NASCAR begins tomorrow night Saturday night at 8 p.m. DAYTONA 500 is a week from Sunday 2-26-17 then ATLANTA hosts the 2500th NASCAR race the next Sunday at 2:30 p.m. March 5. Monster Energy which causes anxiety blood pressure and sluggish movement is title sponsor with 3 times the recommended amount for 6-year olds many of whom are FANS of NASCAR. NASCAR changed the rules 2017 no longer allowing fixing cars in garage. AND boy-howdy POINTS are REALLY changed with 1/4 points when race stopped at 25%. Another 1/4 pts when race stopped at HALF-WAY. Remaining 50% points AWARDED for FINISH. It’s like a whole lot of sprints like the stupid races they hold SPEED-WEEK Daytona which is THIS WEEK. So if you think they GO AWAY after that for 36 NASCAR races after speed-week – no it’s that BULLSHIT every race now.

NASCAR began racing 69 years ago 1949 and this is the worst format ever.  It’s privately held and lacks stars today who connect with the fans.  Their concept is to race all over to get a geographic representation of fans although as in college football NASCAR is BIGGEST here in The South.


Therefore they race races with fewer fans in weird cities where no one is interested in NASCAR.


For many years now NASCAR has catered to not the one driver whom you want to win but to conglomerates with BILLIONS of dollars to better engineer their cars.


Their cars are Toyota Ford and Chevrolet ONLY.  So there is no MOPAR.  Why can’t Chrysler race in stock car races ?  I wonder sometimes if Chrysler will be viable even as a manufacturer.  MOPAR is acronym for MOtor PARts and are parts built by the original manufacturer Chrysler themselves OEM.


The little guy has no chance in NASCAR.  Big teams have so much more to work with that the little guy can not compete.  The restrictor plate races Daytona and Talladega are a total joke where anyone can win no matter how good their driving ability car or team is.


And this format change for NASCAR does not help the little guy out a bit or make the race for the chase into a real play-off either as in EVERY other sport.


It seems as if Bill France Jr.’s son Brian OWNER of NASCAR governing body wants to kill NASCAR.  Brian France also sells Britney Spears’ perfumes.  During Brian France’s reign NASCAR has gone totally down hill now leading to THIS this 2017 season of utter crap for racing.  Attendance has gone down as a result of trying to have races at places who don’t give a shit about NASCAR.  I currently have NO DRIVER to root for.


The stock car has 725 horsepower and 720 torque by Rule.  They say they are all the same and then allow conglomerate owners to have huge advantages in preparing their teams.


And no one gives a shit or has anyone to root for while traditional races are GONE so that we can race in places like Dover Delaware Kansas City Pocono Pennsylvania Sparta Kentucky New York Loudon New Hampshire California Las Vegas Phoenix and Miami ALL of whom have bad attendance obviously.


Forget you Brian France.  I used to love this sport.  You have RUNIED it.


NASCAR has gone DOWN fifteen percent (15%) during Brian France’s rule of NASCAR by HIMSELF.


Britney Spears’ perfumes – really Brian France ?  If you are born in Daytona Beach you should not be allowed to govern ANYTHING especially an ENTIRE SPORT.


Brian France has concocted a race for the chase of nothing but junk to try to simulate other sports’ play-offs and it has been and continues to be an utter failure for NASCAR.



The season is broken-up now to the last 25 % of the races where all the 43 drivers are eliminated except a few and then more are eliminated as the season progresses of the 36 races.


There are only a few drivers to root for at the end of the play-offs and all the other drivers ARE STILL OUT THERE TRYING TO WIN.


Win what ?


All the other drivers of the 43 are all still all 43 out there and they can’t win it.  They drive.  They do NOT count.


What is wrong with NASCAR?



This entire concept of Brian France is full of shit.


No wonder attendance has gone DOWN 15 % during this time Brian France has so changed NASCAR where the races are and how the winner is determined.







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