Was hiring Todd Grantham who got FIRED from Louisville by Bobby Petrino a way for Mississippi State to take advantage of the Ole Miss NCAA Probation or a MISTAKE as well ?

It’s a big mistake for Mississippi State and a step backwards hiring Todd Grantham when Bobby Petrino hired the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ Defensive Coordinator Peter Sirmon but had to wait to announce it until after someone anyone would hire Todd Grantham.


No one liked Todd Grantham and it was surprising to ME that Bobby Petrino even offered Todd Grantham 5 years one point three million to go there.  Now the way he handled hiring this Peter Sirmon a total nobody in his haste to rid himself of Todd Grantham just leaves you wondering even more about Bobby Petrino.


But Mississippi State has done themselves no favors in this swap of their nobody defensive coordinator to this one now who is just a north end of a south bound horse no one likes at ALL.


Safety Jonathan Abram and defensive lineman Chauncey Rivers joins him there.




Good luck with that kind of hiring and recruiting Mississippi State.




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