LOOK if you haven’t read these 2 great posts YOU MUST. You will be glad you DID. Forget all the bullshit about bluto WHINING STILL for he has NEVER followed recruiting and NEVER WILL. A coach CAN BE JUDGED AS GREAT JUST SIMPLY BECAUSE HE HAS GREAT PLAYERS. Trust ME on THIS. But to both these great MUST READ POSTS today if Kirby does NOT GATA and get them ON THE FIELD top recruits can’t WIN THE GAMES for you which is OUR ONLY GOAL.



( http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Smart-lot-of-excitement-surrounding-UGA-recruiting-50621154 )


247Sports.com Kipp Adams writes this first post MUST READ which is the best article I have read on Bulldogs in my lifetime.  It is a great article with all the information you need in that one article.  It says IT ALL.





( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/georgia-recruiting-kirby-smart-best-recruiting-class-2017 )


AJ-C DawgNation Connor Riley writes this second MUST READ and he is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.


Don’t miss either article.


THIS is what is going-on on this day not that bluto senator of nothing is STILL WHINING about Mark Richt being friqin’ FIRED and that HE DOES NOT like recruiting and purposely IGNORES it fully and completely.  He only became known on the Internet AFTER Mark Richt was HIRED and NEVER let me have my say about HIS MISTAKES in 2001 on Athens Banner-Herald.  He’s a dumbass.  I proved he all wet on Mark Richt.  He KNOWS that.  YOU know that.


Forget bluto who cares what he does with his blog of Apologists ?  I sure as shit don’t.


What is important NOW given these 2 posts I highlight for YOU today is that Kirby PRACTICES these guys 2017 coming-in and gets them READY TO PLAY 2017 for us along with patching-up the 2016 recruits KIRBY SIGNED here WHOM he ALSO did NOT play.


It matters not how great the players if the coach does not practice them with the # 1 unit and gets them ready with NO UPPER CLASS players HERE – thank you Mark Richt.


There is no write-off season 2017 and I hate it that it was acceptable to you for 2016.


Say it was NOT.








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