Matt Ryan trying to go to 4-4 in the NFL Play-Offs on Super Sunday 2 weeks from today as the Falcons DISMANTLE Green Bay Packers. Last time the Falcons played in the Super Bowl we had NO ONE and Chris Chandler the quarterback but Kyle Shanahan’s Dad Mike and John Elway did us in that day. Now the son Kyle can do what his Dad did before he takes the San Francisco job if he wants it. We have players for the Super Bowl this time. Can NFL MVP Matt Ryan do it one more time ? Why not ? Thank you Arthur Blank. NFC CHAMPIONS ATLANTA FALCONS 6 months before Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium opens.

I never saw so many excuses in years and years.


Green Bay Packers must have some Mark Richt fans up there or something.  They were destroyed.  It was who Green Bay played LAST WEEK ?


Oh come on.


I thought for 8 years here to end his career here at Georgia that Mark Richt fans had the corner on EXCUSES.


That was UNTIL today.


The game LAST WEEK took it all out of Green Bay ?


Oh this guy is injured.


Every 4th play all game long Green Bay Packers were walking off the field injured.


It’s football Green Bay.


Oh you were fogged-in ?


Who’s fault is that in Green Bay for God’s sake ?


Be a man about it Green Bay.


You got your butts beat.


Boo-hoo to all your excuses.  You fumbled the ball and we didn’t even challenge it ahead by 23 points.


What’s the point ?


Losing because you GAVE-UP 6 TD and a field goal and you get pressured and throw the ball and that is all you can whine about throwing yet ANOTHER interception to the Falcons.


Where is your stadium like our new stadium Green Bay ?


What’s your excuse for that ?


Green Bay dropped the pass ?


Atlanta threw 2 should’ve been interceptions ?


Atlanta fumbled the ball and Green Bay should’ve had the ball did have it and then did not ?


I mean guys.


Aaron Rodgers 55-yard interception was in effect really a 55-yard punt ?


I’ve heard it ALL now.


No.  That was an interception and we promptly drove it right down the field for a TD.


No it was NOT a punt.


It was an interception and 14-point swing on THAT play.  You LOST 44-21.  We had 9 possessions and scored 6 TD and a field goal while punting twice including once at the end to pin you at the 3-yard line when we could MAKE that field goal too.


Why did you LOSE ?


It was NONE of your EXCUSES.


You guys have more excuses than a pregnant Nun.


Dan Quinn head coach Super Bowl 2nd season.


Matt Ryan was BETTER than your guy wasn’t he ?


1 win in 168 combined seasons of Falcons Braves Hawks and Flames/Thrashers.


We’re do.


And Matt Ryan NFL MVP can be 4-4 in the NFL Play-Offs and win Super Bowl MVP too.


The Atlanta Falcons CAN win the Super Bowl.


2 weeks Super Sunday OUR Day in Houston and we will be ready to win this time.


Now is not the time to celebrate now is the time to WIN !


Go Falcons !





There are no Bulldogs playing today in the last game at the Georgia Dome 3:05 p.m. Chris Mayes who played his last year here Mark Richt’s last year with 41 tackles is in his rookie season with the Falcons on injured reserve defensive tackle and did not play for the Falcons this year. Green Bay has no Bulldog either. In Foxborough at 6:40 p.m. today Malcolm Mitchell WR and David Andrews C are on New England Patriots. And Pittsburgh has Jarvis Jones OLB and Zach Mettenberger back-up QB. There are 39 former Bulldogs who have lifted the NFL Championship Game Trophy. These are whom we are down to this season.

David Andrews has Started and played every play for New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays.

Malcolm Mitchell has Started 6 of 14 games as WR for New England Patriots this season with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches.

Jarvis Jones 44 tackles a sack two forced fumbles a fumble recovery 3 passes defended and an interception and return for 20 yards on the season for Pittsburgh Steelers as their Starting OLB 9 of 14 games this season after Starting all 15 games last season.

Zach Mettenberger has not played this season for Pittsburgh Steelers but did the last 2 years for Tennessee Titans with 208 completions in 345 attempts for 12 TD 2347 yards from Oconee whom I wanted to Start against Okie State instead of Joe Cox September 5 of 2009 which began this long run of nothingness here at Georgia losing 5 games 2009.

The Falcons are 12-5 trying to get to 13 wins and return to the Super Bowl.

All these players are trying to get to the Super Bowl this afternoon which will be held in Houston 2 weeks from today LI 51 with Lady Gaga and then next year in Minneapolis and then 2019 here at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium LIII 53 our 3rd Super Bowl here in Atlanta.

The Falcons behind Matt Ryan QB beat Aaron Rodgers Pro Football Hall of Fame QB 33-32 here at the Georgia Dome October 30 and now Aaron Rodgers who has already been Super Bowl MVP winner returns trying to avenge that rare loss here because he lost here while Julio Jones Alabama is going to try to play Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Alabama with his foot just killing him.



“So it just helps you better prepare for the environment you’re going to get and the kind of atmosphere you’re going to get.”

The question I have although Jeb Blazevich is talking about the no-name Indoor Practice Facility is how is that going to help us prepare when it is 46 degrees here in Athens November and nearly 90 with high humidity in JAX when that game EVERY YEAR is THERE ?