CBS says Kirby might have 2 players taken in the up-coming NFL Draft after his 1st season here at Georgia.

Greg Pyke the # 21 Offensive Guard might go in the 7th Round or as a Free Agent rated the # 335 player overall in the Draft


Or Isaiah McKenzie might or might not be drafted in the 7th Round as well or as well as a Free Agent rated the # 37 Wide Receiver or the # 291 overall player in the Draft.  Isaiah McKenzie must have flunked-out like Tim Kimbrough the # 471 overall player and # 23 ILB.  Either that or NFL knows of his fumbles and drops bad hands and childish behavior.  Trust me we’re not losing anything.


Mo Smith is supposed to be the highest-rated not drafted or as Free Agent at # 424 overall and # 19 FS.


Tyler Catalina is the # 449 overall and # 27 OG.


Brandon Kublanow is the # 17 Center and # 491 overall


Quincy Mauger is the # 867 overall and # 41 SS.


And Greyson Lambert is the # 748 overall and # 38 QB.




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