“So it turns out Mark Richt is trying to do a solid for both himself and his former employer there which of course is awesome.” senator of NOTHING bluto gtp get the picture just now he calls “The return of Evil Richt” about an article at the AJ-C from 11 hours prior. Was he drunk asleep all that time that only now he misreads it ? Still is ?



bluto can NOT honestly think as he said he thinks this morning that THIS is some greatness of Mark Richt to ACT upon what bluto says is a FALSE rumor and that by THAT ACT of contacting the Florida Gator recruits that he is doing something NOBLE for Miami of Florida Hurricanes because of the FALSE RUMOR.

Or doing UGA a favor by such a sleazy contact of Florida Gator recruits.


I honestly believe bluto thinks Mark Richt sent the texts to the recruits that the rumor was false.


He writes ALL his posts when he is passed-out drunk.


Jesus Christ bluto is a dumbass and right there tied with him is Mark Richt.


And oh by the way THIS CONFIRMS once again 14 months after I FIRED HIM ON THIS BLOG to bluto’s chagrin that bluto still has a man crush on Mark Richt – the loser.


“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job” after losing to Florida. bluto said.  “He isn’t going anywhere.”  Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”


Now this :


“Mark Richt is trying to do a solid for both himself and his former employer there which of course is awesome.”


After last week stating he was SHUTTING-DOWN his blog and no longer is INTERESTED EVEN in Georgia Bulldogs Football – too much drudgery without Mark Richt his personal Savior who WALKS ON WATER best ever according to bluto.


Not following The Bulldogs.  Doesn’t have season tickets any longer – if he ever did.  bluto states NOW he doesn’t even WANT to follow The Bulldogs any longer.


Give it up bluto.  You LOST.  I won.  I FIRED him when you said he wasn’t going anywhere and would still be here today.


Didn’t you bluto ?


Sure you did.


Never any doubt of ANY of this.




There was NOTHING SOLID about contacting Florida Gator recruits about a FALSE RUMOR bluto states DESPERATE as Mark Richt is in recruiting last year AND this year yet again.


Mark Richt is not a good recruiter and THIS just simply is yet MORE proof of this as well to wit bluto BRAGS on Mark Richt AGAIN this morning – like this is some great recruiting tactic by Mark Richt.




Kirby out-recruited Mark Richt by 17 ranking positions 2016 Scout.com rankings and this season 2017 is no different is it bluto ?


Oh I am sorry bluto you don’t follow recruiting so you don’t know.


A good part of college football NOT TO FOLLOW being a CONFIRMED Mark Richt Apologist as you ARE still 14 months later about that which you were NOTHING but wrong right down the line on.






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