Who voted for Donald Trump ?

Paris Hilton

Clint Eastwood

Roseanne Barr

Ben Carson

Ben Grayson

Tom Brady

Gene Simmons

Kirstie Alley

Sonny Perdue

Gary Bussey

Hulk Hogan

Dennis Rodman

John Padgett

Jon Voight

Dennis Fuller


Allen Peake

Mike Ditka

Barry Loudermilk

Terrell Owens

Stacey Dash

Keith Blackwell

Dean Cain

Ted Cruz

Ivana Trump

Mitch McConnell

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Loretta Lynn

Chris Christie

Ann Coulter

Stephen Baldwin

Brian Kemp

Rex Ryan

Bob Knight

Tila Tequila

Paul O’Neill

Johnny Damon

Lou Ferrigno

Azealia Banks

Mitch McConnell

Wayne Newton

Charlie Sheen

Omarosa Manigault

Newt Gingrich

Kid Rock

Tom Price

Taylor Swift

Kanye West

Nathan Deal

David Ralston

Johnny Isakson

Sarah Palin





Herschel Walker



Donald Trump SWEPT ALL  16 Georgia Electoral Votes.

The entire state of Georgia has voted for the Republican presidential nominee in the past six elections.





Inauguration 12 noon today.  Eat your hearts out Mark Richt fans who did NOT want President Donald Trump.


Ha ha ha.


You lost on BOTH.


Loving it.


Whine some more.


Bleeding Hearts.




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