REPORT CARD and this series William McFadden decides to write about the very damn day Kirby is # 2 recruiting class saying GEORGIA ALWAYS is # 4. No we WERE not. We averaged # 8 for Mark Richt’s 15 recruiting rankings. He was NEVER # 2. Write about THIS William McFadden not who Mark Richt recruited in 2007. This is 2017. Kirby has out-recruited Mark Richt BOTH YEARS NOW and you KNOW IT William McFadden. We’re on the rise returning intact 2017 and adding 18 of the top 180 players 10% for just this one of 130 FBS teams 2017.

Who the HELL do you think cares about who Georgia recruited in 2007 or what grade some writer puts on some portion of our 2016 team in 2017 ?


8-5 SEC team with arguably our best recruiting class of all-time coming-in.  If you think you can show me a better recruiting class than the one we have 2017 I will be more than happy to compare it for you because there is not one.  With One (1) Scholarship left to give-out to either a Walk-On here now or to an coming-in recruit all we really need is a great receiver is needed to be added in the next 30 days for National Signing Day.


Either that or Kirby needs to line-up all 85 Scholarship players and have Jacob Eason throw them passes until they drop one and then remove them from the group and see who is left standing.  Whatever Kirby did to determine who Jacob Eason threw to last year did not work.  This might help you Kirby.


As for anything else before now there is little need now to discuss it.


Does discussing anything else about what is done really matter ?


What does it accomplish ?


This is where we are.


We were 8-5 for an SEC team and have our finest recruiting class ever at Georgia coming-in.


If you don’t know that discussing anything else doesn’t matter let me be the one to share that with you.




Long live 2017.


If you want to talk about resolutions we did that all year last year.  Each time one came-up.


If you want to talk about goals for this year I do believe that Bulldogs’ fans have had quite enough of the hype of our talent here followed by excruciatingly horrible inexcusable losses after losses to lesser-talented teams than we have had.


We’re not the program we want to be.  We are the program we are.  We aren’t who we were last year.  It is what it is.


Yesterday is a cancelled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  Today is cold hard cash.


Does worrying about what has happened help ?  You have to have a goal.  If you do not any ole road will get you where you want to go.  You have to write that goal down.  You have to want it.  You have to commit yourself to your goals.  Sign it.


Check yourself against it.


The past ?


The past is gone.


The past is done and finished.


Live for now.


You get one go-round.


This is it.


This paradise.


The future is not pre-determined.


The future is now.


What is now ?


We’re an 8-5 team in The SEC who has everyone back but a joystick who led the team in his time here in fumbles and in drops and we are adding the best recruiting class The University of Georgia has ever had.


Do we have the greatest coach ?


What makes a great coach ?


Is it that he does everything in his process correctly and therefore maximizes the program ?

That did not work.


Is it that he got lucky ?



Is it that he did not suffer injuries ?

No.  That did not matter either.


Is it that the coach was just plain unlucky ?


No.  You either win games and have that as your goal or you don’t.


Is it that there’s something here at Georgia besides winning that’s important ?


No.  We fired him.


If you play better players you will be a better team and THAT will make ANY coach a better coach.


Last year we suffered the Great Exodus of 22 recruits who made-up Mark Richt’s Dream Team.  They never did a damn thing here.  Every one of the 22 seniors who left after last season 2015 had STARTED for Mark Richt here.  They’re gone.  They had one game left after he was fired.  Collectively since the 22 who left prior to 2016 included Kolton Houston lost 24 games in 6 years.  They averaged 4 losses per season William McFadden therefore sir.  They are GONE.  They left BEFORE 2016 season.  We weren’t AGAIN therefore where we WANT to be.  WE can say that.  Can you about your team whoever it is ?


10 guys who had never played for Mark Richt got STARTS 2016 for Kirby.


Now we have 18 of the top 180 players in the United States of America 2017 coming-in coming here.


Have we bragged about our recruiting before as William McFadden maintains ?


You know ?


Steve Spurrier aka William McFadden.


All the talent and what happens when they get to Georgia ?


They lose to lesser talented teams.


Georgia ALWAYS has a # 2 recruiting class William McFadden MAINTAINS the very day we are # 2 in recruiting nationally according to  Yesterday.




