan that this guy has clear weakness a clear limitation to him being a good football coach ?

Is a good football coach a teacher ? Does a good football coach teach ?

What areas do you see us as having flaws ?

Are we any good on defense ?

Do we sit back or get after them on defense ?

Do we take it to them on offense ?

Do we seem to have the same guys back there who are losing or do we try someone else at those positions ?

What makes a good football coach and bad one ?

Is there no question you ask of him to determine for yourself ?

How does he conduct himself ?


What is the essence of the make-up of a good football coach ?


Who should be making these decisions ? A former tennis coach of one year ? Is tennis anything like football ? Is one year coaching tennis really enough to have proved that you do know how to hire a football coach ? Who hired the 1-year tennis coach as athletics’ director at a football school ? Is that important who hired whom ?


How did he get the job as football coach ?


If you offered a job to a guy and he said it would be his “dream job” what would you do if he said he wanted to stay at his old job for 7 weeks and 4 days before bothering to show-up to your job you offered him ?  November 28 he told Greg McGarity dream job showed-up January 12.  Kirby said Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead said this was just fine.


Would you think that that would raise a red flag ?


Does it always work-out when you promote a coach up the ranks ?


Should the # 11 program all-time in wins hire a proven head coach ? Should that be a priority ?


How have the other coaches this guy hired worked-out ?


How well has he done as the athletics’ director during his tenure here starting just prior to the 2010 sports’ season ?


Is that how you measure him ?


Is there some other measure ?


Should no one ever question anything ?


Should online blogs have people who all they ever do is criticize someone for HAVING AN OPINION of how well our football coach is doing his damn job ?


Is that all they have to say ?


Do they have no opinion at all other than he is my coach so I think he is the best ever ?


Is that the best for the players ?


Is that the best for the school ?


What about the school ?


How does THIS reflect on Jere Morehead as the president of The University of Georgia that his first act was to hire one assistant coach promoting him to head football coach at a football school to replace another assistant coach promoted to head coach who for 8 years with # 7 talent here was # 45 in wins vs top 15 teams as the # 11 program all-time in wins ?


Why do Alabama fans have expectations that they MUST do well ?


Why don’t we ?


Should we ?


Is Alabama a better school ?


Is Alabama a better or bigger place or has a better campus or better football stadium or better fans ?


What are your goals to sit back and have no opinion on how Kirby is doing as football coach ?


Does it matter that coaches has Kirby at # 26 after his first year ?


Is he really even number 26  ON THE HOT SEAT ? There is no measure I know of which ranks Kirby as highly as number 26.


Number 26 of 128 is certainly in red on their webpages as ON THE HOT SEAT.


Is Kirby on the hot seat ?


Is this just fine and dandy and Kirby can do whatever and we all love him anyway ?


Now that he is telling the players to have fun now that we play TCU in the Liberty Bowl and that he wants them to take time-off not practice is that telling the players and indicating the coach thinks his job is secure ?


Did Mark Richt say that he was SURPRISED that he was fired ?


Is Kirby going to say the same ?


While I listed Kirby as a possible better coach than Mark Richt and noted that Kirby was the ONLY one on my list NOT a current proven head coach – is it what you expected of me to settle for 8-5 when Mark Richt was 9-4 at 73-32 his last 8 years here ? Is Kirby going to be 7-6 and not even 8-5 ?


Is there anything to indicate that Kirby is doing anything different NOW today than he did starting January 12 ?


Do you see our offense as a FAILED OFFENSE ?


Do you think that Kirby KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT OFFENSE ?


Or do we have a defensive coach who is our football coach ?


Which is it ?


Is your football coach stupid or did Kirby earn Academic All-America as our 1st Team All-SEC defensive back and team captain here ?


So he is not stupid then right ?


He is inexperienced isn’t he ?


He has certain areas where he has a lot to learn about being a good football coach doesn’t he ?


Am I allowed to open-up this discussion ?


Should I or should you indeed should anyone who writes anything about Georgia Bulldogs’ football ignore that which is obvious about where he is lacking as a good football coach ?


Should Kirby have given his top 3 OL signees this 2016 one snap combined or was THAT one of the very weakest areas of this team ? Did it matter ? Was he on a damn honeymoon anyway ?


When does the honeymoon end ?


When you finally fire his ass ?


When is that ?


When you sat by and never offered-up an opinion and finally one day he loses to Vandie and you fire him ?


