2006 Class did NOT compare to this 2017 class at ALL. With 15 top 100 players in Scout.com ESPN RecruitingNation.com or 247Sports.com 2017 the 2006 class only had 6. Less than half and was ranked # 4 class because Mark Richt signed 27. Of the 27 only 13 were 4 or 5 star and 12 were 3 or 2 star. It was NOT LIKE THIS 2017 class now was it ? How are 6 top 100 in 2006 like THIS 15 top 100 in 2017 ? Why write a post today saying that ?

# 4 Class 2006 URL Link :




You get ranked higher when you over-sign as 2007 even with 13 of the players 3-star or 2-star as you see at the above URL Link herein provided.


How in the world does that 2006 class with 6 top 100 compare to this 2017 with 15 who are top 100 ?


Have to be a Mark Richt Apologist to state 2006 was just as good a class as THIS 2017 class.


Not at all equals.  Are they ?


The devil is in the details.  Frankly the 2006 class played here 2006 2007 2008 2009 and redshirt seniors of the 2006 class played 2010 when THEY WENT 6-7 on the season.


It was God-awful back then.


The list of players makes your stomach turn 2006 class.


Don’t click on this list of nobodies 2006.  You don’t want to know who they were.  Trust me.


I remember every one and what they did here which was diddle-e-squat 2006 to 2010.


It was awful football as you can tell by reading just their names and thinking about those guys 2006 signing with Mark Richt.


Here is the detailed list URL Link of who Mark Richt signed 2006 :




William McFadden You boy are a DUMBASS making that statement :




No wonder you did not list the players on the Mark Richt 2006 Signing Day Class Saturday Down South William McFadden.












A program’s recruiting class is ranked and is measured by the number of three star recruits they have. The more they have the worse the class is. Miami of Florida has 13 of their 21 or 62 %. We know there are BETTER PLAYERS than 62 % he went after. Of the top 100 he has only 2. That is what he did here. Good players can MAKE a good coach. Bad players can make a bad coach. A bad coach can recruit poorly. A good coach can’t because that is a definition of what can make a good coach. An analysis of how Mark Richt got fired at Georgia. Kirby Smart is a more likable football coach than Mark Richt to the kids themselves. Our 125th Anniversary and THIS our # 1 class ever 15 top 100 OVERALL in at least 1 of the 3 major recruiting services. I know what THIS means. Seth Emerson says Mark Richt’s DREAM TEAM was pretty good. No it was NOT – not by ANY stretch of the imagination. Please do not compare THIS historic class to that joke of a class.

You can MEASURE how good a class a team got Wednesday by the number of 3-Star recruits they got.  The MORE they got then the worse the class is for that coach.  DESPERATE coaches fill-up their scholarships with 3-Star recruits.  Now sometimes a 3-Star is right there at the very top of the 3-Stars and that is where I caution you to look at their rank at their position.


If 13 of your 21 recruits are ranked 25 or 34 or 46 or 53 or 68 or 75 or 132 at their position then your average ranking of 62 % of what you signed Wednesday average the # 60 player at their position.  60 other teams signed better players than you did at 62 % of your positions.


You ONLY get 85 Scholarships.


If you are DESPERATE and fill your Scholarships with 62 % of them the # 60 player at their position then 60 other teams have increased their percentage of better players on Scholarship there than you have 62 % of the time.


This remains a problem for Mark Richt.


The higher ranked a recruit is then the higher the probability the player will do better than one worse ranked than he is.


If you don’t get this precept you will NEVER get recruiting.


I see folks who get all pessimistic and cynical about recruiting and typically those folks make 3 statements :

  1. I don’t follow recruiting.
  2. Recruits change their minds.
  3. I know of this 3-Star recruit who was an NFL Draft Pick and good player (ranked # 7 at his position in the nation but a 3-Star nonetheless.)


They just don’t understand recruiting.  Those 3 statements do not mean a thing.  Not one of those 3 statements has any meaning whatsoever.  You either can recruit or you can not.  You can be taught how to recruit.  Or you can be a natural at it.


Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program and it can make or break a coach.  That’s right.  A poor coach can be judged a good one ONLY because he recruits better than the coach who knows more about coaching but goes after and signs the marginal players who just don’t make it as often as the ones who are judged to be the better players by folks who are paid millions upon millions of dollars to rank them.


