Merry Christmas Bulldogs ! Great Christmas present Georgia Bulldogs’ red ceramic 5” inch tall 19 ounce coffee mug with black oval G relief on front and bulldog head with G hat relief on back absolutely stunning Bulldogs’ Coffee Mug made in Thailand 20624 Univ. of Georgia Mug R28529884 OFFICIALLY LICENSED COLLEGIATE PRODUCTS 19 oz. and secondly Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Cappuccino Maker model BVMC-ECM260 Coffee Latte $ 39.92.

Merry Christmas Georgia Bulldogs



  1. read THESE instructions before making your 1st cup with Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM260 Steam Espresso Cappuccino Maker
  2. turn selector switch on side to OFF not steam water drips out frothing pipe
  3. run tap water until hot
  4. use carafe fill water reservoir to inch below top about carafe and half hot tap water
  5. screw on black lid tight this is under pressure
  6. swing the frothing arm out perpendicular to the right side of the Mr. Coffee unit
  7. portafilter handle is 3 parts put perforated steel insert in and fill with ground coffee to line at 4
  8. this is not a lot of coffee but is about half inch below top as can see carafe is single-use each
  9. set portafilter aimed left at 45 degrees and flat to top to line-up with right hand holding at bottom of bowl of portafilter
  10. turn portafilter handle to front sliding handle right until it stops handle straight-out until it is perpendicular to the unit’s front 90 degrees
  11. put metal drip tray into plastic base and set underneath the portafilter
  12. put black plastic lid onto now empty clear glass carafe with the handle pointed directly toward you and note that the lid only slides in under the portafilter from one side only the right side so leave the open-end of the plastic lid aimed to the LEFT lined-up with the pouring spout on the carafe so you can get it underneath the portafilter.  It will not fit if you don’t.  None of this is made clear in the instructions.  You will go to the Internet to watch videos of folks who don’t have this down.  I do.  What you need are proper written instructions not a video showing everyone doing it incorrectly.
  13. slide carafe with drip-proof lid now attached under portafilter handle right to left lining-up now 2 handles
  14. slide malleable black rubber frothing aid onto frothing arm
  15. plug unit into A.C. grounded outlet
  16. line-up right side edge of the Mr. Coffee unit with frothing arm hanging-out into space over the side of counter so you can get the Bulldog mug underneath frothing arm later-on
  17. you not only need to be able later to get ceramic Bulldog mug under the frothing arm but you need free rein there to be able during the complicated process of making the espresso to be able to quickly remove the Bulldog mug and to move the Bulldog mug around.
  18. Instructions say that you do this frothing part coming-up in a frothing metal stainless steel frothing pitcher not included.  this is contrary to physics since I made straight A in Physics my entire lifetime.  if you do use frothing picture your ceramic Bulldog mug will not be hot and the heat will transfer from the hot coffee to the not hot Bulldog mug to heat the Bulldog mug by the 2nd law of thermodynamics.  therefore the coffee will not be as hot.  heat always transfers from the hot coffee liquid to the colder Bulldog mug.  Use the Bulldog mug to froth not a frothing picture as described by Mr. Coffee in their instructions.  Yes you put cold milk into the Bulldog mug with sugar however when you put the frothing arm aid tip into that cold milk THAT then becomes nearly boiling hot and the heat from the liquid hot milk to the Bulldog mug will make the Bulldog mug hot.  This will dissipate the heat loss from the hot coffee liquid to the now hotter Bulldog mug and keep it hot during the 8 minutes it takes to make this cup of coffee.  It will be boiling hot coffee when you drink it.  Follow their instructions and it will not be hot by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which states that heat flows from the hot liquid to the cold Bulldog mug to warm-up the Bulldog mug.  If it’s already warmed-up the coffee will be hot.  I tried it their way.  It was NOT HOT COFFEE and totally unsatisfactory.  No video does this correctly either.  Thus not only suggest $ 39.92 is a great Christmas present but exactly how to use it with the Bulldog mug I hope you find one of one day.  If you do buy it.  If you don’t know Physics you should not be teaching me how to make hot coffee. I loathe not hot coffee.
  19. put 3 spoonfuls of sugar in bottom of Bulldog mug
  20. put just over half a cup milk into Bulldog mug 5 ounces into a ceramic Bulldogs’ coffee mug 5 inches tall filled one-third full of sugar and milk leaving room for the frothing
  21. place large old towel on floor under the frothing arm
  22. turn unit to brew where a completely inadequate barely visible indicator light illuminates when on either steam or brew and this will take about 3 minutes to heat the water and brew the coffee
  23. do not leave the room
  24. stand watch once it starts dripping the coffee it will fill the carafe in a few seconds’ time
  25. when carafe is just short of number 4 line on carafe with your Bulldog mug into the milk with right hand use left hand turn knob to steam and froth the milk
