I can’t see how the men or the women can make the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017 but the staff at Missouri react to their guy trying to take the ball from Yante Maten who just has passed 10 thousand points for us just before half in what ends-up being an important win for Georgia not unlike last night’s win in women’s basketball for Georgia beating Texas A&M a fine team and host yet another of the same tomorrow on SEC Network at noon Vanderbilt.

The Lady Bulldogs are just simply over-manned with just 8 players 7 who really play but next year we have a great recruiting class coming-in so we will compete next year.


The men who have the RPI to but with a bad record not deserving of an NCAA bid and they too are over-manned with just 2 players really.


But on this day it was Mark Fox’s coaching entourage who takes-up for Yante Maten.




10-5 might give the men a chance.  We’ll see.  J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten are a tandem the entire nation would enjoy watching play their team.


It is more desperate with the women who field a team of 4.


We just don’t have full teams although Mark Fox always has a better bench than the women of late.




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