Brad Crawford who this time last year said the MOST IMPORTANT GEORGIA BULLDOG for 2016 is ANYONE but Jacob Eason now today takes POT SHOTS at President Donald J. Trump whom I voted for like Herschel Walker did. And goes on to say that Herschel Walker said to the protesters who protested BECAUSE THEY FAILED TO GO VOTE for Hillary that they SHOULD NOT PROTEST a great man who had only been in OFFICE one day. Damn right Herschel Walker.

As for you Brad Crawford let me also add sir that it WAS OBVIOUS this time last year that Jacob Eason HAD TO BE NAMED STARTER and HAD TO GET REPS all Spring and ALL FALL with the # 1 unit to PREPARE him and that had Kirby done that since he STARTED HIM ANYWAY then the OFFENSE would NOT HAVE BEEN SUCH A FAILED OFFENSE LAST ENTIRE SEASON as a DIRECT RESULT thereof.


Look Brad Crawford sir if you want to TURN YOUR into a POLITICAL website have at it but START by telling those of your ilk to bother to GO VOTE then you have a COMPLAINT that the WRONG PERSON GOT ELECTED.


It was a RESOUNDING WIN for President Donald J. Trump because the very ones who were NOT SUPPOSED TO VOTE for him were the VERY ONES who got him elected.








I am with Hershel Walker on this COMPLETELY and fully.


Whether President Donald J. Trump appoints Hershel Walker to a high-ranking position or NOT. Hershel Walker HAS ALWAYS BEEN into POLITICS. It is whom it is he is.


You getting any of this Mr. Brad Crawford sir ?


Read on.


Cease with your use of to talk NOT ABOUT SPORTS but Politics or RENAME your God Damn blog Mr. Brad Crawford sir to Bleeding Hearts who did NOT  who did NOT vote and now want to complain about none of you VOTING this time.


Folks go to Mr. Brad Crawford sir to READ ABOUT SPORTS not your views on whether you would like to say that the protesters did ANYTHING but to DISCREDIT THEMSELVES such as Madonna as YOUR SPOKESWOMAN. A playboy centerfold who stated that her life’s ambition is to become a rock-and-roll star.


Instead all she has become NOW is a frustrated hateful God Damn BITCH because of her controversial subjects such as violence firearms nudity and politics such as inviting Nicki Minaj on the halftime show of the Super Bowl shooting US ALL A GOD DAMN BIRD.


And culminating with YOU BRAGGING on the PROTESTERS to President Donald J. Trump about whom Madonna said AT SUCH PROTESTS you put up on a pedestal Mr. Brad Crawford sir that President Donald J. Trump go “Go F” himself on MULTIPLE major networks carrying her foul-mouthed speech protesting President Donald J. Trump before having to break-away for the foul God Damn Language Madonna used Mr. Brad Crawford BRAGGING on THESE PROTESTERS.






As you are doing Mr. Brad Crawford sir today on your cough cough SPORTS BLOG.


“I’m angry. Yes I am outraged. Yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Madonna said on NATIONAL TV several prominent NETWORKS simultaneously FOR ALL OF US TO HEAR.


So YOU Mr. Brad Crawford sir run to your SPORTS BLOG today to BRAG on Madonna.


Good luck with that Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


You and your ilk.


Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna after the foul-mouthed BITCH says she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” in her expletive-filled rant at the VERY PROTEST you want to brag about Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


Go F yourself Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


“I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Madonna pontificates on multiple respected networks and your reaction Mr. Brad Crawford sir you God Damn PIECE OF SHIT ?


Oh Mr. Brad Crawford thinks SHE IS SO FRIQIN’ GREAT for all this.


Madonna’s speech was a CALL FOR ACTION Mr. Brad Crawford.


YOU were already on MY SHIT LIST Mr. Brad Crawford sir for NOT RECOGNIZING that Jacob Eason was KEY TO THE GEORGIA BULLDOGS BEING ANY GOOD AT ALL 2016 while Kirby was complaining to you the press that he could not FIGURE IT OUT whom it was he WOULD END-UP HAVING TO START ANYWAY with NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit when Kirby had Jacob Eason here January 12th when he BOTHERED to show-up himself.


Of course Mr. Brad Crawford sir you don’t know ANYTHING about Jacob Eason being BETTER than Greyson Damn Lambert so you just REFUSED TO LIST Jacob Eason as possibly this time last year being EVEN ON YOUR GOD DAMN LIST Mr. Brad Crawford sir of whom it was who was the MOST IMPORTANT BULLDOG 2016 season this time last year.


Now this.


Now this from you too Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


You’re a dumbass son of a bitch Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


Madonna dropped the God Damn Freaking F-Bomb 4 times to President Donald J. Trump THEN called the audience to ACTION that Madonna has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”


So you RUN to the Internet to hide behind your keyboard this morning Mr. Brad Crawford sir to PONTIFICATE to ALL US THERE to READ SPORTS that Madonna is GREAT and Herschel Walker is JUST WRONG as you see it.


Go F-Bomb yourself Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


AND TRY NEXT TIME to go VOTE like I did.


YOU weren’t THERE Mr. Brad Crawford sir AT THE POLLS. I looked.


Donning her pink pussyhat Madonna pulls this THREAT and CALL FOR ACTION from those listening has her speech pulled-away from by EVERY MAJOR NEWS SERVICE telecasting it at the time and ALL APOLOGIZE to their audiences that THIS ALL HAPPENED as I suggest here it DID IN FACT and YOU run to your SPORTS BLOG on to TELL ALL US that THIS IS ALL GREAT Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


The United States Attorney’s Office is deciding how to proceed with Madonna NOW Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


Ashley Judd joined Madonna in spewing lewd rants against President Donald J. Trump. Personal attacks not only on President Donald J. Trump but also his family including his daughter Ivanka Trump.


YOU Mr. Brad Crawford sir ?


You CALL for the SAME as Madonna and Ashley Judd TODAY when of course it is ALL OVER because YOU sir FAILED TO VOTE like they did NOT either or ANY of the REST of your ilk Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


“I’m not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol your wet dreams infused with your own genes.” Ashley Judd calling President Donald J. Trump “Hitler.” Then Ashely Judd TOO let loose the F-Bomb to EVERYONE who does not agree with her that President Donald J. Trump is “Hitler” she calls our President of The United States of America.


Hillary is the ONLY WOMAN who could’ve possibly run against President Donald J. Trump and LOST.  She stood by her husband an admitted adulterer with a cigar IN THE OVAL OFFICE and called his accuser a LIAR only to be PROVEN telling the TRUTH when President Bill Clinton ADMITTED he committed adultery while PRESIDENT.


Of course HE LIED TOO about all this. “I did NOT have sexual relations with this woman.”


If THIS is what you want to TALK ABOUT on YOUR SPORTS BLOG today Mr. Brad Crawford sir consider this MY RAMMING OF IT BACK UP YOUR GOD DAMN ASSHOLE boy.




You laud ALL OF THIS.


On your “SPORTS BLOG” this morning Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


In case you have not noticed Mr. Brad Crawford sir groups of 4 or more Americans are attacked MORE than once a day for years now trying to KILL US.


Radical Islamic extremists.


Wake the F up.


Liberal bleeding hearts.


If you wanted a different President you should have gone and VOTED as I.


Give the President a chance as he’s only been in Office one day.


And quit with the THREATS to our President Donald J. Trump.


And REFERENCES thereto as if it the right and proper thing for ALL to go do Mr. Brad Crawford sir.


YOU wouldn’t let ANY of US get-away with ANY of THIS if we were to try.


Stick it up your God Damn asshole Mr. Brad Crawford sir.