I-85 North and Southbound are both CLOSED until Christmas 2017 GDOT.

7 million people can no longer move anywhere in the city.  Businesses all over Atlanta no longer can expect their employees to be able to get to work nor for them to be able to get home.


In the most stunning of news last night during the evening commute home to where we all live on the Northside PVC pipes burned for 7 billion to see how all of 7 million in this city no longer can get anywhere.


The vast majority of us did not even try to go to work today and even DeKalb County Schools are all closed.  This damage is all in Fulton County.


This will be a major test of how this city handles the stifling collapse of the largest road in Georgia in our largest city.


This portion of I-85 is an L.


Contrary to misinformation on this the Downtown Connector did not used to be there.  When I was young I remember when we would travel South and get off at the Williams Street Exit which is a straight ahead Exit even today.  Then we would muddle our way through town and come out the other side and get back onto the freeway to go to the airport.  This portion of the road is both I-85 and I-75 at the I-20 Intersection.


Then we bought-up the land just where all the skyscrapers are and skirted around them downtown to the East and then back past Grady Hospital to CONNECT back to a contiguous freeway.


This was completed in 1962.  This is a 7-mile stretch right downtown.


North of that I-75 splits off from I-85.


Our ten interstate highways all are designed to offload this traffic.


They are ALL blocked.


No one is at work.


North of the downtown connector I-85 and I-75 split-off from one another at The Split.


At this point I-85 North is an L.  An elevated highway.  It is elevated over the top of what used to be I-85.  This is ALL CLOSED until Christmas.


It took GDOT 2 years to build this L.


It will take a long time to just demolish it.


Think if you will how that many millions of tons of debris are removed from the very Heart of Atlanta and the effect that will have on the traffic to get it away from there.


Think about the in-coming materials into this very Heart of Atlanta and how the surface streets are affected trying to get the workers materials and construction vehicles to rebuild what will be the single biggest expense the City of Atlanta Fulton County has ever faced.


This L portion was completed in 1982.


Let alone redesign it now and rebuild it along with what used to be the old I-85 at Peachtree Street all which were converted in the building of this L portion of the new I-85 to surface streets all of which are DEMOLISHED as well now.


Traffic will be stopped while pre-built segments are moved into this area for the repairs.  Traffic on surface streets.  Surface streets all we have now today.


The economic impact of this is trillions upon trillions of dollars.


Infrastructure President Donald Trump ?   Here you are sir.


We all live on the Northside.


All our roads are blocked.  Nothing could be worse for this World-Class City Atlanta.  U.S. Department of transportation has coughed-up $ 10 million dollars which should about cover the expenses this weekend alone.


For years the area is known to be where the homeless have been living once they were ousted by construction along the East side of Cheshire Bridge Road.


As for PVC pipe being non-combustible – well that’s bullshit.


There also is an area skateboarders spend their time.  The area is racked with drugs prostitution tit bars and some of our most frequented restaurants.


The fire station there at the exit ramp Piedmont Road South of Lennox Square midtown was on another call and the foam to finally put the fire out came all the way from the airport about 9 p.m.


It burned for 3 hours.


The segment which collapsed is hardly the only one.  At least 7 other segments have been deemed structurally compromised.


GDOT says they will finish the demolition this weekend.  There is no way they meet that deadline.  Monday they will still be determining other segments which must be removed.


Traffic across the entire city has been interrupted and will be until nearly Christmas.



Jacob Eason ALREADY ranked the # 21 best college QB and THAT with NO OFFENSIVE LINE and WITH NO WIDE RECEIVERS and 2 injured starting tailbacks and a new coach and a play caller from HELL.

Now that exactly one-third of Spring Practice is complete 5 of the 15 practices the obvious question is how serious is Kirby about what we HEAR him say to the PRESS when what he does in Spring Practice clearly has NOT been to practice certain players at specific positions with the # 1 unit.  Last season our QB earned a reputation nationally as the # 21 QB in the nation yet Kirby really did nothing BUT criticize him to the press and left Greyson Lambert as the only person getting snaps with the # 1 unit for 33 weeks.


33 weeks.




Why does Kirby have such a negative attitude about certain players ?  Is it that Kirby dislikes the facts like THIS POST HERE ON THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW TODAY saying that Jacob Eason IS DOING EXTREMELY WELL ?


I say absolutely.


He resents the press TELLING Kirby who should be playing where.


