Georgia Softball loses double-header Friday 24 February 2017 to end the undefeated streak at 12-2 on the season against 2 top 25 teams. In the loss to BYU we only gave-up 5 hits but only got 4 ourselves. And in the loss to UCLA our second baseman and shortstop made their 4th and 6 errors of this early season already unnerving our pitching staff who were ROCKED with the LEAD in the last inning. Let’s try some other infielders.

2nd base and shortstop are where you have be SOLID in the field.  You MUST be STRONG up the MIDDLE.  It is unacceptable that we have 10 errors from 2 players in the infield in 12 wins.  That does NOT cut it.

THAT is the mistake Kirby made last year 2016 season in Georgia Bulldogs’ football.  When you have all this talent on your roster and two are totally not doing their job on the field take them OUT put in ANYONE else.


Coaching 101.  Give the other gals a chance.  It sends the message that this is unacceptable.  It also sends the message to the WHOLE TEAM.  Not doing so at this juncture is a mistake in morale.    There are super talented subs sitting there who came-in with great fielding credentials.  We can NOT continue with ALL THESE errors.


You can no longer say we don’t have better shortstops and better second basemen on the roster.


Anyone can AVERAGE an error per win from their 2 middle infielders.  It’s just Keystone Cops.





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