ESPNU Comcast Channel 883 LIVE Maria Taylor 11 hours of coverage National Signing Day on TV this year LIVE 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern February 1 Wednesday 2017.

SPOTLIGHT on Maria Taylor Our Lovely Fantastic Super Smart LADY BULLDOG foremost University of Georgia Lady Bulldog in the pros in other than her sports doing the NATIONAL SIGNING DAY for The Georgia Bulldogs Football team – one of her very FAVORITE sports who has both her BBA and MBA from The University of Georgia.


Maria Taylor may be ONE of the MANY working at ESPN from UGA and quite the student-athlete who is a GREAT Lady Bulldog Women’s Basketball player at a time Andy Landers had many such but she also is also one of our VERY BEST EVER Women’s Volleyball Players of All-Time too.


Lady Bulldogs’ Women’s Basketball Player here at UGA shot .458 from the field for us on a team chalk full of stars such as Tasha Humphrey Sherill Baker Megan Darrah whom I grew-up with Ashley Houts Angel Robinson Porsha Phillips Maria Taylor on the 2007-2008 Lady Bulldogs Women’s Basketball team is the 5th leading shot blocker on the 27-7 Lady Bulldogs’ team of Andy Landers and 3rd best leading field goal shooter behind only Tasha Humphrey and Angel Robinson.


You really must listen to Maria Taylor’s voice. ESPN has so many distinctive voices some of which are the most grading voices to listen to and then there is Maria Taylor’s Awesome Wonderful Voice we all have listened to here at Georgia IN ALL OUR SPORTS for over a decade now.


Here listen to her voice here :


If that is not the most impressive interview of anyone anytime I would love to hear one you think is better.


Thus my SPOTLIGHT on the sweetheart.


And what a Baby Doll.


God gives few Scholar Status.

God gives few Athletic Prowess.


God gives BOTH Athletic Prowess AND Scholar Status to really only a handful and THIS the pinnacle Lady and oh by the way Homecoming Queen too.×310.jpg




ESPN Turner Sports Network ISS IMG NBC CSS SEC Network ESPN2 ESPN3 ESPNU Orange Bowl every year there really is no EQUAL to this GREAT among GREATS in Sports Network Commentary.


Maria Taylor does broadcasts I have seen many times with Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer and I know you know Jesse Palmer really knows his stuff. Maria Taylor is EVERY BIT Jesse Palmer wrapped in a prettier sweeter better-spoken package.


And she one of our own here at UGA.  Unlike Jesse Palmer as IMPRESSIVE as he is and he is trust me too – he is from the Florida Gators which I obviously would want to hold against him and just can’t listening to him.  AndMaria Taylor with him on the broadcasts with Brent Musburger is left in the dust of this combo.


Maria Taylor represented The United States of America in Women’s International Volleyball and 3 times was named All-SEC here at Georgia.


From Alpharetta I just simply put can not be more proud of Maria Taylor if I wanted to be.


Thank you Maria Taylor. I have followed you a decade. Even when you were playing you were doing TV shows. I remember once when Andy Landers interviewed you on TV.


As in Women’s Basketball where you were 3rd best shooter on the team on a great 27-7 Lady Bulldogs Team for Andy Landers you hit over 50% of your kill shots in Women’s Volleyball too. 35 kills in a single game.  Routinely Maria Taylor hit 20 kills in games for us here at Georgia.


Pride of Centennial High Alpharetta Maria Taylor is MY PERSONAL HERO. Ok I am in love too I readily admit I can not help myself.


It’s not my fault.


Please forgive me.


National Honor Society.  All-State and Fulton County Scholar Athlete of the Year side note Homecoming Queen. I mean.




See ?


6’ 2” of all lady all brains all brawn and the best speaking voice on ESPN of all her compatriots gorgeous.


Sweetest pic I have seen in a long time.


Fourth all-time in program history in career kills with 1729 and was fourth all-time in total points with 2020 here at UGA.


ESPN2 has Maria Taylor many times.


Orange Bowl yes that Maria Taylor every year in that Event as well. No she is not the singer.


We gave her a Scholarship here at The University of Georgia so that I could brag on MY FAVORITE sports’ broadcaster.


Anchor Analyst Broadcaster Reporter




Now Wednesday February 1 of 2017 live from Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall Maria Taylor covers The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team again this time introducing our # 1 Recruiting Class of All-Time.


Get ready to be impressed.


8 am LIVE on EVERY CHANNEL it is Maria Taylor. Eat your heart out Alabama Ohio State Clemson and ALL the rest of you.


No puppy love from the Signees please.


I claim Maria Taylor.


February 1 Wednesday National Signing Day 2017 Maria Taylor LIVE Comcast Channel 883 for 11 hours from 8 am until 7 p.m. Eastern.


SEC Network and ESPN3 this year Maria Taylor does not have to be followed just on the Internet.


Flip to The SEC Network at 9 a.m. Eastern on Comcast Channel 792.


Keep your Station set for Comcast Channel 883 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Maria Taylor.


Our hero.


ESPNU Comcast Channel 883 LIVE Maria Taylor 11 hours of coverage National Signing Day on TV this year LIVE 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern February 1 Wednesday 2017.