Despite the facts that THE PRESS is right and Kirby proven wrong by himself.


Just imagine if Jacob Eason actually got to practice any in Spring Practice or in Fall Camp with the # 1 unit ?  Oh he is THIS YEAR for a change ?  That would be nice SINCE he is our STARTING QUARTERBACK.


It is easy to see that Jacob Eason could move-up this list in SHORT ORDER if Kirby plays the OFFENSIVE LINEMEN he has been RECRUITING AND SIGNING HERE THE LAST TWO (2) YEARS NOW.


And if we ever just SETTLE on a pitch-and-catch combo for Jacob Eason to PRIMARLY practice with and throw to.


Lip-service about opening-up the offense this up-coming 2017 season by Jim Chaney and by Kirby Smart who PURPOSELY held Jacob Eason BACK last year aside – it is just as clear great improvements could be made there too which would move Jacob Eason even FURTHER up from this # 21 Best College QB 2017 ranking.




Look at some of those names and their colleges just right above Jacob Eason in Athlon Sports’ Top 2017 College Quarterbacks and you can picture how high his status will be for the NFL Draft not after this year but after NEXT year 2018.



Athlon Sports writer Steven Lassan



“I heard you might need some fire power at WR? Just call my name and I’ll give you more than you need.” TWEET from Mecole Hardman Junior TO Kirby Smart May 2016.

To-date all Kirby has done is give him ONE (1) Touch all season and that was a kick-off return.  In fact Kirby TRIED to REDSHIRT Mecole Hardman Junior last season like Ben Cleveland for example.  Then he relented and let the man ranked the # 1 athlete in the United States of America 2015 make a couple of tackles on special teams.  That’s it.


It’s EXACTLY like Kirby has said and done about Charlie Woerner – another I PEGGED on THIS BLOG to be used at WR 2016 as I did Mecole Hardman Junior on THIS BLOG pre-season 2016.


All we get is Kirby PUTTING SHIT on Mecole Hardman Junior AND Charlie Woerner.


And Ben Cleveland.


And Brian Herrien.


Throw Mecole Hardman Junior the God Damn Football Kirby and we will see how NATURAL he is a receiver.


It certainly looks and sounds like YOU HAVE NO IDEA Kirby that Mecole WOULD NOT be a freaking NATURAL at receiver reading your quotes Kirby.






You also said that Mecole DOES NOT MAKE THE DEPTH ON YOUR DEFENSE and now MORE younger players are moving ahead of him THERE TOO Kirby.


Wake the F up Kirby.






Do you know what this means when Kirby says he is going to OPEN-UP the offense 2017 and what he means about receivers running that first part of the pass route called the STEM portion of the route ? Here I will explain it to you if you don’t know. IF KIRBY would only line-up whomever it is he intends to be his pitch-and-catch combo 2017 at receiver and let the 2 get in-tune. Includes Kirby Quotes on this today :

The stem portion of a pass route is the first burst part where under total control the receiver starts-off in one direction for the purpose of getting his defender going that direction and then moves-off in a different direction after the cut to gain separation from the defender during which time the quarterback throws the pass to the receiver knowing where the receiver is going on the route. The defender at the cut has to adjust unless he jumped the route guessing it making that the key moment for the pass to be more wide open.


We don’t have a receiver on the team who does this well. Thus when you look downfield there aren’t open receivers. A natural or good receiver is one who does this so well that you don’t even recognize that he doesn’t have the speed to get open. In 2017 it is very difficult at any level to separate yourself from the defender just on speed. Even Julio Jones with all his speed gets open more on his stem and cut than on his speed. And Julio Jones runs a 4.39 in the 40-yard dash far quicker than anyone on our roster receiver or defender.   And of course Julio Jones is 6’ 3” and 220 lbs. of all muscle.


How does Julio Jones get open every play ?


One it is that brief moment at the transition from the stem move on his great pass route running and his cut when he is open and two he is 6’ 3” and 220 lbs. being covered by men slower than 4.39 forty-yard dash time and by men not as tall as well. And thirdly because Matt Ryan puts the ball in a very small window while getting good offensive line work for him with a quick release in the pocket meaning the other receivers block well downfield for each other and that the running backs pick-up the blitz when the defense calls that.


It’s all intertwined why our receiver corps has been wholly unable to get open. So I wanted to explain that to you since I played this position and understand it.


