OxyContin Oxycodone two doses ? Pain killer. Would be dizzy two doses. 10 mg would be too much for me I am sure. I have no tolerance for poppy. Other symptoms are not expected such as bloodshot eyes from that or Percocet – the same. 50 mg now that would be serious and two of those ? Why say you did and have that negative at Athens Regional ? Trent Thompson get well sir. I wasn’t aware of pain Trent is dealing with.

I am very sorry to hear all of this Trent Thompson sir.  What a promising future.  The family owes it to Trent Thompson to let him speak.  It’s his future.  He said he took two doses.  He is released and that is the best news from this sad story.


Why would anyone no matter what size you are take two doses ?  They are slow-release so if he did take two doses as he told the Sgt then it could be true that 12 hours later they would not be in his system.  And it is consistent with at least some of his behavior early morning this morning Thursday morning if he took the two doses before noon Wednesday.


When I was prescribed this I threw them down the drain after taking one dose for having my wisdom teeth removed in a hospital.  I went toward the bathroom and remember having to throw my head to the side to keep from drowning in the toilet but I had lost significant blood too.


Trent Thompson take care of yourself sir.  And thank you.  I love watching you Trent.  I look forward to all the up-coming good news on you Trent Thompson sir.





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