That’s why rankings matter.


Mark Richt bragged himself that what HE termed his DREAM TEAM was his best class he recruited here but the truth of the matter is that the last remnants of his DREAM TEAM left his last year here a year in which he was fired for their performance on the field and it included 22 who left 2015 with Mark Richt.  The 22 who left Mark Richt’s last season were ALL 22 STARTERS here for Mark Richt and included Kolton Houston who – since he was here 6 years during which time Mark Richt lost 24 games – Mark Richt averaged 4 losses a season with those 22 who left with Mark Richt his last season here 2015 the last remnants of the Dream Team.


Did you hear me Seth Emerson ?


Mark Richt’s dream team since it included Kolton Houston as the 22 starters Mark Richt lost after his 2015 fired season averaged 4 losses a year for their 6 years here.  24 losses 6 years.


That is good Seth Emerson ?


No it is NOT.


Seth Emerson says this morning that was a pretty good class.


That’s not pretty good Seth.  That sucks.


It was anything but.


Of course Mark Richt averaged 4 losses a season his last 8 seasons here as well 73-32.  So his DREAM TEAM was NO BETTER than the rest.  Was it ?  If Kirby’s class 2017 does that here Kirby will be FIRED too, not lauded by Seth Emerson on our 125th Anniversary as “pretty good” Seth.


Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt his last 6 seasons here were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed.


Seth Emerson says that class was 24 signed scholarship recruits by Mark Richt in his DREAM TEAM but does not list them.  There were in fact 26 Seth.  10 of the 26 did not finish their career here at Georgia because they either were kicked-off the team by Mark Richt failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed Mark Richt’s average of 40% just gone his last 6 seasons here of the Mark Richt era.


2011 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(1)DT JC Johnathan Jenkins

(2)RB 1 Isaiah Crowell arrested suspended October 15, 2011 & November 5, Thursday 27 October failed drug test, leading rusher Florida 2 days’ later, kicked-off, Alabama State, NFL Cleveland 546 yards

(3)MLB 37 Kent Turene – failed to qualify academically. Applied to Marshall, accepted and plays there

(4)DE 6 Ray Drew

(5)OT 40 Xzavier Wardleft the team with 2 years of eligibility remaining

(6)TE 4 Jay Rome

(7)CB 7 Malcolm Mitchell

(8)S 136 Quintavious Harrow – flunked-out, transfer Garden City Community College

(9)OLB 27 Ramik Wilson

(10)CB 9 Damian Swann

(11)WR 146 Sanford Seay allegedly a felony theft kicked-off, Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(12)DT 50 Chris Mayes

(13)OT 28 Zach DeBell – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(14)LS NR Nathan Theus

(15)OG 41 Hunter Long – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(16)OT 23 Watts Dantzler

(17)CB 15 Nick Marshall allegedly felony theft, kicked-off.  Auburn, arrested drugs & tinted car

(18)WR 51 Justin Scott-Wesley – arrested drugs, suspended – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(19)DE 37 Sterling Bailey

(20)QB 8 Christian LeMay Kicked-off high school team senior season Transfer to Jacksonville State

(21)CB 38 Devin Bowman

(22)WR 34 Chris Conley

(23)C 6 David Andrews

(24)MLB 11 Amarlo Herrera

(25)S 20 Chris Sanders allegedly felony theft, kicked-off. JUCO transfer to Baylor.

(26)S 6 Corey Moore



Here is that URL to what Mark Richt recruited in his cough cough DREAM TEAM :




It was NOT 24 Seth.  26.


Please do not compare THAT crappy class to this HISTORIC CLASS by stark contrast.


I take exception therefore that that was a pretty good class.  They did not do jack here at Georgia except to get Mark Richt fired.  Several of the more prominent players Seth brags on this morning were kicked-off this team and played for someone else not Georgia.


Pretty good Seth Mark Richt’s DREAM TEAM ?


Excuse me ?




No it was NOT PRETTY GOOD Seth Emerson sir.


12 of the 26 over forty-six percent were 3-star recruits or worse which is nearly half of Mark Richt’s DREAM TEAM.  Only 1 of those players did jack here and he went undrafted in the NFL.