There are other skills as well such as catching the ball with your hands and not with your body which receivers such as Isaiah McKenzie NEVER DID learn which are pre-requisites to being that pitch-and-catch combo which we have NOT had here so far this 2017 year did not have 2016 and did not have 2015 either nor did we have 2014 either.


All of THIS has contributed to our Offense being TOTALLY FAILED.


Good route running is part-and-partial to being that 3rd Down go-to receiver.


The money guy.


The size of your hands contributes mightily as well as your leaping ability and the ability to get your toes inbounds.


You have awareness of the sidelines on every route. You get there and stop and lean over.


Of course the quarterback has to be able to hit the out-route and neither Greyson Lambert the year before last nor Hutson Mason the year before that were either one capable of that.


We did not run any out-routes for Hutson Mason OR Greyson Lambert. That severely limited the passing game both years 2014 and 2015 for us as it also is indicative of both of their inability to stretch the field and open-up the defense stretching them because if they could not even hit an out-route then they certainly could not execute the deep routes either.


Last season we had a quarterback for the first time in 3 years who could hit the out-route and who could stretch the defense with accurate deep routes. An arm in other words. But we did not call those plays which typically are run on 2nd down and SHORT when they are BEST UTILIZED.


You just have to understand this to understand just why it is that our Offense is so FAILED and has been for 3 years in a row now. So when Kirby states he is going to OPEN-UP the OFFENSE 2017 he means THIS PRECISELY EXACTLY that he is going to HIT the out-routes and deep routes and have receivers who RUN those routes adroitly.


You have flag and post routes and go routes for example all designed for opening-up the field for the offense by stretching the defense.  When you stretch the defense and make them cover the outs and deep routes you open-up your running game which of course was our number one failing 2016 with Kirby’s offense.  This opened-up offense is the complete opposite of what we saw ALL YEAR LONG LAST YEAR 2016 BY EVERY DEFENSE AGAINST US EVERY SINGLE GAME where they all stuffed-the-box often lining-up 8 and even 9 defenders on the line of scrimmage to stuff the run because the COACHING STAFF refused to CALL any of these out and deep routes.


That and because we haven’t had for the previous 3 years in a row receivers capable of the stem and move routes such as out-routes go routes with a juke post routes or flag routes.


These routes take time. With all these Offensive Linemen we have for 2017 if Kirby PLAYS THEM we can block for them but the receivers have to block downfield too on BOTH the pass routes and the run options.


Run Options also go hand-in-hand with RPO run-pass-option and Option Reads. Now you are getting-in to the TYPE OF PASSING PLAYS Jim Chaney 2016 CATEGORICALLY REFUSED TO CALL because Kirby told Jim Chaney what plays Kirby wanted Jim Chaney to call.


By necessity every football team MUST have a pitch-and-catch combo. These are 2 guys who like Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are in-tune with each other.


They are so in-tune with one another that THEY then OPEN-UP every OTHER receiver on their routes because you only have one best cover guy on ANY team.  This opens up the other guys.  You need to know when to call the run and when to call a pass or screen or when to hit the tight end to open-up the offense but YOU HAVE TO CALL those plays too.


Not only did we NOT CALL those plays 2016 Jim Chaney running Kirby’s offense per Kirby’s insistence on running the ball every first down every game all season long but to make it all the more predictable Kirby REFUSED to allow Jacob Eason to CHECK-OUT of the play call at the line of scrimmage even if he read the defense was TOTALLY PLANNING on stuffing the box and stopping the run which was sent-in by Jim Chaney.  So we looked like crap on offense.


The QB and the WR pitch-and-catch combo are the guys who PRACTICE TOGETHER ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR YEARS and they KNOW each other well enough to know that the other sees what they see of the defense.


Last year we blindly called an in-route and gave Jacob Eason NO AUTHORITY to check-out of that at the line to an out-route. We were PREDICTABLE.


We FAILED as an offense as result thereof.


OPTION READS are where the receiver and the QB are so in-tune with each other and WHAT THEY SEE the defense is lined-up to do that the play call is an in-route and both QB and WR see the defense set-up to defend JUST THAT in-route that mid-route the receiver stems then cuts to the OUT-ROUTE. This Option Read is what can only be accomplished by a QB and receiver who PRACTICE together.


Who play with each other.


Who throw that route OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.


This time last year Greyson Lambert practiced EVERY SNAP with the # 1 unit. Every single one. There was NO CHANCE for us to prepare the eventual starter on ANY of this nor the receiver RB or OL either with one another.


