Kirby in Memphis today says Jacob Eason needs all the snaps he can get NOW. But what about the 8 players determined to be 8 of the top 100 players in America coming-in to a 7-5 friqin’ team Kirby ? Going to sit them down and NOT PREPARE them either next year Kirby ?

Jacob Eason Kirby’s starting QB all season – who did not get ANY snaps with the # 1 unit all WASTED spring practice and who did NOT get ANY snaps with the # 1 unit ALL FALL PRACTICE too until 3 weeks before kick-off AND EVEN THEN got NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit the last entire week of Fall practice and STILL WAS NOT GETTING THE # 1 SNAPS WITH THE # 1 UNIT September 4 Monday and September 5 Tuesday before Nicholls State can USE and NEEDS all the snaps he can get between now and bowl game Kirby says.


Jacob Eason NEVER got his timing down with the receivers ALL SEASON LONG. Kirby tried to cram the ball down the opponents throat ALL SEASON LONG and NEVER did settle-in on who it was Kirby did THINK was the pitch-and-catch COMBO for Jacob Eason at receiver.


Our offensive coordinator Jim Chaney AND KIRBY sent-out this receiver then next play THAT receiver.


No one ever got the feel for 13-game grueling season. The QB was HELD BACK. The receivers were yanked in-and-out willy-nilly.


No one EVER got used to any position on offense. The OL were dog-tired every game. Still Kirby and Jim Chaney gave their three (3) top OL recruits only 1 snap COMBINED all season.


There was never a time when our offense was NOT behind the 8-ball from Spring Practice Day 1 through the bowl game 2016.


That’s right it’s a December 30 bowl game.


A throw-away year.




Hoping to have FUN during the bowl time according to Kirby.


NOW out in Memphis Kirby tells Jason Butt UGA grad that :


“Every rep he gets, every mental rep he gets, every walk-through rep he gets, every live rep, seven-on-seven rep — he needs as many as he can get. Seeing coverages, seeing multiples, seeing different pressures. I think it’s really important for his growth.”


What about his timing with his receivers Kirby ? Any chance you have figured-out you and Jim Chaney who he is supposed to have his timing down with to THROW TO ?


Gotten comfortable with ?


Gotten used to each other ?


Know each other’s tendencies ?


Know how they handle hot reads ?


Know how they might read coverages ?


On Offense you run to set-up the pass and pass to set-up the run. You and Jim Chaney NEVER did do that Kirby.


Where were all the reps he could get all Spring and All Fall Practice and still even game two Nicholls State STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday Nicholls State game ?


You threw the season away from the beginning Kirby.


You did not figure-out EVEN WHO YOUR GOD DAMN STARTING QUARTERBACK was let alone who the shit he was supposed to throw to or who was his line blocking for him AND you insisted on giving the ball to 2 injured running backs instead of Brian Herrien Kirby.


YOU HAVE LOTS to reflect on Kirby the next freaking month such as what are you going to do with the 8 top recruits coming-in Kirby ? Going to tell them to shut-up and NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit ? Going to THINK ABOUT redshirting them next year Kirby ? You know ? The 8 players determined to be 8 of the top 100 players in America coming-in to a 7-5 friqin’ team Kirby ? Going to sit them down and NOT PREPARE them either next year Kirby ?  Then before the December bowl game 7-5 say that THEY NEED ALL THE REPS THEY CAN GET ?


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