LSU hires Matt Canada Offensive Coordinator. Prior to last year Matt Canada interviewed with vols as their OC. Now this year Matt Canada was the only Offensive Assistant Coach in the nation to be a Broyles Award Finalist as the top assistant coach in the nation which has proven to be a highly successful indicator of greatness scoring more than 28 points is EVERY GAME this season and averaged 42 points per game while Kirby’s Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney did NOT even score 42 points in ANY GAME this year. Pittsburgh had far less talent to choose from than Kirby and Jim Chaney on offense this year as well. AND THEN WE LOST TREVOR LAWRENCE.

So this is the guy who REPLACED Jim Chaney at Pitt for this year. Jim Chaney had 2 games last year and no games this year where he even scored 42 points the AVERAGE Matt Canada had this year replacing Jim Chaney.


Matt Canada is of a Win-first mindset – players love him – makes it tough on defensive coordinators – has a creative mind – makes in-game adjustments – if we have a logjam of talent at TE then there will be more of those players on the field Matt Canada says at LSU Press Conference today – I maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses he says – we’re going to use the talent of our players we do have to win games says LSU O.C. Matt Canada.


In short Matt Canada says he does everything Jim Chaney does NOT do which is why he obliterated what Jim Chaney did at Pitt DIRECTLY after replacing Jim Chaney at Pitt.


LSU lost 4 games this season and fired their coach who won the national championship. The 4 games LSU lost this season were :







Instead Kirby hired the guy who was replaced by Matt Canada at Pitt Jim Chaney. And we lost 5 games while Kirby stands-pat with Jim Chaney.


Who is the better hire ?




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