Jay Hawkins Armchair All-Americans : “The vocal minority (if you will) of Georgia fans have criticized head coach Kirby Smart of late for various issues. I am behind Kirby Smart on each of these issues.” Excuse me dumbass but you could NOT possibly be. No one is. He was HORRENDOUS his 1st season with literally 26 MISERABLE decisions. Kirby’s Top 2 Dozen and One and One more BLUNDERS of year one. I am NOT in the least bit surprised you have joined-up with Andrew Stephens.

I have been TRYING to ignore all his 26 bone-jarring BLUNDERS of year one but I will be dipped in shit if you are going to run to the Internet to hide behind your God Damn keyboard and say this :


“The vocal minority (if you will) of Georgia fans have criticized head coach Kirby Smart of late for various issues.  I am behind Kirby Smart on each of these issues.”  Armchair All-Americans Jay Hawkins


Kirby recruited well so I was TRYING to ignore his BLUNDERS of EPIC PROPORTIONS 2016.  Then you have to write you are 100% BEHIND Kirby on ALL EACH OF THESE ISSUES.  I totally firmly believe he purposely scuttled 2016 as a throw-away year because he is NOT a stupid person.  No one could JUSTIFY ANY of these BLUNDERS :


Armchair All-Americans – Admin Andrew Stephens and you Armchair All-Americans Jay Hawkins are 2 peas in a pod.  For YEARS Andrew Stephens made himself out the VILLAGE IDIOT on how great Mark Richt is and now you join-up with THAT after running yourself off the other site where EVERY BLOG author THERE totally disagreed with EVERY POST you ever wrote there so you had to LEAVE.


1.Hiring Jim Chaney and then keeping him instead of promoting Dell McGee to Offensive Coordinator when he clearly does not know who his best offensive players are and has no idea how to call plays for Kirby.  Profoundly obese is no way for an UGA coordinator to maintain himself at 410 lbs.  His in-game adjustments are non-existent.  That Kirby hired him in the first place is the issue.  This glaring issue still goes on.

2.From Jan 12 to Sept 5 Kirby still did not know all 33 weeks later who the hell his Starting QB is which lost the confidence of the QB and the teammates in him.  This was VERY obvious.

3.Kirby relying on 2 injured running backs when he had a healthy Brian Herrien. Pretty darn obvious Kirby.

4.Giving Nick Chubb 32 carries for 227 yards game 1 after 3 ligaments surgery and never the same after. Obvious.

5.Never figuring-out who his pitch-and-catch combo was for Jacob Eason to throw to swapping-out this receiver with that never getting timing down with any of them.  And one touch of the ball all season long by Mecole Hardman Junior no run, no pass thrown to him, no punt return one kick-off return ONE touch # 1 athlete in the nation whom Kirby was going to redshirt then relented and played him to TACKLE on special teams.

6.Giving his top 3 OL signees 2016 Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley 1 snap combined when Kirby’s OL was so obviously tired and ineffective.

7.Kirby was thinking he was playing pass defenders on passing routes on vols’ Hail Mary got no pressure on the QB and did not defend the end zone.  This was the wrong play Kirby practiced for that situation.

8.Kirby was still giving # 1 snaps with # 1 unit to Greyson Lambert September 5 Tuesday before Nicholls State game which was game 2.  Inexcusable and stubborn of Kirby.

9.Kirby forced the players to go to Jim Chaney instead of Kirby himself fixing that in-game adjustment vs Florida.  We did everything wrong we could do all season it seemed.  And Kirby is smart.  He tried to scuttle the season to make next year look better by comparison.

10.Kirby forced mutiny by the players holding a players-only meeting not even allowing Kirby in his own damn locker room before Florida.  This mismanagement of Kirby’s roster caused all of this.

11.Kirby was trying to control what people think by who he let talk and what he let them say  and made it so that only he can talk.  A coach is supposed to be a communicator.

