What we see in the recruiting is that Kirby HAS gone-out and gotten himself a big imposing highly-rated offensive line. This would tend to indicate that Kirby intends on standing-pat with Jim Chaney and this run-first mentality where we ask our QB to be a drop-back QB rather than sitting there surveying the defense from off-the-ball in the backfield. There are some nice wide receivers but mostly again 2017 it is the ones slotted for defense who seem to have the most potential to have a positive impact on the passing game the same as it was for 2016 and they did not play on defense 2016 and would seem impacted again 2017 by loads of experienced top talent ahead of them on defense again to even get on the field on defense. Once-again 2017 as 2016 our needs are far less on defense than at Wide Receiver. This despite the known fact that there is no doubt that the existing receivers have left much to be desired 2016 season. Frankly we have not had a passing offense at Georgia now 2014 2015 2016 and appear headed the same way again 2017 based on the numbers recruited to improve the passing game. And now we lose the one who led the team in receiving 2016. You also see this headstrong mentality in the fact that Nico Collins of Alabama is the top pure receiver we’re even a possibility for now other than Jeremiah Holloman Newton High who signed with Kirby for 2017 and Trey Blount 2 speedsters with height both ranked nonetheless about # 20 wide receiver available. We’re UGA The Georgia Bulldogs. We’re not the # 20 team in the nation and NEVER have been. Now I realize that really Chad Terrell is really about all else this state offers at receiver but what about going after guys like Joseph Lewis and Devonta Smith and Jeff Thomas ? Can we really stand-pat at wide receiver 2017 ? We sent 5 receivers out last year on plays when we were forced to pass. Do we really even have 5 reliable Wide Receivers ? Why don’t more top Wide Receivers want to come fill this clear void this team has again 2017 as it was 2016 too ? Remember all the Wide Receivers we looked at 2016 who went to lesser programs ?

I do not think we can stand-pat at wide receiver 2017.  I remain amazed that no top wide receiver is being courted other than the limited numbers we are getting at that position for many years in a row now.  Even knowing coming here he would be the # 1 target on every pass why is it that the kids seem more interested at other positions than the glaring hole at Wide Receiver and dearth of reliable targets ?


Ohio State has wrapped-up not only already a deep Wide Receiver corps but came into the state of Florida and snagged another who would seem to have so much competition there at Wide Receiver to make you wonder after their poor season 2016 getting pasted 31 to nothing in their last game after not even playing for the Big Ten title why not want to come here and be the # 1 Wide Receiver ?  Trevon Grimes of Ft. Lauderdale would rather throw his name in the hat at Ohio State with 10 top wide receivers already rather than come START here against Notre Dame ?  Why is that ?


What are WE doing wrong that our Passing Offense has been # 100 for 2014 2015 2016 and certainly headed that way AGAIN 2017 ?


Why are we the only team in America at ANY level who for 4 years in a row now 2017 can not even try to pass the ball ?  Why do these kids not want to come fill our KNOWN VOID at Wide Receiver ?


Is there ANY chance that a man as smart as Academic All-America here at UGA Kirby Smart really thinks that he can line-up on 1st down and run every time against him as defensive coordinator ?


Now I realize he only served one stint 2005 on offense ever in his lifetime but surely someone has his ear about his failed offense 2016 ?


Tee Higgins wants to go to Clemson to be Wide Receiver.  Clemson.  If Clemson why not Georgia ?  Have we given-up on passing the ball ?


Well we have we ?


Tylon Lindsey also wants to go to Ohio State as a top Wide Receiver 2017  ?  Excuse me.  Every wide receiver in the nation is already at Ohio State.


We better fix this in the next 3 weeks before Signing Day 2017.


What are you guys wasting your time talking about in recruiting 2017 and leave me to be the one to make the point to you ?


Flapping your jaws about nothing.


Jhamon Ausbon is at IMG Academy where we have signed others from and Texas A&M goes down there to Bradenton Florida and gets this Wide Receiver 2017 while we STAND-PAT at Wide Receiver with 20 Offensive Lineman here and 4 more defensive backs with all those returning for us ?


What are we doing ?


Jerry Jeudy of Deerfield Beach is going to Alabama and we can’t even talk to him about Wide Receiver here instead ?  Why is that ?


Why aren’t we considered a destination for Wide Receivers ?


Omar Manning is going to TCU and we can’t entice him to consider filling our hole at Wide Receiver ?  We don’t have a hole at Wide Receiver ?


We can stockpile those who might help at Wide Receiver such as Mecole Hardman Junior last year and DeAngelo Gibbs this year in the defensive backfield returning intact 2017 ?  How is ANY of this possible I ask you ?



Chad Terrell is the top Wide Receiver in this state according to many and he is going to South Carolina of all places.  Why ?

Justin Marshall is the 2nd best many say in this state at Wide Receiver and he is going to Louisville for God’s sake.  WTF ?  So is Corey Reed.


What are we doing wrong 2014 2015 2016 and now 2017 to not get the top wide receivers ?  We used to be able to pass the football.  Nowadays it seems we are content to line-up and run on 1st down every time all season long until it is proven you can’t do that in 2014 2015 2016 2017 and beyond with the talent even we have lined-up on defense.  Defenses stop teams who only run the ball.  It is a failed model in college and is not how the top teams in the NFL move the ball either.


You have got to have a passing offense to move the ball.  It would help if the Quarterbacks recruited were dual-threat.


We’re a losing proposition 2017 in passing the ball.  We’re behind the 8-ball and you and you would think Kirby Smart know it.  Certainly Jim Chaney has said December when Kirby finally let him talk to the media once before the bowl game finally admitting this as well.  This offense has NOT WORKED here 2014 2015 2016 and seems headed down the same road again 2017.


