Georgia Men’s Hoops beats Texas again and with THAT The SEC ties the Big 12 in SEC/Big 12 Challenge 5 wins each.


Georgia 59

Texas 57


2017 SEC/Big 12 Challenge tied this season at 5-5 so we’ve never beat the Big 12.


This brings UGA to 13-8 on the season and with just 4-4 in The SEC this season is going nowhere at this point.  We have two (2) players Yante Maten a Junior this year and gone after the season is J.J. Frazier a senior.


UGA Women’s basketball ALSO suffered in recruiting 2016 and ALSO has not enough real players.  2017 the women will have a good team again finally.  The women play this afternoon Sunday but the season was over before it began with not enough top players like the men suffer from as well.


This lack of recruiting at UGA in a SPORT is caused by the gym or lack of one Stegesaurus which is NOT COMPETITIVE an eye-sore and a huge damper on the sport of basketball for The University of Georgia.


Our gym holds back both the women and the men.


These are just two (2) MORE sports Greg McGarity sucks at and has his ENTIRE tenure hired here by Mike Adam$ as HIS puppet with no head coaching experience to run The University of Georgia ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT unless you consider 1 year girl’s tennis coach an Athletics’ Director.


At UGA I do NOT consider that or Damon Evans whom Mike Adam$ also hired as AD here Athletics’ Directors obviously.  Their records speak for themselves.


All Greg McGarity wants to do is to MAKE MONEY and sit on it the same as Damon Evans.  This then is prototypical Mike Adam$’ puppet.  Make millions of dollars DONATIONS to The University of Georgia.  Bullshit.  The University of Georgia has a one and a half BILLION dollar budget and our sports’ teams SUCK.


The RPI for the men is # 58.


And Texas’ RPI was # 125.  So that was not going to help anyway.  Not that there is any help for 2-man team.


The women have an RPI of # 107.


We don’t have a man or a woman who can bring the ball up the court and neither team can shoot or play defense.  We suck.


You needed me to tell you this ?