Whom do we lose off this team after this season for then Available Recruiting Scholarships for 2018 ? Well there are 18 who are seniors 2017 season for UGA Bulldogs not counting Walk-Ons and Preferred Walk-Ons. So we know we can sign 18 for 2018 recruiting class for Kirby. There are a host of Juniors and Redshirt Sophomores who are eligible after the 2017 season for the 2018 NFL Draft. 18 Seniors On-Scholarship. Got it ?

There are blogs who daily talk about recruiting and not once do they answer THIS QUESTION but it is 18 Scholarships we know are available after this 2017 season for 2018 Scholarship Recruiting.  There are 18 On-Scholarship we know have to leave after this 2017 season.


Why are we behind others in recruiting 2018 ?


Well because we are OVER on Scholarships today 4 over.  Kirby says it is no big deal but it IS.




Here are the guys who are eligible for the NFL Draft after this 2017 season a year from now not this 2017 NFL Draft now but the 2018 NFL Draft Eligible players from the Georgia Bulldogs after this up-coming 2017 season :


Seniors Known to be On-Scholarship for 2017 season who MUST leave after this season :


  1. Brice Ramsey Senior # 14 QB also Punter
  2. Nick Chubb Senior # 4 RB
  3. Sony Michel Senior great WR # 2 RB
  4. Javon Wims Senior # 5 WR JUCO
  5. Dominick Sanders Senior Strong Safety # 69 CB
  6. Aaron Davis Senior
  7. Jeb Blazevich Senior # 11 TE
  8. Jordan Davis Senior # 15 TE
  9. Shakenneth Williams Senior 2017 6′ 1″ 208 lbs. WR 2 games 2016 including 1 start Macon 10
  10. Aulden Bynum Senior OT TE 2017 Valdosta 11
  11. Reggie Wilkerson Senior 2017  played 6 games 2016 CB 5′ 11″ 173 lbs. Florida 12 
  12. John Atkins Senior 2017 NT 15
  13. Isaiah Wynn Senior # 11 OG
  14. Dyshon Sims Lowndes Senior # 20 OT
  15. Reggie Carter Senior # 16 ILB
  16. Lorenzo Carter Senior 2017 # 2 DE
  17. Davin Bellamy OLB Senior 2017 # 21 DE
  18. Malkom Parrish Senior # 6 CB


Eligible Known to be On-Scholarship for 2017 season who could leave after this season :


These guys can declare for the 2018 NFL Draft after this up-coming 2017 season :


Trenton Thompson Junior # 2 DT

D’Marcus Hayes # 2 JUCO OT

Jonathan Ledbetter Junior # 9 DT

Roquan Smith Junior # 5 OLB

Natrez Patrick Junior # 12 DE

Terry Godwin Junior # 3 Athlete

Lamont Galliard Redshirt Junior # 10 OT

J. R . Reed Redshirt Junior

Kendall Baker Redshirt Junior 2017 OT 20

Jackson Harris Junior 2017 TE 21

Jayson Stanley Junior 2017  Creekside WR 6′ 2″ 207 lbs. 23

Michael Chigbu Junior 2017 WR 24

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Junior 2017 DT  26

Michael Barnett Junior 2017 DE 27 

Juwan Taylor Junior 2017 6′ 1″ 214 lbs. Hollywood Florida LB 31

Rashad Roundtree Junior 2017 played in 12 games including bowl game 2016 ILB 32

Deandre Baker Junior 2017  CB 33

D’Andre Walker Junior 2017 LB 6′ 3″ 223 lbs. Fairburn  34

Jarvis Wilson Junior 2017 DB 6′ 2″ 200 lbs. played 13 games 2016 Tupelo Mississippi 35

5 Redshirt Sophomores 2017 :

Sam Madden Redshirt Sophomore 2017 6′ 6″ 334 lbs. OL 36

Sage Hardin Redshirt Sophomore 2017  6′ 6″ 297 lbs. Marist played one game 2016  OL 37

Justin Young Redshirt Sophomore 2017 6′ 4″ 278 lbs. played 9 games 2016 DE 38

Patrick Allen 6′ 4″ 298 lbs. Redshirt Sophomore 2017 played 2 games including TCU 2016 OL 39

Tae Crowder Redshirt Sophomore ILB 2017 6′ 3″ 228 lbs. LB 40


Walk-Ons :

David Marvin from Wofford while Wofford has not been very good he has personally.  Senior said NOT to be Walk-On but On-Scholarship however the Hell that is possible.   We’re 4 over on Scholarships for 2017 and he is On-Scholarship. You don’t do that and not use him.  So THIS is your Kicker.   He is a great athlete a great soccer player actually a fine baseball player son of 2 professional athletes from Charlotte would be kicker and punter for most any team in America Transfer as a Graduate of Wofford gets his Masters degree from UGA this 2017 season.  I would not be surprised to see he plays in the NFL.