One year.  One.  1 William McFadden we recruited BOTH Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno 2006.  Mark Richt still did not start Matthew Stafford until game 8 that season after Mark Richt lost to Vandie in game 7.  He also redshirted Knowshon Moreno so that we got to see him only 2 years and then was the # 12 overall NFL Draft Pick in the nation.


We lost with them.


Mark Richt also in 2006 signed 27 players.  He had to.  He kicked off the others off the team.


None of the rest of the 2006 class had ANY other good players.


2006 William McFadden ?


It is the only class ranked # 4 by by Mark Richt his entire 15 recruiting classes.




Ten percent of the top 180 players nationally are with one of the 130 FBS teams 2017.


Georgia gets 18 of the top 180 players when there are in fact 3300 players joining the FBS 130 teams 2017.




This is where we are.


129 other teams 2017 and 10% of the top 180 players are coming here.


If Kirby plays them we will be a better team whatever Kirby does else.


It is clear that the ones who have been here have averaged 4 losses per season for 9 years now.


4 losses per season for 9 years.

4 losses per season for 7 years.


4 losses per year.


The future is that the ones who Kirby brought-in last year 2016 and now this year 2017 have to be the ONES whom Kirby sends out there.  They have to be the ones PLAYING.


He does that and 2017 will be a better year.


The ones we’ve been playing haven’t been getting the job done around here for 9 years now.


Let’s move forward with 2017.


Losing 4-games a season with the average # 8 recruiting ranking for 9 years has been wholly unacceptable.  It is NOT the # 4 class here EVERY YEAR as William McFadden STATES AS FACT which is a lie.  We averaged # 8.  Yes it is especially UNACCEPTABLE William McFadden that we’ve SUFFERED the obligatory loss EVERY YEAR for 16 years now this latest year NOW OVER to some cupcake with the # 52 average recruits against our higher-ranked recruits they BEAT.


We’ve talked about recruiting every year for 9 years.  Longer than that.  We’ve bragged about recruiting for 17 years now in a row.


What have they done these latest current 9 years ?  Not a damn thing.


So why worry about that ?


Why talk about that ?


Let’s get some new guys out there and give them a shot.


These guys are on a MISSION coming-in 2017.  They have bonded together as you have seen on TV.  They are ALL coming here together to DO SOMETHING.


That would NOT be 4-losses a year for 9 years as we are in fact on this day 3 January 2017.


What difference does it make what grade I put on that ?


What help does it do to say this group gets an F and this one a D ?  Or that one a C ?


It accomplishes NOTHING at ALL.


We’re an 8-5 SEC team who returns all but a joystick who led the team in fumbles and drops his whole time here and added the # 2 best recruiting class in the nation and our personal best-ever.


That’s where we are.


This is where we are.


It’s better than where we were a year ago when Kirby wasn’t even here yet for another two more weeks.


William McFadden I am very disappointed that you think you are going to do a SERIES on Mark Richt’s recruiting to rain upon our New Year’s Day Parade about our recruiting # 2 in the nation and maintain that EVERY YEAR Mark Richt signed a # 4 class ranking like he did in 2006 with Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno 2 guys who NEITHER STARTED until game 8 after he LOST to  Vandie.  The rest of that class were ALL NOBODIES who did NOTHING here either.  AND THAT is the ONLY class Mark Richt had ranked # 4 by of his 15 classes.  He signed guys and kicked them off.  He left Kirby NOTHING.


You can get the # 4 ranked recruiting class by OVER-SIGNING 27 in Mark Richt’s case 2006 and INFLATE your ranking by having 25 nobodies and 2 great players.  THAT is not what happened the day you decided to write a series about how Georgia ALWAYS gets # 4 class.  Here is a list of them by position after 2007 and list a bunch of muck-ups who did diddle-e-squat here.


You’re not raining on our New Year’s Day Parade about the HEADLINES that we’re # 2 in the nation 2017 in recruiting.  It’s inaccurate.  It’s NOT hitting the nail on the head.  It’s off-target to the news of the day that WE GEORGIA are # 2 in the nation recruiting and have added 18 of the top 180 players.  Not 2.  NOT every year.  Yes we’ve bragged before about our recruiting.  NONE were like this one.


