bluto quits being a Bulldogs’ fan : “I used to indulge in recording everything and going back to watch it all again in the offseason. Then in the aftermath of the 2015 season about a month after the bowl game I realized I had no interest in reliving any part of that dull grind. Out went it all.” state senator of NOTHING bluto of get the picture gtp says TODAY on his blog REFERENCING a URL LINK to Mark Richt being FIRED.

Trust me bluto we ALL know you have QUIT being a fan of the program that you ONLY JOINED 2001 after Mark Richt was HIRED HERE. I know. I was there on Online Athens when you JOINED bluto.




We get it bluto. You AREN’T a fan of this program any more. Point taken.


You’ve always been pretty-much a God Damn dumbass from the beginning.  Why should it change now that you WANT to SHUT-DOWN your Mark Richt Apologists’ blog  and haven for same ?






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