“I’m to blame for that too. I’m the head coach. I’m responsible for our performance. We all can look at numbers and we all can look at statistics and they spell out that we weren’t as successful as we want to be or expect to be at the University of Georgia. There’s no hiding around that.” Kirby Smart quote regarding Jim Chaney’s “disappointment in our production as play caller and coordinator feeling obligated to those kids to put them in better positions to score more points.”



( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/kirby-smart-georgias-offensive-production-im-blame )


A big part of your problem Kirby on offense is that you TOLD EVERYONE that your philosophy as head coach is to concentrate on the PROCESS of forced running of the ball that fewer bad things happen when you run – even when it DOESN’T FIT the personnel you DO HAVE Kirby.


Have you learned anything on THAT Kirby ?


Jeff Schultz says today you told him :


“If you just focus on results you won’t get what you want out of life.  You won’t get what you want out of a season.  You won’t get what you want out of a game.”  Kirby told Jeff Schultz today.


This is more of the damn process of running the ball offensively even when it doesn’t fit and isn’t working.


Kirby that is JUST WRONG.


If you do not have a GOAL to win the damn game and commit yourself to THAT you will NEVER ACHIEVE in wins and losses what you want.


It doesn’t work like that Kirby.


I don’t know who filled your head with this junk Kirby.


Get a GOAL.


Write it down.


Commit yourself to it.


Try to win the game today please Kirby and quit with EVERYTHING ELSE.





( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/kirby-smarts-learning-curve-takes-unexpected-detour-Memphis )



When you have a passing QB like this back him up from the line and have him pass.  At least do it more than you are.  This will open-up your running game.  TCU has a good coach.  He will load the box too Kirby.  Figure it out.


If you don’t have a goal Kirby focus on that goal and want it then any old road will get you there – even the road to Memphis.





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