Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation ranks UGA # 14 on his preseason football poll 2017 in today’s AJ-C Page C1 continued C12. He ALWAYS takes shots at us. Is he really DawgNation ? Wouldn’t Mark Bradley be anti-DawgNation ? “Once again the Georgia Bulldogs appear to be the class of The SEC East. Once again we wonder if the results will reflect as much.”

Mark Bradley drones on : “Kirby Smart’s first season yielded a series of bewildering losses and one key question : Is the CAREER ASSISTANT up to the task ?  The return of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and a banner recruiting class have spawned high hopes.  THOSE AREN’T NEW EITHER.”


You are not telling us a new story either Mark Bradley.


It’s the same old tired storyline from you Mark Bradley when you write about The Georgia Bulldogs.


Something new Mark Bradley ?


No.  I did not think you thought what you’ve written today was any different than any other article on us you’ve EVER written.


Ever.  Ever.


You putting shit on our beloved Georgia Bulldogs Mark Bradley boy telling us that Hope Springs Eternal when we ALL know all of us that all you do Mark Bradley is put us down.


Smart ass.


One would think reading his pompous ramblings of superiority that this guy who parts his hair down the damn middle thinks he’s BETTER than The Georgia Bulldogs.


But he’s NOT.


And never has been.


Well he’s been a has been.


That’s about it.


He just thinks he is better than The Georgia Bulldogs – which he’s not.


Mark Bradley is a smart-ass pig-mucker who has NEVER AMOUNTED to a damn thing in life because he doesn’t know dog shit about sports save MAYBE basketball.


And he doesn’t write about basketball often so he doesn’t give it away that he only knows maybe college basketball.


Football ?


College Football ?


Mark Bradley is a God Damn neophyte.


And FULL of HIMSELF on top of that.


If he has a URL Link to it or not I could care and am not going to go look for it.  He’s ALWAYS WRONG on college football anyway.


Stick this up your God Damn puckered asshole Mark Bradley.


Pontificate about that.


Otherwise piss-off.



(Mark Bradley’s parents before he was born in the backwoods of Kentucky.)






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