Or finally one day many years of mediocre football from now because he is not prepared to be a good football coach you let him go for being WORSE than Mark Richt who was fired for being 9-4 for his last 8 years here now winning NOTHING at 8-5 one season ?


When ?


When NOT ?


When can this be discussed ?


Does it hurt recruiting to discuss this ?


Do you think the recruits saw that Mecole Hardman Junior got no punt returns no kick-off returns no passes thrown to him no passes defended no rushes no touch of the ball ?


Should Ben Cleveland have been redshirted ?


Should Brian Herrien have been the starter this season as Tailback when Nick Chubb and Sony Michel were trying to get over their injuries ?


Or should Nick Chubb have been given 32 carries for 227 yards right out of the gate and really not been the same since ?


Can you criticize Kirby about ANYTHING ?


Well can you ?


Should I ?


Indeed should anyone ?


Did Ole Miss have better talent than we HANDED Kirby ? No. We average the # 7 recruiting ranking for the last 5 years with redshirt making up this team and Ole Miss # 11. Should Kirby have been 45 to nothing ?


Is that acceptable ?


What kind of message are YOU sending if you write anything about or say anything about The Georgia Bulldogs and disregard asking these questions ?


Can Kirby not GATA and beat TCU or is that a throw-away have fun game too ? More honeymoon ?


When is the honeymoon over ?


When must he answer the tough questions ?


When do you ask one of him ?


When do you say anything on this topic or frankly any other relevant topic on this team you purport to write about ?


Well ?


Fluff pieces ?


Is that what you say to yourself as you sit down to do your job covering this team we PAY YOU to ?


That you are going to IGNORE anything about Kirby’s coaching and just write a fluff piece again ?


Ignore Kirby ?


Ignore the season ?

I really don’t give a damn what you think about me in case you have not figured that out yet after me writing about us on the Internet since 1977. I ran my own BBS for many years. I built my own computer. I ran two phone lines into my computer I bought with my money and built myself. It is what I do.


I was honored Honor’s Day as Top 5 % of my graduating class at The University of Georgia. I have the papers to prove they invited my parents there to Foy Fine Arts Building for the Ceremony.   I am not in this world to live-up to YOUR expectations of me.


What I do give a damn about is that my alma mater wins.


I have a DEGREE in THIS.


I have coached for MANY YEARS.


I played 4 sports and lettered in 4 sports.


I was the Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout Troup HERE where I have lived all my life.


Good coaches always build-up self-esteem rather than undermine it. This self-esteem building is not a gimmick nor is it done artificially. In other words the coach doesn’t praise a mediocre effort. A good football coach judged as a good football coach simply makes it a practice to catch his athletes doing things RIGHT. The good coach doesn’t get caught up in playing head games that leave the athlete questioning his abilities. He doesn’t criticize them to the press but PRAISES them.


I know what I am talking about.


I can prove I know what I am talking about.


College football players are not criticized by their football coach for a mistake failure or short-coming. This is an aggressive assault on that athlete that doesn’t build mental toughness or enhance performance.  There is NOTHING educational or constructive about it. It tears down that athlete and grossly undermines his self-esteem creating performance problems.


I have a DEGREE in this.


I have studied it all my life. I did it before I went to UGA. I have done it EVERY day since.


A good football coach does not just teach the skills techniques and strategy of this sport. Instead a good football coach looks for opportunities where the more important life lessons can be taught such as mastering hardship handling and rebounding from failures and setbacks trusting his teammates sacrificing himself for the benefit of the team emotionally dealing with winning and losing teaches good sportsmanship fair play honesty integrity and that as a team the team is TRYING to win. Some get it. Some don’t. Which do we have ? I ask these questions because I am not about to put-up with it next year nor will I stand idly by and have not since PRIOR to January 12 when it finally dawned on little ole me that we HAVE A PROBLEM here in our football coach.


When you are out-of-balance in a job offering-up $ 5 million 400 thousand plus an expense account plus a retirement package for life and think there is something you will be judged on other than winning or that THIS is acceptable as laid-out by me here for Kirby this 2016 season pardon me but I am going to direct myself to what he needs to do to improve.


Mark Richt ignored me and called me noise.


I fired his ass. I had no choice.


He would NOT IMPROVE HIMSELF in the areas he was simply ineffective as a football coach. He was stubborn about it.


Kirby is showing these same stubborn traits about his areas of weakness as well the very same as Mark Richt.


And Kirby unlike Mark Richt is not stupid.


On the contrary Kirby is smart enough to KNOW I am RIGHT about this.


