For ten (10) years in a row The Mighty SEC which is the most valuable conference and the most accomplished conference and therefore the most influential conference had won the most bowl games each of the previous ten (ten) seasons in a row but The SEC has relinquished the most bowl wins 2016-2017 season for the first time after ten (10) seasons in a row to the ACC. The Mighty SEC has ALSO won the National Championship in College Football FBS Division 1-A ten (10) of the previous thirteen (13) seasons and it all boils down on that one to The NC Game Monday Night where the ACC is trying to win its 2nd national championship in football of the last 14 seasons. This would be a big boost to the ACC but it is of no consolation to the lowly Big Ten BIG who frankly was embarrassed on national TV after bragging all year long how great they are this season at just 3-7 in their bowl games AGAIN as the Big Ten B1G all-time ALWAYS has a LOSING BOWL RECORD. The Pac-12 which has NOT won the national championship in college football after 1972 John McKay Southern California also won only 3 bowl games this season as they continue to prove in the Pac-12 that they only can beat the lowly Big Ten B1G. The Big 12 Big XII won only 4 bowl games this season. So for the quest for the Most Bowl Wins this 2016-2017 season ACC has 8 wins SEC can only get to 7 wins Big XII had only 4 wins Pac-12 only 3 bowl wins and the lowly Big Ten B1G only 3 bowl wins after running their damn mouths ALL SEASON LONG.

Half the B1G Big Ten conference can not even play the game of football while The SEC this latest season has the Most Bowl Games by any conference with 13. Thirteen SEC Bowl Games this down year for The SEC is still 30% better than B1G who is The Mighty SEC’s bitch.


Last season 2015 the B1G did not even have a winning Bowl Record while The SEC went 9-2.


The year before last 2014 the B1G again was not better than The SEC in bowl games either.


The year before that 2013 The SEC went 7-3 and the Big 10 B1G went 2-5 in bowl games.


The year before that 2012 The SEC went 6-3 and the Big 10 B1G went 2-5 in bowl games again.


The year before that 2011 The SEC went 6-3 and the Big 10 B1G went 4-6 in bowl games.


The year before that 2010 and and the year before that year too 2009 The SEC better in bowl games than B1G.


The year before that 2008 the B1G Big 10 went 1-5 in bowl games while The SEC went 6-2.


We’re back to 2007 now B1G Big 10 went 3-5 in bowl games and The SEC 7-2.


2006-2007 Bowl Games shows The Mighty SEC is 6-3 and B1G Big Ten 2-5.


None of these then latest ten (10) years of college football has ANY conference Won More Bowl Games than The Mighty SEC.


6-3 SEC 2006 Bowl Games

7-2 SEC 2007 Bowl Games

6-2 SEC 2008 Bowl Games

6-4 SEC 2009 Bowl Games

5-5 SEC 2010 Bowl Games

6-3 SEC 2011 Bowl Games

6-3 SEC 2012 Bowl Games

7-3 SEC 2013 Bowl Games

7-5 SEC 2014 Bowl Games

9-2 SEC 2015 Bowl Games

NONE of these latest ten (10) seasons has ANY conference won MORE BOWL GAMES than SEC.

65-33 SEC Most Bowl Wins 10 years in a row before 2016-2017 bowl season.


This ALL came to an end this season as ACC has 8 bowl wins this 2016-2017 bowl season and the most The Mighty SEC can muster would be 7 if The SEC can win its 11th National Championship in the latest fourteen (14) seasons.  And The SEC can get to 7-6 this bowl season Monday Night for yet again another winning bowl record SEC 2016-2017 bowl season.


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU NC


2004 *Auburn NC was undefeated and consensus # 2 every poll next in line since USC vacated nc game win


2006 Florida NC


2007 LSU NC


2008 Florida NC


2009 Alabama NC


2010 Auburn NC


2011 Alabama NC


2012 Alabama NC


2015 Alabama NC




10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003




Starting 2003 season The SEC WON football national championship 10 times


Big 10 B1G Big Ten once.


ACC once.


Big XII Big 12 once.


Pac-12 has NOT won the national championship in football since 1972.



Congratulations to ACC not Big Ten for unseating The Mighty SEC in Most Bowl Wins this season with 8 when the most The SEC can muster would be 7.


I have not heard anyone try to compare that the ACC is better than The SEC but the Big Ten B1G certainly ran their mouth all season long that they were this year and you saw how that ended for them in a BIG THUD with the most embarrassing loss by Ohio State 31 to NOTHING.  Then Michigan their 3rd loss of the season and another 3rd loss by Penn State this season.  That is the Big 10 top 3 teams this season. And of course Maryland lost of the B1G and Indiana of the Big Ten lost and vols SEC beat Big 10 Nebraska 38-24 while Florida SEC beat Iowa of the Big Ten B1G Big 10 by a score of 30-3.


7 losses by B1G Big 10 Big Ten in Bowl games this season 3-7.




So thanks for the laugh Big 10 and I have to point-out that I watched every damn second of the blow-out loss 31 to nothing spanking embarrassment of the Ohio State university B1G Big Ten Big 10.



Big 10 vs. FBS Power 5 Conferences 2016-2017 season now OVER for B1G 10-12 LOSING RECORD.


This includes 1-2 vs. SEC regular season and 0-2 in Bowl Games NOW OVER for B1G. 1-4 season record vs. SEC for the Big 10.


Therefore for all the big mouths of the Big 10 bragging THEY were better than The SEC they were NOT. Now were they ?


ACC was better than The SEC this 2016-2017 season and ACC has a chance to unseat The Mighty SEC in NC Game Monday night leaving The down SEC with only 10 N.C. in the latest 14 years while the ACC could gain its 2nd NC in 14 years.


Or The SEC Alabama can beat Clemson Monday night and become NC for the 11th time in 14 tries Monday night for The SEC.


Georgia won its 30th bowl game for 3rd Most All-Time and currently is ranked # 2 nationally in recruiting 2017 while losing only Isaiah McKenzie expecting therefore to be a Top 10 team 2017. We’ll see.


SEC dominates in NC bowl games won revenue attendance recruiting NFL players fans merchandise Super Bowls media coverage sportswriters social media party schools hottest student bodies weather TV coverage ESPN employees clicks stories College Football Play-Offs blogs and The SEC has 11 of the top college football programs are SEC teams too.


So to put this to rest about B1G Big 10 Big Ten is better than The Mighty SEC 2016-2017 season then that is just a total lie.  B1G Big 10 Big Ten is great is just a myth  A Big Lie but is aptly named B1G Big Ten because 4 of their teams never play football worth a hoot.  Way to embarrass yourselves on the big stage Ohio State Penn State and Michigan.  31 to nothing.  Spanking.  Blow-out.  These are your 3 best teams.  One gets spanked whose coach says you can’t win the NC if you did not win your conference 31 to nothing.  And the other 2 drop their 3rd loss of the season in a conference of nobodies.   A conference who runs their mouth they are better than The SEC and then pulls THIS again this season.    You can’t beat your way out of a wet paper bag.  None of you Big Ten and you KNOW IT.


We show you every year.  Everyone shows you every year.



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