There are 66 NBA players from Atlanta the 8th most of any metro area in the nation and frankly Atlanta is a more sprawling city than the others whose metro areas are more clearly defined while we continue unabated in our growth as a city in all directions. Is this a case against MARK FOX that he is not getting these players ? Or is this a case that because our Stegesaurus has not even hosted an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament game since 1971 ? That is the culprit of why OUR BEST PLAYERS both men and women do NOT come to UGA to play basketball. We need a new gym. Instead we let little bitty schools build one and steal our players who prefer to play in their new gym like we don’t care about basketball. Sure we do. We’re just cheap and are PAYING for it.

Clearly our gym is holding us back.




46 years we have not even played one single men’s NCAA Tournament game at The University of Georgia’s gymnasium yet the UGA annual budget now stands right at $ 2 billion annually.  We can afford a new gym and it would greatly assist all sports and all students for us to build one.


And it would greatly enhance our recruiting in both men’s and women’s sports because they would be coming to visit us at our new gym.


The facts are very clear that Atlanta is a tremendous hotbed of NBA talent yet Georgia NEVER HAS gotten this talent in our lifetimes.  That is not Mark Fox’s fault.


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New York 396 Chicago 219 Los Angeles 215 Philadelphia Detroit Washington D.C. lead their metro areas at sending their hometown players to the NBA followed by San Francisco with 68 and Atlanta with 66.




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