“The crying over the Toneil Carter saga is laughable to me.” That makes for a nice quick-hitting introductory sentence to your blog sUGArdaddy at Silver-Britches.blogspot.com but honestly there is nothing funny sUGArdaddy about any of the reality of Toneil Carter Junior.

Silver Britches sUGArdaddy


“Do you feel more comfortable giving in to a family in Texas who have never really done a thing for UGA at the potential expense of thousands of donors and fans because you wanted to do the right thing for a kid?”




Texas has never really done a thing for UGA ? Excuse me ?


When you say this you are admitting what Kirby NEVER said he did in the first place sUGArdaddy. Kirby did not say he pulled the scholarship offer to Toniel Carter Junior. You’re saying Kirby did.


Then you summarize your fast-hitting blog post of how laughable this sordid mess Kirby got himself into with this gem : “It’s hard to say what’s right and what works but we’re about to find out the next 2-3 years.”


While I think we’re about to find-out the next 2-3 years continue to prove that Kirby is going to hold-back his freshmen even those whom he will start really all season even at QB the facts point to Kirby would’ve done the same to Toniel Carter Junior 2017 whether he kept him as he told him himself that Kirby wanted him here.


Why is Kirby # 26 on CoachesHotSeat.com meaning there are 102 better coaches 2016 than Kirby ?




Is it because he treats his players right ?


Is that why the players held a players-only meeting before Florida this year because Kirby treats his players so well that his own players banned the coach from his own locker room ?




Kirby does not give a hang what ANYBODY thinks about him.


That is patently obvious to the most harebrained daffy person on the planet.


I can assure both you and Kirby sUGArdaddy that the state of Texas cares what folks there think about Kirby Smart.  And that as a result folks recruiting ANYONE we are recruiting even in-state in Georgia now care about Kirby’s WORD.


Laughable to you sUGArdaddy Silver-Britches.blogspot.com?


It would require a nincompoop to state that ANYTHING ABOUT Kirby telling Toniel Carter Junior and his brother legal guardian July 9 that he could come here January 6 and start classes graduating December 18 is laughable.  Kirby had his RB coach call him December 7 and tell him that Kirby said that there are no early enrollee spots open.  Kirby gave away 3 scholarships to 3 walk-ons the very next month August 2016 right directly right AFTER Kirby promised HIS WORD July 9 that Toniel Carter Junior could come here January 6 and enroll early.


Georgia Bulldogs are on TV every week in Texas.  Mo Smith our Starting Cornerback is from Texas.  Matthew Stafford is from Texas.  We play football games in Texas.  The SEC is in Texas.  On everyone’s lists of the top states to recruit are Florida California Texas and Georgia.  Our UGA Alumni Association has offices all over Texas.  Georgia Bulldogs’ Clubs have meetings everyday in Texas.   It is 597 miles straight-out I-20 to Texas.  There are only 2 states between us and Texas Alabama and Mississippi.  And you’re cutting straight across both of those only 2 states sUGArdaddy not traveling lengthwise their entire length.


WTF is so God Damn funny about ANY of this sUGArdaddy Silver Britches BlogSpot.com ?


Sure Kirby could have had an early enrollee spot for Toniel Carter Junior.  He just did not want to.  This is what you said too sUGArdaddy Silver Britches BlogSpot.com that Kirby just didn’t want him.  That Kirby thinks that Toniel Carter Junior would not have been one of Kirby’s Top 50 players he always says he is looking for.  From what I have seen of Kirby’s ability to TELL which players on offense are any good or not I would say that Kirby is a neophyte at it.


Kirby simply is not ready to be a head coach.


Kirby bungled this as badly as ANYONE ever could have except for your reply how funny all this is to you sUGArdaddy.


Kirby owed at least a phone call to Toniel Carter Junior and his brother legal guardian.  Kirby told them BOTH July 9 that Toniel Carter Junior could start classes January 6 on-scholarship.  That’s what Kirby told them.  Then August the very damn next month Kirby gave away 3 scholarships to walk-ons Tommy Long Trent Frix and Kenneth Towns 3 players nowhere in the same damn ballpark as Toniel Carter Junior.


Only YOU and Kirby would have to wait 3 years to know how good Jacob Eason is rather than Greyson damn Lambert.


The problem here is that Kirby is not good at recognizing offensive talent.  If he were then he would have done as I TOLD HIM daily on THIS BLOG to practice Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit all SPRING PRACTICE.  Instead 8 months later Kirby was STILL practicing Greyson damn Lambert with the # 1 unit even AFTER Jacob Eason came-from-behind to beat North Carolina for him.  Still dragging his God Damn Feet on Jacob Eason.  Kirby has NO EXPERIENCE on Offense and knows NOTHING about offense.

The problem here is that Kirby mistreats ALL OF HIS PLAYERS especially on offense.

The problem here is that Kirby has cut off his nose to smite his face.

The problem here is that Kirby has KILLED RECRUITING in Texas.

The problem here is that Kirby’s word is worth SHIT.

The problem here is that this will be used against us in recruiting wherever Kirby recruits now.


All you have is your word sUGArdaddy.  When your word is NOT WORTH A GOD DAMN THING you will have THAT used against you in recruiting where what you say is ALL THAT YOU HAVE in your quiver.  If you think Kirby is correct and Toniel Carter Junior is no good compared to what ELSE Kirby might sign why is Kirby STILL RECRUITING OTHERS ?  Kirby said that he did NOT stop recruiting Toniel Carter Junior.


Jesus Christ.  How God Damn freaking stupid do you and Kirby BOTH think the rest of us ALL are ?


Kirby screwed the pooch and you made excuses for him.


The problem here is that Kirby ALREADY has a street rep now that he is a hot-headed son-of-a-bitch who does not give a rat’s ass what ANYONE thinks of him.


Just imagine telling the gentleman and his brother July 9 that he could enroll January 6 and start classes and then August less than a month later really directly thereafter Kirby’s NEXT DECISION was to give 3 walk-ons a scholarship so that there is no early enrollee spot for Toniel Carter Junior.


This does NOT have one damn thing to do with anything but that Kirby has compounded his problems and trust me Kirby has BIG PROBLEMS by not simply picking-up the phone and calling Toniel Carter Junior and his brother legal guardian himself.


They BOTH maintained themselves BETTER than Kirby.


You are NOT going to laugh this off sUGArdaddy Silver Britches BlogSpot.com.


Toniel Carter Junior and his brother legal guardian SIGNED PAPERS with Kirby July 9.


Wake the HELL up.




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