12.Kirby was handed the # 8 avg recruiting rankings making-up his team and ended-up the # 66 team at 8-5 by his roster full of talent wasted not played.  One would think Kirby can not judge talent or thought he had a throw-away year after 8 years of 73-32 for FIRED Mark Richt.  NO there was NOT.  And is not 2017 either.

13.Kirby is # 26 on Coaches’ HOT SEAT.com today meaning 102 coaches did a better job than he.

14.Kirby’s disrespecting of his players to the press and their teammates is some kind of tough love like Rodney Garner.  This derision of all the players by Kirby has to stop.  You encourage them Kirby when they do something you WANT.

15.Kirby has a bias against Freshmen 2016 like this is 1959 saying no freshmen is going to start at QB for him.  Yes he did Kirby and you dragged your feet on it until game two 33 weeks of NOT PREPARING Jacob Eason and the team with him.

16.Telling Greg McGarity Nov 28 that this is your dream job then not bothering show-up until 12 Jan 6 weeks 4 days later.  I would have fired you right then Kirby.  New job take 6 weeks 4 days vacation.  Didn’t want this job too badly did you Kirby ?

17.Stubborn running the ball even vs loaded box even when it was not working.  You never did run to open pass and pass to open running game.  You just had bad game strategies for all to see.

18.Kirby has no offensive experience and it showed in everything he did offensively.

19.Kirby has no special teams’ experience and that showed in everything he did on ST too.

20.Did not Start Freshman All-America Isaac Nauta until game 5.  Next 2 games not start. Then 2 more Isaac Nauta  didn’t start.  Frankly Kirby I would have thrown to Isaac Nauta on every down as the go-to receiver. Awful.

21.Started William Ham at Kicker going 3 of 7 field goals  and short kick-offs then criticizing Freshman All-America Rodrigo Blankenship.  God Almighty Kirby.  Mitchell Wasson is better than that.

22.Kirby your antics to the press were a distraction from the time they first asked you who your QB is back in January.  The longer it went on the more stubborn you came across.  You cut off your nose to spite your face and hurt the team Kirby.

23.Kirby’s unwillingness to answer ANY question was adversarial defensive and made you sound mad whenever anyone dared to ask you a tough question.  Kirby you’re a poor communicator.

24.Kirby is a very poor evaluator of talent and cannot really even tell who the better players are.  I say you did ALL this on purpose Kirby.  You’re not stupid.  You scuttled the # 8 talent in the nation to be # 66 team.  Unforgiveable Kirby. You cannot tell me you did not do this on purpose.  You STILL are.  Congratulations you had the season YOU wanted.  The players will NEVER get this year back. NEVER.  Inexcusable.  You pissed me off Kirby.

