Rave on. I saw several Bulldog blogs yesterday bragging about Mark Richt winning bowl game. Rave on. So what CUPCAKE did Mark Richt lose to THIS YEAR to have his UNRANKED Miami of Florida ALREADY having played their meaningless Russell Athletic bowl game yesterday afternoon ALREADY ?

I see Mark Richt played in his meaningless bowl game ALREADY yesterday afternoon at the very beginning of the bowl season the Russell Athletic bowl. He coached here 15 years and won 145 games – mostly when he first got here.


He said after the game yesterday afternoon that his team should be ranked in the Final AP Poll for his obligatory 9-win season against a weak conference schedule in the All Cupcake Conference. He has not been ranked in the Final AP Poll 4 of the last 8 years coming-in to this season.


He has never been on the national stage at the end of any season. Russell Athletic bowl is hardly any trend upwards.


This year as always with Mark Richt he lost 4 games in a row including to a team who beat only 3 other teams all year but they beat Mark Richt in his inevitable fashion.


West Virginia beat no good team but Mark Richt beating West Virginia means 9-win Miami of Florida should be ranked despite his loss to a team who only beat 3 other teams according to Mark Richt.


It is what he does.


He is what he is.


I figured he would go into preaching full-time. He sure doesn’t need any money after we paid him over $50 million dollars. But he didn’t even take the year off saying his alma mater would not be open next year or he would have taken the year off. So he half-heartedly coached Miami of Florida.


The team he lost to who only beat 3 other teams all year long LOST to 5-7 Texas. LOST to 3-9 Michigan State. LOST to 4-8 Duke. LOST to 7-6 N.C. State. But that team who LOST all these games this year beat Mark Richt.


Sound too familiar to you ?  More of the same-ole same-ole from Mark Richt ?


You bet.


So for 16 mediocre seasons Mark Richt is 10-5 in meaningless bowl games all of them with no one watching us any year when he was here not prepared to be a head coach any more than the one we have now again is either.   No one watched the Russell Athletic bowl yesterday afternoon either. There is never reason to watch ANY Mark Richt bowl game because they are all meaningless because he LOSES TO CUPCAKES EVERY YEAR making any discussion of him being great totally MOOT.


So thinking since we obviously didn’t watch Mark Richt in his meaningless Russell Athletic bowl game ALREADY PLAYED NOW YESTERDAY AFTERNOON every Bulldog blog reports today that Mark Richt ALREADY played in his meaningless bowl game with nobody watching his bowl game AGAIN.


His quarterbacks’ coach Jon Richt like himself NEVER PLAYED quarterback but back-up QB just like Mark Richt. But there this duo of back-up quarterbacks can coach their team together because nepotism is allowed there at Miami of Florida despite the fact that both are just lowly back-up quarterbacks themselves both of them. Neither of them worth anything as a QB.


Or coach.


There were 29 who won 10-win seasons last year FBS Division 1-A.


Mark Richt did NOT win 10-games last year.  So when it came to the final AP Poll for last year as like half his last 8 years here with 29 teams 10-wins on the year Mark Richt was NOT one of the top 25.  And why ?  Because :


(1) There were 29 teams who won 10-win seasons and top 25 doesn’t go to 29 teams. And because

(2) He LOST to a lousy stinking CUPCAKE again this year that beat only 3 other teams while LOSING to a host of 5-7 Texas LOST to 3-9 Michigan State LOST to 7-6 N.C. State and LOST to 4-8 Duke.  That’s why.  This piece of junk cupcake BEAT Mark Richt this latest season.


Tell us how great you are and HAVE THIS LOSS on your resume for 2016 Mark Richt.


No sir you don’t get ranked losing to THIS CUPCAKE.


145 wins in 15 years he won 9 games every year.


He also LOST to CUPCAKES EVERY year.


Like Mark Richt did this year losing to a team who only beat 3 other teams while they lost to 5-7 Texas lost to 3-9 Michigan State lost to 7-6 N.C. State and lost to 4-8 Duke.


Mark Richt do you have to always lose to CUPCAKES EVERY YEAR ?


Oh please tell me MORE about Mark Richt.



( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04E24MKU3yU )





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