How can this be ?


How can only I see this ?


I dare say that it is NOT just only little ole I who see it but every opposing team all our fans all our coaches and many of the top RECRUITS at wide receiver.


Georgia doesn’t WANT to pass the ball.


If you try to concentrate on too many areas to work on for an 8-5 team you focus on none.


From my standpoint our offense is the most glaring.


We have to focus on wide receiver in my opinion.


I have to believe with the obvious FIT here for a top wide receiver frankly last year 2016 and this year 2017 even greater if that is possible that the kids must feel that Jim Chaney is not going to pass the ball.


Is there no one on the staff who can get through to Kirby that this model is once-again cramming a square peg into a round hole ?


Why not just call the offense the triple-option with both hands tied behind our backs on passing or even trying to pass ?  Every opponent loads the box. Wake-up.  We would load the box against us too.  It cannot win.


Is there a problem with college football as a spectator sport or what is being spectated live or other form is that Georgia for the duration of the current recruits high school football has all been that Georgia has no passing offense 2014 2015 2016 and now 2017 in their eyes the high school wide receivers  ?  For their entire time playing high school football UGA has been ANYTHING but a passing team.  We’re NO FUN at passing is all they know.  It’s all we know.


Who cares how they saw it ?


It matters not if ESPN gets revenue from TV for college football.  Good Lord.  That is OFF-TOPIC which is what I have come to know of the fool writing gtp get the picture senator of nothingness bluto.  Yet that what he talks about twice on 2 different blogs this morning like there is something inherently wrong with how the 2017 fan is entertained.  That he must only go to the game certainly heaven forbid watch the game on TV.  That’s wrong ?  Tell the 5 million watching us every week on TV on a bad week of TV viewing for us and 25 million at best to the 92 thousand who show-up.  We have not even touched our capacity of Sanford Stadium while all these lesser teams have expanded beyond our capacity to overtake us.  Now every game is on TV when in the past they had to pay to watch one game every year.  No longer is that the case.  The very ones with the loudest mouths on this or any blog all NEVER GO TO A GAME and NEVER HAVE.  Who cares about that ?


What matters is what is perceived by all collectively about our passing offense 2014 2015 2016 and as I propose more of the same for 2017.  You can wish and hope all you like but the WRITING IS ON THE WALL that 2017 is MORE OF THE SAME however witnessed live or not.


What I care about is us passing the ball.


THAT is the TOPIC of the DAY for Bulldogs’ fans not how we consume the product but that the product itself is FLAWED.  Good Lord wake-up talk about what is relevant for once in your life.


Act like even if by simply numbers that by odds you might even write one piece on-topic that day.


We have not recruited a top wide receiver in their high school lifetime and by all accounts may not have added more than 1 or 2 if any 2017.  1 or 2 maybe at best with 5 wide receiver sets when we finally get forced to pass 3rd and long.  Certainly those paid millions to answer that for us 2017 say we have not garnered our fair share of top wide receivers 2014 2015 2016 and 2017.


You know the ones who have so accurately predicted the top wide receivers and every other position ?


What we have really witnessed again 2014 2015 2016 and 2017 is that EVERY team in America has done a better job of getting wide receivers than The University of Ground Attack UGA.  No one can point to passing offense numbers 2014 2015 2016 and probably 2017 to refute this premise that the kids themselves have fallen into this mindset.  We have 20 guys playing wide receiver 2017 and 2 maybe 3 have above average credentials with 5 wide receiver sets when finally we give-up on that which does not work anyway and would not work against Kirby were Kirby to defend this offense himself.


Talk about that which is RELEVANT.  Cease with contemplation of your navel.


Does Kirby have a hole at wide receiver ?  Did Mark Richt 2014 and sign no one ?  Did Mark Richt 2015 and sign no one ?  Did Kirby 2016 and now 2017 as well do little to fill a void which has grown now to such a large chasm as for it to be painfully obvious to the very ones we seek ?  Does Kirby leaving Mecole Hardman Junior and now DeAngelo Gibbs at defensive back where we return intact send more of the same message ?


What is your Calling as a blog author supposedly covering The Georgia Bulldogs ?  To say that 25 million are wrong to watch on TV and 92 thousand only are right to join us ?  Or to say that Kirby has a PROBLEM – not 5 problems – but ONE MAIN CLEAR AND CONCISE PROBLEM so as to MAKE THE POINT if there EVER WAS ONE ?  That our offense is the issue and that We The University of Georgia have had for the duration of the recruits’ time in high school playing football has been wholly unable to pass the ball 2014 2015 2016 and I say 2017 as well.  That we don’t even TALK ABOUT IT.  But talk about anything but.  That we need wide receivers.  Is the problem that the 2016 OL was no good ?  We LOST them after TCU or did you think Kirby is playing true freshmen across the OL 2017 ?  This OL class 2017 fixes our passing offense ?  We have the QB who was least sacked in America 2016 and he can run the ball but isn’t. He also threw the fewest interceptions.  His receivers were not highly-rated did not get open did not catch the ones they were targeted with and have not 2014 2015 and 2016.   Jake Fromm play as True Frosh 2017 ?  Really that is what you think from Kirby given his proof otherwise even with the Little League World Series I saw him throw 2 dozen consecutive perfectly placed strikes in a row ?  That we have not been adding enough in numbers or quality 2014 2015 2016 and now 2017 instead ANYTHING but even with those who might help us at wide receiver.


Are they ALL RIGHT ?


Are the kids themselves right from what they have seen whatever manner they “saw” it their entire high school football experience ?


It is headstrong of The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program to ignore and stand-pat at wide receiver yet another year in a row now.


I wonder about our sense of urgency around here and conclude that we don’t any.


Any of us.