25. Scholarship Count for Kirby for 2017 since Kirby had his RB coach call Toniel Carter Junior and tell him he’s OUT of scholarships for early enrollment. What his brother and legal guardian told you Kirby was YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED HIS BROTHER AND HIM YOURSELF KIRBY. Kirby you also gave 3 walk-ons a scholarship and NOW can’t have the kid here early like he wanted to AND LIKE YOU PROMISED HIM KIRBY when you promised his brother and him EARLY ENROLLEE then 2 days AFTER his commitment you gave 3 Walk-Ons Scholarships thus ENDING Toniel Carter Junior’s Early Enrollment.  Expect to DEFEND that decision for the next 20 years – AT LEAST. By my count Kirby could sign 22 and signed 26 including a kicker/punter scholarship transfer.  So Kirby over-signed by 4 more new Scholarships when he has COMMITTED SCHOLARSHIPS and a damn deserving veritable bevy of Preferred Walk-Ons and Walk-Ons that is INEXCUSABLE treatment of them.  See the MOMS picking on Kirby about this !  And Dads.  And I know Kirby had therefore an early enrollee spot for Toniel Carter Junior.  If you don’t even know his God Damn NAME then don’t talk about DEFENDING Kirby on this. So my read on this is that Kirby did NOT WANT Toniel Carter Junior. Therefore you can add this to the list of the top 2 dozen biggest blunders by Kirby his first season coaching anywhere. It stands at 26 blunders Kirby 2016.   Kirby dropped from # 2 recruiting class to # 3 by his treatment of Toniel Carter Junior who clearly wanted to be here January 6 early enrollee. And Kirby gave Tom Herman a huge big boost in his new job and made Texas a better team.  This will be used against Kirby in RECRUITING his entire tenure at Georgia.  This is TYPICAL of the manner Kirby treats folks.  You have seen it ALL YEAR on ALL HIS PLAYERS.  Texas is a huge fertile recruiting ground.  If we can’t recruit in Texas over this this will be even bigger than Kirby not wanting the guy after HE TOLD THE KID HE DID.  This is what is being said and although Kirby said he didn’t have an early enrollee spot Kirby certainly does and could have if he wanted to.  So he didn’t want him AFTER he told the kid he did.  I did Kirby.  I wanted the kid.  When I give MY WORD to a kid it MEANS SOMETHING Kirby.  Business ?  It’s just business ?  BAD business.  I have a BUSINESS DEGREE same as Kirby from SAME SCHOOL.  If you’re going to DEFEND this decision THEN DISCUSS what our beefs about it ARE.  Not a straw man red herring DEFENDING of indefensible decision.  NOTHING about the manner Kirby Smart handled Toniel Carter Junior and his brother can be DEFENDED.

26. Kirby : “Shaun McGee is going to finish up with us but then he’s going to transfer out.  He may have some academic issues depending on how his grades finish up.  We’re still checking on a couple of classes.  He may not be eligible for us next semester.”  Kirby can’t say that.  NCAA violation.

“The vocal minority (if you will) of Georgia fans have criticized head coach Kirby Smart of late for various issues.  I am behind Kirby Smart on each of these issues.”  Armchair All-Americans Jay Hawkins


Dumbass.  It must be April Fools’ Day EVERY day on your blog to STATE THIS Jay Hawkins Armchair All-Americans.


All-American FOOLS.


You could NOT POSSIBLY mean this Jay Hawkins.  Look over the criticism of Kirby Smart year one one more time and tell me again you are behind Kirby Smart on each of these issues dumb shit.


Go ahead.


I shall wait for THAT.




I thought it is Valentine’s Day not April Fools’ Day Jay Hawkins.  Take it back boy.


If he doesn’t fix this shit he will be a damn short-timer here I can TELL YOU THAT as I did that Mark Richt had to be FIRED.


Without an AD to tell Kirby THESE 26 BLUNDERS one might fully expect them to REPEAT THEMSELVES 2017 including MOST ESPECIALLY not practicing the 18 ESPN Top 300 and 15 top 100 players overall nationally he just RECRUITED in his WAY over-signing which he poo-pooed and said was NO PROBLEM.


Sure it is.


He AND you are going to PISS-OFF a LOT more than just me if he repeats ANY of these 26 undeniable BLUNDERS again 2017 including the WHOLE DAMN TEAM and all our recruits along with ALL THE PRESS.


I can ASSURE you of this Jay Hawkins.


Now what was it YOU wanted me to discuss with you Jay Hawkins today when I was TRYING to IGNORE all this shit and harp instead on his 15 top 100 overall recruits he just added ?


If you take this softness on my part toward Kirby since Signing Day to be SOFTNESS on my part you are GRAVELY mistaken.


I simply wanted to move forward.


THIS does NOT mean you can then write your bullshit today Jay Hawkins that you are BEHIND Kirby on EACH of these decisions with SO MANY OF US (the vast majority) totally miffed by Kirby’s 1st year antics on and OFF the field.


Stick THIS then up your God Damned Asshole Jay Hawkins as my reply to THIS bullshit from you yet again about you being BEHIND Kirby on EACH of these 26 BLUNDERS of Biblical Proportions 2016 by Kirby Smart.





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