Georgia Softball lost 3 of 4 in California Tournament returning in the Friday nightcap to give-up 7 more unearned runs losing to Notre Dame with 3 more errors by us.

On the season now 13-3 overall and 1-3 in the California Tournament.  On the season now Georgia Softball has given-away 38 runs only 17 of which were earned runs.


We have given-away 21 unearned runs in 16 games mostly on errors in our infield on the season for Lu Harris-Champer’s gals on the season so far.


The 7 unearned runs last night was the record for the season so far we given-away losing 7-10 as a result.


We’ve made some changes in the line-up.  It’s a long season.  We’ve got one more game in the California Tournament today then we can get back home and try to figure-out how to stem all these errors. The errors can NOT continue.


When 21 runs have been given-away on routine outs mostly in the infield of the 38 runs allowed our season is going to be defined by our fielding which is NOT good so far.





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