Georgia Softball 7-0 wins double-header # 12 nationally now batting .443 as a TEAM through 7 games. DEEP pitching staff 2017 sports 0.70 ERA as we are averaging scoring 11 earned runs a game. HOT START Georgia Lady Diamond Dawgs Softball.

229 Division 1 NCAA Softball teams 2017 season and Georgia is # 5 in team batting average and # 5 in team slugging percentage while we are # 197 team fielding percentage.  We lost in the Women’s College World Series last year after winning our Opening Game in the Women’s College World Series 2016 season because of our fielding.


Fielding is a skill learned by drilling.


We are # 16 of 229 teams College Softball in team ERA.


It jumps-out how badly we field.


We need to take more infield.


Even if you are better in one sport than another the value and memories that come from participating in multiple sports overwhelmingly outweighs the advantage of spending all of your time on just one.


Even if you are great at pitching and hitting you play Defense half the time.


We want athletes who put themselves in a competitive situation on both Offense and Defense rather than the athlete who spends all of her time in a hitting cage or in the Circle not working on her Defense.


You have to work on your fielding and on your base-running.  We run the bases extremely well as a team because some of our gals are the very best nationally at speed on the base paths.


If you just put the ball in play against us again 2017 you are likely to score a run or more every game against us even on routine outs.


373892 ladies play U.S. High School Softball.  Is it the # 1 sport for women ?  There are many top sports for women gymnastics swimming soccer basketball cross-country track and field golf tennis volleyball equestrian and Softball is certainly one of the very top sports for women. The facts of the matter are with Title IX women have an extreme advantage in collegiate sports’ scholarships. What advantage do women have in collegiate athletics?  Title IX has resulted in equivalent women’s participation while fewer women compete in sports. You have a better chance since 1972 to get recognition and scholarship.  I am proud of my support of women’s sports and love it. I do not miss soccer matches basketball games softball games or Olympics.  American Olympics DOMINATE because of our WOMEN.  Of the 373892 women playing high school softball ten percent play college softball.  NCAA Division 1 teams are limited to only 12 Scholarships which can be given to 18 ladies getting two-thirds of a Scholarship.  HOPE Scholarships can make up the difference.


TV series ALONE had 0 women 10 men year 1 and now in year 3 two of the final 3 were women.  1 of those had to be removed when she absolutely wanted to go on but because of body weight which was low for her coming-in she was forcibly removed.


I like football.  I like women’s basketball soccer and softball because on the U.S. level our soccer is great.  And because our basketball and softball are a LOT better than our men’s sports at The University of Georgia.  I competed in 4 sports I lettered in.  I have played Softball all my life.  I love Softball.  I love women’s sports.  I competed in sports prior to Title IX and after.


Physical excursion contributes to having a strong mind.


It’s really tons of fun watching us 2017 in softball.  We can hit and pitch.


5000 ladies receive a free college degree Division 1 NCAA Softball worth at Georgia approximately $ 5 million dollars during your lifetime including retirement income from your degree.


Keep your grades up.  Maximize your HOPE Scholarship.  Maximize your Softball Scholarship.  Learn how to catch ground balls.  It’s an acquired skill.





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