In anything you have to have self-awareness. You have to take ownership. It does not work not to. If the team wins THE PLAYERS did it not the coach. If the team loses YOU MUST BE THE ONE WHO SAYS IT WAS YOUR FAULT ALONE that the players and staff did EVERYTHING they could do. That you are SATISFIED with the performance of the team. That you have to do a better job of coaching.


That’s what I am saying here.


What Kirby has to do to improve.


I will NOT settle for this shit as it is.


A good coach knows that while one athlete may respond well to a hard edge and raised voice and he knows that this approach may totally shut another down. What I see is what I saw in Rodney Garner here – tough love only.


Kirby had to have seen that Brian Herrien wanted the ball more.


Kirby has to know that Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma is very disappointed in Kirby not playing him either.


It’s a good thing that Kirby doesn’t let Ben Cleveland as a freshman to speak-up or Elijah Holyfield for getting 6 carries or any of his assistant coaches – none of whom does Kirby allow to speak-up because THEY WOULD TELL HIM THIS TOO and you know it.


Game plans in-game adjustments time-outs play calls practice not practice say great accolades about the guys you signed yourself to your team are all areas a good coach is great at. We don’t have ANY of these.


You know that too.


I am not the only one who sees this.


I am not stupid. I know you know this.


The good football coach is flexible. He adjusts what he thought he wants to what he DOES have.


All good coaches are GREAT communicators. Kirby is probably about as abrasive a football coach as he can be and have any chance of being a good football coach one day.


When will that day be ?


Do you expect Kirby to play his freshmen with the # 1 unit this Spring who show-up this Spring who Kirby will START next year ?


I do NOT.


How can you expect to LISTEN well if all you EVER do is tell everyone to SHUT-UP ?


That you categorically refuse to answer the question ?


I understand how important it is to LISTEN.


I know how to ask open questions. I am trained at it. I know how to ask directed questions. I know how important this is.


I know how the Bulldog Nation feels this morning.


A football team has a mission. It is not a process but a GOAL. It is that you WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH to give it your all. Kirby still seems locked-in on something else. He hasn’t gotten to the point yet that he feels the pressure yet to WIN.


He will.


He has to LEARN THAT apparently.


Nick Saban did not prepare Kirby and TOLD US TO HIRE HIM anyway. Nick Saban had to know all these short-comings of Kirby after all these years the 2 were inseparable. And Nick had to know he had not given Kirby a free hand to make these decisions such as who starts at QB and why ?


Who redshirts ?


What are the teams’ strengths ?


What are the teams’ weaknesses and what can I do as football coach to fill that hole to fix that ?


Give up on it ?


Write the season off as a throw-away year ?


Say we have NOBODY on the team ?


Criticize EVERY PLAYER to the press ?


Say the guy has this weakness and that weakness as QB as to why you NEVER practiced him with the # 1 unit even Monday and Tuesday after GAME TWO (2) and made him your starting QB all year WITHOUT the confidence of his teammates and without the experience with the # 1 unit ?


I mean.


No timing down then with the receivers. No feel for the game with them as receivers.


A good coach is not defensive about these tough questions EVERY TIME all season long when we ALL asked you Kirby.


We’re NOT the opposition Kirby. We’re not Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fans Kirby. No sane person would read any word in 50 years I wrote and say that Kirby. We’re TRYING to HELP. Are you LISTENING ?


Feedback Kirby is the breakfast of champions. Learn from your mistakes Kirby.


This is NO FUN Kirby. How much FUN do YOU think this is Kirby ? Well son ?


All season long we did EVERYTHING we could do to LOSE.


Where are we at with our football coach ?


Do you think that the foundations are set for us to do well next year ?


Or do you think that we aren’t coaching our recruits as well as we could ?


What are YOU going to do about it if you do think we have areas to improve for Kirby ?  Be like Kirby and not allow the question to be asked ?


That will fix it ?


Do you WANT IT ?


Do you know what it means to WANT IT ?


I am sorry but I am not into dinky.  I know how to ask others :




I will stand there until they say :





And we’re going about this all wrong.

What I do give a damn about is that my alma mater wins.  I think that is fun.  I want that.  I have expectations that we do win.  I do not consider 7-5 winning football. This is unacceptable. Kirby is a neophyte at coaching and has loads to learn.

If he is not ready what do we do now ?

Do you think I am wrong ?  Or even wrong to ask ?

Do you think I have the RIGHT to ask you if you think this is acceptable right now today that this is where we are ?



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