Cameron Nizialek Senior Graduate Transfer 2017 Walk-On 44.8 yd punt 53.6 yd K-O one year eligibility

Trent Frix Senior 2017 was On-Scholarship 2016 with Kirby himself August 2016 awarding it to him as a Walk-On at the time.  Trent then played 12 games including bowl 2016 and has 2 Varsity letters UGA and Academic Honor Roll.  This blog here UGA Thomas Brown . wordpress.com reported that Trent Frix WAS given a Scholarship for 2016 by Kirby in August 2016.  Whether he keeps that for 2017 would seem to me to be up to the terms of providing it by Kirby.  I can not document that Trent Frix is or is not on Scholarship for 2017 but it would seem he like some others here should be.  I have not read Kirby say Trent Frix has a Scholarship for 2017 or that he does not.

Christian Payne Senior Walk-On 6′ 1″ 242 lbs. Starter

Glenn Welch Walk-On Redshirt Senior

Thomas Swilley Senior Walk-On 2017 OG played one game 2015 one game 2016 walk-on 6′ 3″ 317 lbs. Cedar Shoals

Billy Seward Redshirt Senior Walk-on 2017 redshirted 2013 played 2014 2015 2016 Center 6’ 3” 269 lbs. Oconee

Nick Moore Junior Walk-On FB 2017 Brookwood had tackle 2015 played 4 games 2016 walk-on still.

Steven Van Tiflin Redshirt Junior Walk-On 2017 WR played one game 2016 walk-on 6′ 1″ 207 lbs. Michigan

Keyon Brown OLB Redshirt Junior 2017 who may be on Scholarship 2017. 6′ 3″ 257 lbs. Florida.  I believe I recall we provided Keyon Brown Redshirt Sophomore 2016 a Scholarship and he had played in one game 2016.  So I did NOT say that Keyon Brown is not on Scholarship but that I said that he WAS provided a Scholarship for 2016 and played in a game 2016 for Kirby.  I have quite a few I am listing as Walk-Ons here rather than list them as On-Scholarship whom I feel ARE OWED a Scholarship because I can not document he is On-Scholarship for 2017  – Keyon Brown is one of these – not one of the 85 I can document ARE On-Scholarship 2017 I can document but one of the beat writers should ask him if he is.  I think he is.  Rather critical if he is or is not.


There are two main facts about after this 2017 season and they are one that it will NOT go next year like it did this year in NFL Draft Eligible Georgia Bulldogs when only 1 elected to do so.  And two the 2018 Recruiting Rankings will NOT be like the 2017 Recruiting Rankings for Kirby because they can NOT be not with only 18 seniors and him 4 over on On-Scholarship players for 2017 as we speak.


So if you are looking for momentum in Recruiting Rankings for 2018 like that of 2017 for Kirby you are barking-up the wrong tree.


This is going to be the smallest recruiting class for The Georgia Bulldogs EVER 2018 unless a ton of these eligible for the NFL Draft 2018 declare for it.


There is going to be a LOT of attrition because so many have been promised so much and others are OWED or due a Scholarship who just will not get one.


We over-signed by 4.


18 On-Scholarship Seniors who MUST leave after the season unless redshirted 2017

6 Walk-On Seniors who MUST leave after the season unless redshirted 2017

24 Seniors 2017


24 On-Scholarship Juniors or Redshirt Sophomores who can declare for 2018 NFL Draft

3 Walk-On Juniors who can declare for 2018 NFL Draft

27 Who can declare for the NFL Draft after this 2017 season


51 who either must or could leave after this up-coming 2017 season for UGA.


18 Scholarships freed-up after 2017 season if none of the 24 On-Scholarship players declare for the NFL Draft after the season who could.


Here they all are set down here by name and status of each.


Nobody else is doing this for you.  Just I.




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