USA Today says Bulldogs Win SEC East 2017 with 6 SEC teams ranked Preseason USA Today Poll Top 25 and of course Texas A&M is the 7th best SEC team 2017 Preseason so says USA Today Preseason Top 25 Poll just released. SEC Down ? I don’t think so. ACC better Chip Towers AJ-C ? Only 4 ACC teams Top 25 for 2017 Chipper ole boy – not that I understood your comment today that “And by and large I think the SEC still plays the best football overall.” AJ-C DawgNation Chipper Towers says. If you are saying The SEC is DOWN Chipper Towers then say that. If you “think The SEC still plays THE BEST FOOTBALL OVERALL” then say that. It’s one or the other dumbass. It’s NOT POSSIBLE to be BOTH. Jesus Christ. By the way all preseason polls but 1 say UGA Wins SEC East 2017 while College Football News ranks UGA # 7 for 2017.

It’s pretty aggravating Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation to read you say that The SEC is down and the ACC is better then read you say in the same post that it is NOT TRUE and in fact :


“And by and large I think the SEC still plays the best football overall.”


What do you tell yourself when you write such utter nonsense Chipper Towers ?


You’re so full of shit that you think you can GET AWAY with this yet AGAIN ?


You’re a wishy-washy son of a bitch Chipper Towers and always have been and always will be because you’re stuck being one of THOSE pussies. Be a man. Have some conviction. If you believe something then tell us you believe it. If you don’t then tell us you don’t. Don’t sit there contemplating your God Damn navel telling us BOTH you believe this and then in same freaking article TAKE IT ALL BACK and say you think the complete opposite contradicting your own friqin’ self saying “by and large you think The SEC still plays the BEST FOOTBALL OVERALL.”


Which is it Chipper Towers ?


Last year it was the B1G all year long was BETTER than The SEC. I debunked that. Now you write it is the stinking ACC oh wait no it is not it is “STILL The SEC.”




ACC what a damn joke.


Oh. Wait. You said that Chipper Towers. Make up your God Damn MIND contradictory bastard.


You can’t have it both ways.


It is or it isn’t.


It isn’t or it is.


It’s NOT both.


6 SEC Preseason Athlon Sports Top 17 while only 4 ACC Top 25 :



3 SEC Preseason College Football News Top 10 while only 2 ACC Top 10

UGA # 7 that’s HIGHER than Clemson # 8 and 2nd highest in The SEC and again Winning SEC East UGA 2017 :






5 SEC Top 21 ESPN Preseason Poll Top 25 and only 4 ACC Top 21 with UGA # 2 SEC and again UGA 2017 Wins SEC East :


6 SEC Top 22 SB Nation Preseason Poll Top 25 and only 4 ACC Top 22 and only 5 ACC Top 24 with Texas A&M of course closely following the Top 25 and again UGA Wins SEC East :



5 SEC Top 22 CBS Preseason Top 25 for 2017 with AGAIN UGA SEC East Champions UGA Wins SEC East and only 4 ACC Top 24 while only 3 ACC Top 22 :


6 SEC Top 25 Preseason 2017 Poll to only 3 ACC with this ONE LONE POLL says vols Win SEC East where it would seem that everyone has just a complete fill long since over with Butch Jones but no not this one site ONLY Yahoo.