Mark Richt did not William McFadden SaturdayDownSouth get the # 4 recruiting class EVERY year just 2006 and it just 2 players neither of whom did he start until game 8 and then just one of them AFTER he lost to Vandie who beat no other SEC teams and only 3 other nobody teams all of 2006.


Mark Richt averaged the # 8 recruiting class his 15 years here.  He won to begin with and LOST IT.  He’s gone.  His recruits are gone.  This is Kirby’s team and HIS RECRUITS.


Did Kirby do everything right 2016 ?


Look this is 2017.


We’re an 8-5 team in The SEC and we lost 22 who ALL started all 22 got starts for Mark Richt on his Dream Team Recruiting Class who ALL left after last year 2015.  We were 2016 season the # 93 team in the nation in who it was Mark Richt left Kirby on his 2-deep according to Phil Steele.  Phil Steele said Georgia 2016 had the # 93 team in experience in the nation.  This year we lose only joystick who led the team all his time here in fumbles and drops.  We return EVERYONE else and add 18 of the top 180 players 10% of the top 180 players.  Not 2 players but 18.


Play those and we won’t be 8-5 in 2017.


Who cares what grade is put upon a portion of a team who had no offense no special teams and a far worse defense than they had the year before too ?  Or the coaching ?


What does it accomplish ?


Does it alter where we are today 3 January 2017 ?




We’re an 8-5 team in The SEC who loses only joystick who led the team in his time here in both fumbles and drops and we added 18 of the top 180 players to just this one team of 130 FBS teams 2017.


That’s exciting.


Write about that.


Do not write about report cards or Isaiah Crowell and Tray Matthews Mr. William McFadden of SaturdayDownSouth.  I looked up your bio by the way William McFadden and you HAVE NONE.  I looked up the site SaturdayDownSouth and it lists four (4) guys in the meet the guys page on your site.  You’re NOT one of the 4 your site says it has to WRITE either.


You know ?


Write about 2017 not about who Mark Richt recruited 2007.  It’s a false premise William McFadden that Mark Richt ALWAYS had the # 2 class the day ranks Kirby # 2.  He averaged # 8 recruiting class and NEVER had the # 2 class.  Kirby out-recruited Mark Richt last year and now has obliterated him AGAIN both years.  Kirby is a better recruiter than Mark Richt.


Who gives a shit William McFadden about the 2007 recruiting class in 2017 ?  Or the lie that Mark Richt ALWAYS had the # 2 class because you’re JEALOUS AS HELL that Kirby is # 2 the very damn sucky day you start this series.  Is there any coincidence William McFadden that you write about Isaiah Crowell Tray Matthews Josh Harvey-Clemons Tim Kimbrough Damian Swann the very day Kirby is # 2 in recruiting for 2017 ?  Sure there is.  It is YOUR VERY POINT William McFadden that either (1) recruiting rankings don’t matter (Sure they do.  Far more likely to do well and PROVEN.) or (2) that well when they get to Georgia they are all screw-ups MOSTLY ANYWAY.  You’re trying the day we’re # 2 in the nation in recruiting William McFadden to rain on our New Year’s Day Parade.  And you FAILED.


Any truth that Georgia ALWAYS recruits like this ?






NONE of those classes were THIS GOOD and you know it William McFadden no matter how many Isaiah Crowell Tray Matthews Josh Harvey-Clemons Tim Kimbrough Damian Swann you write about Mr. William McFadden.


Write about 2017 William McFadden.  I don’t give a shit that you think you are establishing your credibility to state that Isaiah Crowell Tray Matthews Josh Harvey-Clemons Tim Kimbrough Damian Swann were bragged about before THE VERY DAY that Kirby is # 2 with 18 of the top 180 players 10 % for one of the 130 FBS teams.  You don’t write enough William McFadden to write about Isaiah Crowell Tray Matthews Josh Harvey-Clemons Tim Kimbrough Damian Swann the very damn day we’re # 2 in recruiting.  You’re kowtowing to the masses who ALL love to pick on Georgia for Isaiah Crowell Tray Matthews Josh Harvey-Clemons Tim Kimbrough Damian Swann and what we are as a program because THEY root for some other team.


Own up who your own team is.  Be proud of it.  I am.


We’re # 2 in the nation recruiting and return intact.


We’re obviously on the rise.


Talk about THAT.


( )