Super Bowl ? Puppies’ Bowl ? Pussies’ Bowl ? Matt Ryan is NO Tom Brady. 1 win in 168 seasons of Atlanta Professional Sports and with a 28-3 lead with more than 2 minutes 3rd Quarter losing 28-34.

Matt Ryan was nervous.  You could see it.  He lost that game.  He handed it to the New England Patriots.  Tom Brady kept the pressure on the Falcons’ defense and Matt Ryan just hung his defense out to dry.

Bart Starr has the highest Winning Percentage in NFL Post Seasons as Starting QB and is tied with Tom Brady for the Most NFL Championships Won as Starting QB with 5.  Tom Brady has the most wins NFL Post Seasons with 25 wins 9 losses and 5 Super Bowl Wins while 2 of Bart Starr’s NFL Championship Wins as Starting QB were BEFORE the Super Bowls and 2 of Bart Starr’s NFL Championship Wins were renamed Super Bowls AFTER they were played and before they were NAMED Super Bowls.

Matt Ryan is 3-5 in NFL Post Seasons with no NFL Championships and blew his chance himself by himself as his body language gave him away as desperate and scared with jitters on the Big Stage.  3-5 Matt Ryan is # 69 as an NFL Starting Quarterback in Post Season play with no NFL Championships.  Frankly Matt Ryan hurt his chances of joining Terrell Davis in the Pro Football Hall of Fame tonight.

President George H. W. Bush’s coin toss was thrown through the Falcons’ feet but the one that mattered was not.

Tide ad with Terry Bradshaw stain.

If that’s a Buick ad.

Side note do NOT go to Buick’s WebPages and try to buy a Buick.

High School Yearbook ad.

Malcolm Mitchell just tore the Falcons apart to get the New England Patriots back in the game.

David Andrews gave lessons to the Falcons all night.

41 Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Game trophy.

Lady Gaga from New York a Patriot female vocalist keytar keyboards certainly Entertainer out-spoken activist of inclusion “Houston America World” net worth one-third a billion “Poker Face” manhandled across the runway with her bedazzled facemask glitzy shorts then shoulder pads outward huddle “I want your Love” carry her off the stage to fireworks ran rings around Matt Ryan.

Worst ads at&t Comcast Persail Alpha Romeo.

93-1 NFL Post Season 19+ lead end 3rd Quarter.

31 unanswered points Matt Ryan.  31.  That is not the Defense.  That is Matt Ryan.

Congratulations to Malcolm Mitchell and David Andrews and The Lady Bulldogs beat vols in women’s basketball for the 1st time in 8 years just prior to kick-off.




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