  26. when the milk has frothed to the top of the mug in 2 minutes time being certain to keep frothing arm aid beneath the milk level or it will spray all over God’s creation then turn knob back to brew and fill carafe with coffee this is about 2 seconds at most and with the black plastic lid in the way it is hard to see where full is but just above the number 4 line on the carafe.
  27. at this point only now can you remove mug from underneath frothing arm and place on flat dry washcloth on counter as the outside of mug is covered in froth sugar milk boiling water
  28. turn control knob to OFF with left hand just before the carafe is too full. miss a step like this and pay for it later
  29. unplug the unit
  30. take carafe with right hand hold onto black plastic lid with left hand and fill coffee mug putting carafe in sink with black plastic lid on it and begin running hot water into it to remove coffee stains on the clear glass
  31. remove the dripping frothing arm soft rubber tip and rinse under hot water from faucet turning it over and around to thoroughly remove the milk
  32. put frothing arm rubber tip aid into dish rack
  33. wash-out carafe and lid putting them into dish rack
  34. take the Bulldog mug off the clean washcloth wiping-off the Bulldog mug and hold that washcloth around frothing arm gingerly so as to not scald your right hand fingers leaving it loosely around the frothing arm and move it up and down the frothing arm to get this clean. You will never get this clean but you must do so now
  35. Keeping the washcloth around the frothing arm with the unit OFF turn the Mr. Coffee unit back to steam and clean the metal frothing arm stem again.  This steam does the best job to clean the entire unit which is now covered in sugar milk goo with splatters all over everything.  So use the steamed washcloth and clean everything right now before it hardens before you drink your coffee.
  36. your coffee is boiling hot and will stay so
  37. you are not nearly ready to drink your coffee
  38. with right hand slide portafilter arm from perpendicular 90 degrees to the front back to 45 degrees turning the portafilter plastic arm to the left 3 inches the portafilter will drop down with metal insert
  39. this is where the 3rd part of the portafilter is only used. with the portafilter in your right hand lift-up the black plastic lever on the top of the portafilter handle with the word Align and a picture of a lock with your right thumb and hold it there gently so as to not break the plastic lever on the portafilter arm as you will need this on it to now hold into the kitchen trash can and bang it on the inside plastic of the kitchen trash can to remove most of the coffee grinds bang it several times holding the filter retaining black plastic lever as you do so
  40. it is designed to hold the perforated metal filter to the portafilter handle.  That is the only use of the lever on the handle with the words Align and picture of a lock.  One of the videos shows it being used for something else.  It is not used for anything else.  Simply to hold the way too hot to handle metal perforated coffee filter onto the handle so you can tap-out the grounds.
  41. go to sink and run the hot water on the inside of the metal filter which will get the temperature of the metal down from 192 degrees temperature to a temperature instantly which will no longer burn your fingers. you now can remove the filter from the portafilter holder handle safely and properly rub with your fingers to remove coffee stains and grounds from the metal filter and then place into dish rack.
  42. wash the portafilter handle under the hot water and place into dish rack.
  43. remove removable black plastic drip tray and metal insert and run hot water on them and place them into the dish rack to dry-off standing them both up on edge
  44. with the unit still now OFF and the unit unplugged put washcloth back around frothing arm metal stem and now turn the control knob back now to steam and relieve the pressure until you hear no more pressure moving the washcloth up and down the frothing arm cleaning it again
  45. be certain now to turn control knob on left back to OFF or you will drench any and everything on your counter thoroughly as there is always water still in the unit
  46. use the washcloth and thoroughly wipe all surfaces of the Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM260 unit with the steamed washcloth under the overhang back wall of the brewing center the right side of the unit where the frothing arm gets milk spattering all over God’s green earth wipe-off side of counter all the way down to the towel with goo all over it and wipe all underneath the unit and the counter surface including underneath where you put the Bulldog mug onto the kitchen counter where now it rests directly on the counter top leaving a ring of goo there and wipe the bottom of the Bulldog mug which you then will need a second clean washcloth to rest the Bulldog mug on and to wipe it when you later-on pick it up hot to drink.  Wipe the power cord of sugar milk goo.
  47. remove the black plastic pressure lid water reservoir cap unscrewing it from top of unit wash in hot water put in dish rack to dry

