Kirby is # 44 in the nation 2016 results with the # 7 Average Recruiting Rankings for the latest 5 years which with redshirt made-up Kirby’s 2016 team. True Kirby faced the facts that Mark Richt had Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits 40% Mark Richt signed here his last 6 years here who were JUST GONE before Kirby got here because they were either kicked-off quit failed to qualify never showed-up or flunked-out. We as a school STILL are the # 44 team in the nation 2016 with the average # 7 Recruiting Rankings making-up this FAILED 2016 UGA Bulldogs’ Football team here at Georgia. The day after tomorrow Wednesday on ESPNU 883 Maria Taylor reporting Kirby will ADD to this with the # 1 UGA Bulldogs’ Recruiting Class of All-Time here at Georgia with Fifteen (15) players documented here as ranked in the Top 100 OVERALL of 3300 total in at least one of the top 3 recruiting services 247Sports ESPN RecruitingNation and when there are 3300 joining the 130 FBS teams for 2017 alone. Can Kirby do better than # 44 nationally on the field for this 2017 season ? Well what caused the # 44 nationally for 2016 for Kirby with all this talent HERE SUPPOSEDLY ? Was it that he HELD-BACK freshmen 2016 ? Will he AGAIN 2017 with these recruits he is adding the day after tomorrow ? Will Kirby drag his feet now 2017 with these FRESHMEN these 15 top 100 players in the nation 2017 in at least 1 of the 3 top recruiting services ? Will Kirby kicking-and-screaming categorically refuse to let them practice with the # 1 unit and then be forced to tell them to go ahead and Start ANYWAY as STARS of this football program ? Well ? Will he ?

Kirby # 44 for 2016 season with average # 7 Recruiting Rankings for the 5 years with redshirt making up Kirby’s 2016 Georgia Bulldogs’ team :




I am not ignoring New England Patriots offense with Tom Brady against Atlanta Falcons defense what I am saying is that Tom Brady should NOT have been allowed to play in the Super Bowl.

We have a new owner Arthur Blank who is TRYING to win never mind that we’re thirsty that we have one win in 168 combined NFL MLB and NHL seasons here in Atlanta.


We have 7 million folks in this city of Atlanta more than Boston has.


What I want to know is what if Tom Brady is NOT all that better than Matt Ryan ?  Will you come back and cease with the where were you when the Falcons were no good and when the Braves were no good and when the Flames/Thrashers were no good ?


We were here.


I was here.


I have gone to these games.  We have good attendance to the games and I had seasons’ tickets to the Falcons games too for a long long long time.  I do not currently have seasons’ tickets to the Falcons.  How many of the 7 million here do ?


THAT is NOT the measure of the fan.


I would LOVE to see the Falcons beat New England Patriots and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.


You know why ?


Because the Patriots were not any better than the Falcons when their owner with a HISTORY of REPEATED CHEATING including Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady bought the team.


Arthur Blank bought us the MOST EXPENSIVE STADIUM any sport in the world EVER here in Atlanta.


This is a LOT better stadium here in Atlanta than this Super Bowl Houston stadium and better than the stadium Gillette Stadium is located in Foxborough Massachusetts.


Matt Ryan can be 4-4 in NFL Play-Offs.


QB Tom Brady owner Bob Kraft and coach Bill Belichick can lose to yet again another team whose QB is not significantly worse than Tom Brady as in his 4 Super Bowl wins.


We have a real chance to win and you know it.


6th time the Super Bowl has pitted the # 1 scoring offense against the # 1 scoring defense but the question is is Tom Brady significantly better than Matt Ryan ?




Atlanta fans are good fans.


We are the # 1 college football town in the nation and have been for a long time.


This is why we have the Super Bowl here have the Olympics here have the NC Game in College Football here have the NC game in NCAA Men’s Basketball Final 4 Big Dance here why we have the NBA All-Star Game here.  Because WE are BETTER fans than New England BOSTON.


Want to see US rally behind OUR TEAM ?


Watch and see.


Read it and weep.


Where were YOU when the New England Patriots owned by Bob Kraft coached by Bill Belichick and quarterbacked by Tom Brady were CHEATING ?


Trying to IGNORE that ?


Tom Brady should NOT have been allowed to PLAY in this Super Bowl indeed ever any NFL game.


Kick Pete Rose out of baseball and let Tom Brady play the Falcons in the Super Bowl in the very season in which he was FOUND GUILTY and ADMITTED IT and suspended just 4 games THIS SEASON for his patently systemic and systematic CHEATING.


1 win in 168 combined seasons of Falcons Braves Hawks and Flames/Thrashers.


We’re due.


And THEY were caught red-handed and do NOT therefore deserve to win.


They’re due to pay the piper.


We STOLE the Braves from you and left you with that cheesy little green stadium with green wall looking like a building outside and only 29 thousand inside.


Where were YOU when all this cheating was going-on ?


Living in the jungle up there in Boston with round intersections racial hatred frozen tundra nobody wants to live in CHEATING and blue laws against prancing across a dance floor on Sunday.







Jacob Eason given A+ by ESPN today and well wishes for a great 2017 and 2018 at Georgia before top NFL Draft Pick after the 2018 season.


ESPN’s Ryan McGee in one and a half minute video review of Jacob Eason’s 2016 true freshman season’s A+ work Ryan McGee says.