Mark Richt is counterproductive in his recruiting and always has been.  He overinflated his rankings his last 6 years here at UGA by over-signing EVERY YEAR and then finding 59 of his last 146 forty percent were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.  He signed marginal players and had to resign every year MORE to replace them and they were 40 % kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit too from 2010 through 2015 inclusive all 6 years at the end of the Mark Richt era at Georgia.  And was fired for it.


Mark Richt lost his job because his choice was Greyson Lambert who categorically refused to TRY to throw the ball down the field in fear he might throw an interception and lose his job over it he thought.  Then when this halting quarterback after his halting QB choice Hutson Mason the previous year became apparent to Mark Richt he turned instead to a running back at QB whom Mark Richt had not given a single solitary snap at QB all season long against his # 1 Rival in his FATAL and 8th game of his FINAL SEASON here.  DESPERATE.  Desperate because he did NOT recruit as well here as Kirby Kirby’s first 2 classes already compared to Mark Richt there at Miami of Florida or here at Georgia. He didn’t call running plays for him either nor pull him after 4 interceptions as well but his FATAL FLAW was that at the most dynamic position at ANY college or NFL he had THESE CHOICES.


Got it ?


Of course you can have a great dynamic QB and NO ONE around him out there to block or catch and 2 injured running backs and a poorly prepared head coach and pitiful offensive coordinator and the QB will not be judged to be great any more than the coach will be.  I am NOT making excuses for Kirby.  I am stating FACTS.


When you look at the recruiting rankings Wednesday do NOT look at where the class is ranked but instead look at how many 3-Star recruits they got AND THEN LOOK at where each player is ranked at HIS POSITION in the nation.


If 62 % of them are the # 60 player in the nation at their position this is a POOR RECRUITING CLASS no matter where the class is ranked.


Where a team is RANKED as a TEAM is based on points.  You get MORE POINTS for EVERY recruit signed.  So if you over-sign and 62 % of them are # 60 at their position nationally then the team is made-up of marginal players.  60 other teams have BETTER PLAYERS than he does 62 % of the time.  That’s not good and are seeds for issues on the down the line with 62 % of them.  THAT is a failed model.




Here is that URL link to Mark Richt’s recruiting class 2017 :




That sucks like the 2011 class Mark Richt signed here because it is TOO heavy on 3-Star recruits and not enough STARS.


I’d rather have a coach who knows how to coach but if I have to choose between two neither who know how to coach I will take the one who recruits better because HE can be a BETTER COACH just simply by signing better players.


And if I have to take an OLD COACH who doesn’t know what he is doing coaching or a young one I will take the young one because he MIGHT learn how to coach while the old one has already proven that he can’t.


This is where I stand on Wednesday’s news that Kirby Smart has recruited the nation’s # 3 recruiting class made-up of 15 players judged to be top 100 players OVERALL in the nation in at least 1 of the 3 top recruiting services Scout.com 247Sports.com or ESPN RecruitingNation.com of the 3300 who will sign scholarships to 1-A FBS teams Wednesday and The University of Georgia’s # 1 recruiting class of ALL-TIME with 15 top players whom I hope to see Fall Practice practicing at least some with the # 1 unit ALL FALL.


This is NOT 15 in the top 100 at THEIR POSITION nationally but that of the 3300 signing Wednesday with FBS 1-A teams of which there are 130 teams Kirby just got us 15 of the top 100 of the 3300.


Got it ?


Kirby Smart is a more likable football coach than Mark Richt to the kids themselves.


Kirby absorbed how to recruit.  Is it the most important judge of being a good coach in college football ?  It certainly is one way a coach can be judged to be a good coach.  He can have better players and be judged a good coach as a result thereof by itself.


If you can keep this in mind Wednesday National Signing Day 2017 then you will be able sit back and have perspective about all this news Wednesday.


It does NOT mean that I will not be continuing to urge Kirby to LEARN how to coach such as GETTING HIS 15 top 100 players in one of the 3 major recruiting services – our stars therefore – out there ALL FALL this Fall practicing at least some with the # 1 unit.


It’s quite a feat Kirby has accomplished Wednesday.  We’ve played football at the rate of # 11 best in the nation for our 125th Anniversary this season at Georgia and THIS our # 1 recruiting class ever of all 125 seasons.  You look at it how ever you want : I know what this means.   125th Anniversary I RECOGNIZED THIS FIRST.