Jeff Dantzler Bulldawg Illustrated AND senator of NOTHING Bluto gtp are BOTH peddling the future may or may not be bright here this morning but slide down this URL Link to recruiting HANDED to Kirby see it was # 8 in the nation making-up his 2016 team and see how he SQUANDERED that talent to BE IN FACT the # 66 team in the nation with his # 8 talent at 7-5 at this 2nd URL Link – and then ASK YOURSELVES what did Kirby do to WASTE all this talent 2016 season ?

This blog has given the blow-by-blow of it since Kirby told Greg McGarity on the way home from the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game December 28 of 2016 that it would be his dream to be our coach – over 100 posts here on this blog DETAILING SPECIFICALLY what Kirby did to SCUTTLE the damn season as it was unfolding – every stinking decision Kirby made.


Rookie mistakes ?


The mistakes Kirby made from the time he bothered to show-up here January 12 were DAMN OBVIOUS to EVERYONE.


Kirby purposefully wantonly deridingly putting the players down in the press EVERY DAY and not preparing them at KEY POSITIONS which would bite and did bite Kirby in the ass and STILL IS AS WE “PREPARE” for the bowl game against a TCU we are 3-0 against all-time.


Any football team has weaknesses. It is the JOB of the coach to minimize those NOT MAKE THEM worse damn it all.


It is his job to quickly determine his best players and he said he WOULD and would get them out there if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby told us he recognized them as elite.


Well excuse me Kirby you could NOT still on September 5 Tuesday second game week vs. Nicholls STILL NOT DETERMINE who your God Damn Freaking QB was EVEN then still.


After 4 or 5 practices Kirby ?


You had Jacob Eason from January 12 when YOU finally showed-up to prepare him. Now today you say to Jason Butt out in Memphis that you think NOW Jacob Eason needs all the snaps he can get.


Stick it up your mother freaking asshole Kirby.


Now he needs all the snaps he can get.


What about January 12 Kirby ?


What about September 5 Tuesday Kirby ?  You practiced still Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit Tuesday September 5 Kirby Smart.  You call THAT 4 or 5 practices Kirby ?


Jacob Eason did NOT need all the snaps he could get then TOO ?


Jesus Christ.


That is THIRTY-THREE WEEKS to the damn day Kirby you WASTED NOT GETTING Jacob Eason all the God Damn snaps he could get with the # 1 unit Kirby.


33 weeks wasted Kirby and NOW 7-5 for December 30 bowl you are CONCERNED that Jacob Eason NOW needs ALL THE FREAKING GOD DAMN SNAPS HE CAN GET BETWEEN NOW AND BOWL GAME ?


You know for an Academic All-America there is ONLY ONE possible view of 2016 Kirby and that is that you WILLFULLY tried to make 2016 a THROW-AWAY SEASON.


You STILL are Kirby.


I have NEVER witnessed the WASTING OF TALENT as you did 2016 Kirby.


You recruited 3 top OL for 2016 and combined gave them 1 snap all season.


Brian Herrien is a GREAT RUNNING BACK demanding the ball and you did all you could do to NOT give him the ball EVEN WHEN BOTH YOUR RUNNING BACKS were BOTH injured.


You gave Elijah Holyfield the # 6 best running back in the nation 6 carries.




All season 6 rushes Elijah Holyfield.


If I were Evander I would KICK YOUR ASS Kirby.


Since I am not 4-time heavyweight champion of the world I will WIELD the sword I do have.




If I were Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma I would KICK YOUR ASS KIRBY for TRYING to redshirt him then NO TOUCH OF THE FOOTBALL ALL SEASON Kirby – NONE.


I shall make it so abundantly clear to EVERYONE that the issue is NOT what you have done to SQUANDER all this # 8 talent HANDED you to be # 66 in the nation with # 8 talent Kirby BUT TO WARN of what you will do with the eight (8) top 100 players NEXT YEAR 2017 Kirby which is that you Kirby will NOT be preparing them with the # 1 unit NEXT YEAR 2017 either Kirby.


What you learned that lesson this year and will ?




Because you are a biased son-of-a-bitch Kirby who HATES FRESHMEN.

( )


# 66 of 128 teams 2016 season to-date Kirby


Average # 8 recruiting classes HANDED Kirby to be # 66 with them including last 5 classes with redshirt making up OUR 2016 team.   1 of those yrs?


“Then we should see the Bulldogs knocking on the door of greatness.” ?????????  THAT is your summary last statement Jeff Dantzler ?  Kiss my ass.


NOT if Kirby does NOT play his God Damn HIGHLY-RATED FRESHMEN we won’t.


EVERY coach in America did a better job of HIGHLIGHTING their freshmen than Kirby 2016.


He better damn well fix that shit or this is going to be a FAILED REGIME.




I’m not putting-up with it.


You 2 do whatever the hell you want.


If you think I am going to sugarcoat the manner in which Kirby conducted himself as my God Damn coach 2016 – you are out of your friqin’ mind.


# 66 team with # 8 talent and By God I am going to CALL IT LIKE IT IS.


There is NO EXCUSE FOR IT.  How about you 2 say THAT ?



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