2006 Class did NOT compare to this 2017 class at ALL. With 15 top 100 players in Scout.com ESPN RecruitingNation.com or 247Sports.com 2017 the 2006 class only had 6. Less than half and was ranked # 4 class because Mark Richt signed 27. Of the 27 only 13 were 4 or 5 star and 12 were 3 or 2 star. It was NOT LIKE THIS 2017 class now was it ? How are 6 top 100 in 2006 like THIS 15 top 100 in 2017 ? Why write a post today saying that ?

# 4 Class 2006 URL Link :




You get ranked higher when you over-sign as 2007 even with 13 of the players 3-star or 2-star as you see at the above URL Link herein provided.


How in the world does that 2006 class with 6 top 100 compare to this 2017 with 15 who are top 100 ?


Have to be a Mark Richt Apologist to state 2006 was just as good a class as THIS 2017 class.


Not at all equals.  Are they ?


The devil is in the details.  Frankly the 2006 class played here 2006 2007 2008 2009 and redshirt seniors of the 2006 class played 2010 when THEY WENT 6-7 on the season.


It was God-awful back then.


The list of players makes your stomach turn 2006 class.


Don’t click on this list of nobodies 2006.  You don’t want to know who they were.  Trust me.


I remember every one and what they did here which was diddle-e-squat 2006 to 2010.


It was awful football as you can tell by reading just their names and thinking about those guys 2006 signing with Mark Richt.


Here is the detailed list URL Link of who Mark Richt signed 2006 :




William McFadden You boy are a DUMBASS making that statement :




No wonder you did not list the players on the Mark Richt 2006 Signing Day Class Saturday Down South William McFadden.













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