“I don’t think Georgia is as far as some people think in terms of turning things around and being a great team. Where I was most disappointed was offensively. In this day and time it’s not that big of a deal for true freshmen to come in and play compared to 10 years ago. You’re seeing more true freshmen even on the offensive line getting on the field and making an impact.” David Greene

How sobering is THAT ?


I don’t think we are as far along in turning this program around to be a great team either.  I share David Greene’s disappointment in our offense as well.


And as for David Greene’s pinpoint analysis that IN THIS DAY AND TIME it’s NOT that big a deal for true freshmen to come in and play compared to even 10 years ago again he makes another good point.  Are you listening to David Greene Kirby ?


David Greene has spoken-up for us several times through the years and always when we needed it most.  There is no question we are at a crossroads in how we HELD-BACK our freshmen this year like it was LONG AGO and true freshmen were NO DAMN GOOD.


We are going to have to fix that 2017 if we are to improve.  If Kirby drags his feet with his freshmen coming-in 2017 too in getting them out there practicing and preparing them with the # 1 unit again it will spell doom to Kirby actually making it as a head coach with no offensive or special teams’ experience.


This is why I agree with David Greene AGAIN.  Because Kirby certainly has a built-in bias to NOT WANT to play freshmen.  Either that or he purposely wanted to compare 2017 to 2016 by making 2016 lousy and unacceptable.


It is the single most salient sagacious recognition of where we are with Kirby that he did drag his feet and SAID SO REPEATEDLY getting his true freshmen out there and yet he had no choice.  We’re not as far along because I certainly expect Kirby to do the SAME 2017.  I do not see Kirby getting 8 of the top 100 players coming-in 2017 out there leading the team either.  They certainly represent 8 who will be STARS here.  Holding them BACK a year is why we ARE NOT as far along as we SHOULD HAVE BEEN right now today.


While worst of all was our offense it’s especially noteworthy that David Greene would make these statements about freshmen who did not get the break they deserved this season and the TEAM paid for it as a result.  They had to be a vital part of the 2016 team and Kirby just NEVER recognized that or held them back so 2017 would be better by comparison.


David Greene 42-10 Starting QB 1st Team All-SEC.




( http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/sports/college/story/2016/dec/15/former-georgiqb-greene-long-term-we-have-righ/403112/ )


Times Free Press David Paschall one of our foremost sportswriters of all-time for a long time now.


Now what was it again YOU read David Greene say ?



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