now enjoy the coffee and wash the towel afterwards wiping any splattered goo from surrounding floor where you did not use a large enough old towel.

begin back at step one to make 2nd cup or tomorrow morning

You will watch videos online including of a Florida gators’ fan who mucks it up goofing all this up because he did not follow my instructions to the tee.

You will find a manual GCDS-MRC41821-BB printed in China with a completely incorrect list of instructions designed more to tell you what not to do so Mr. Coffee is not sued for improper instructions than how to make latte. It will thoroughly confuse you and send you back to the internet to watch someone make latte.







I love it when M asks James Bond is that all it does. I mean you could drive to the Starbucks order the coffee latte venti pay them $ 4.45 with tax and have a cup which is wholly inadequate in all regards with no Official Bulldog logo.

Unfortunately this Bulldog mug I got for Christmas can not be found anywhere and she says she doesn’t remember which store she bought it at for me. But the Mr. Coffee came from Walmart is only $ 39.92 when you can spend $1500 on a latte maker.  If you paid Starbucks for it everyday of the year for one cup a day only you would spend in excess of $ 1500 year.  My last unit lasted me a decade before I felt inclined to running water all over it – mistake.  She goes shopping roughly 300 days a year.

After you read these instructions you can make the latte easily and quickly and you clean-up as you go so it is ready for use next time. I would rate the unit a 4.5 of 5-stars because the coffee is boiling hot quick and cheap and would rate the unfindable Bulldog mug 5 of 5 stars best Bulldogs’ mug of all-time wherever she purchased it. She and I both looked for it online and it is nowhere which is pretty darn pitiful for the best Bulldogs’ Coffee mug I ever have used.

This is what is wrong with America nowadays. We consume. We don’t make anything. We can teach you however how to use it and what to buy and why. They don’t hire us to tell us how to use their product.  They should.


Merry Christmas Bulldog fans.




This pic is not the mug as the logo has the registered trademark in this jpeg on the G in white while mine has the registered trademark in black at the bottom outside the G in relief and on the back again is the relief of the Bulldog head with G hat and underneath that too is the registered trademark G in black. Good luck finding it. I tried for you and can’t.  But you can find the Mr. Coffee unit which will save you $ 1500 a year.


At least you know how to make coffee latte instead of spending $ 4.45 at Starbucks when this makes the coffee latte boiling hot and fresh for fifty cents and it takes me eight (8) minutes from the time I enter the kitchen 5 minutes to brew the coffee and froth the milk and 3 minutes clean-up. I love it.  It’s fast and good clear 4.5 rating.


Thanks Santa Claus and Merry Christmas to all Bulldogs !




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