If you are going to talk about the offense being stale or predictable or run almost exclusively on every first down all game all year then you must be conversant on these parts of an OPEN OFFENSE that Kirby SAYS HE IS GOING TO RUN 2017.


That’s because he has a QB capable of it – IF KIRBY would only line-up whomever it is he intends to be his pitch-and-catch combo 2017 at receiver and let the 2 get in-tune.


Kirby today : “I think you’ve got to be careful because is Charlie Woerner normally lined-up as a tight end better than your fourth receiver? Is Sony Michel or Brian Herrien both normally lined-up at tailback better than your third receiver? So there are a lot of things that we’re doing out there to get the best football players on the field.”


Now you’re thinking and talking Kirby.


Kirby today : “We’ve got to improve as a receiver group starting with the toughness. We hope we improved that through our recruiting because some of the kids that we signed have got some stature to them.   Somehow we’ve just got to play better at all the receiver positions and be more productive. That doesn’t just go on the receivers. That goes on the quarterback and on the offensive line as well. But that’s one position – receivers – we’ll be watching closely.”


Kirby today : “Mecole Hardman Junior has got to become a more natural receiver. He was more of a guy with the ball in his hands – they snapped it to him. There’s a big difference when you’re talking about stemming and moving. All of the things that Terry Godwin is really good at are things that Mecole Hardman Junior has to improve at. Some of the things that Mecole can do Terry is still developing at. Terry’s been a really good helper for Mecole as far as playing the slot receiver.”



Kirby on Jeremiah Holloman : “I am excited about his work habits as he is focused on giving you all the effort he can. The biggest factor he brings is TOUGHNESS. He’s physical. That’s the demeanor we need – a guy who goes out there and will hit you and hat you up. I really like that about the guy. He’s not afraid to try hard a trait I look for in players and that’s a good trait.”

Kirby today : “I’m excited about Jeremiah Holloman’s work habits. He’s one of the hardest workers out there with those mid-year guys. He doesn’t really care what other people think. He doesn’t look around at the other guys. He’s focused on : ‘I’m going to give you all the effort I can.’ I think the biggest thing he brings is the toughness factor. I think one of the things that stuck out on his tape – everybody talks about the catches and the sides – but he’s physical. That’s the demeanor that we need – a guy that’s going to go out there and hit you and hat you up. I really like that about the guy. He’s not afraid to try hard. When you get that as a player then that’s a good trait.”



With what Kirby refers to as the DEPLETION on-going at Wide Receiver – Mecole Hardman Jr. continues to IMPRESS catching passes today including one on a deep-route from Jake Fromm which was overthrown which somehow Mecole managed to tip and bring down with his athleticism.

For the most part today again it was Jacob Eason who was the more accurate by ALL ACCOUNTS.


No one thinks that Jake Fromm did better than Jacob Eason AGAIN TODAY.


The Georgia Bulldogs are midweek now in our 2nd of 5 weeks of Spring Practices with the role by Mecole Hardman Junior just EXPANDING at wide receiver.


Kirby stated outright his concerns about his depth at wide receiver.




“There has been a lot of talk of using Sony Michel more in a receiving role like out of the slot. So the hints of a bigger receiving role could be about getting him in position for more explosive plays.” Seth Emerson quote today on AJ-C DawgNation.

Well Seth does not attribute this to any quote from Sony Michel or from Kirby Smart or from Nick Chubb or from Javon Wims.


But the facts are that Sony Michel’s role on ANY football team would be to use him out-in-space and yes he has a FUTURE at that after this season in the NFL. Sony Michel is THAT guy. We have NOT done that with Sony Michel.


Yes Nick Chubb has GREAT HANDS and will get MANY passes thrown to him out of the backfield after this season too.


ALL THIS while of course Kirby FINALLY moved Mecole Hardman Junior to his NATURAL ROLE of wide receiver to great REVIEWS so far this Spring.


And not just Mecole Hardman Jr. but also Jeremiah Holloman has shined this Spring early as well.


AND last but not least Isaac Nauta has been MAKING GREAT CATCHES THIS SPRING spread-out WIDE.


I have no idea where ALL THIS COMES FROM except to say THIS IS PRECISELY EXACTLY what THIS BLOG has maintained from the BEGINNING about ALL these guys along with me also pointing-out that Brian Herrien should have been the STARTING TAILBACK Game 2 last year if not before. I called for THAT prior to the Game 1 too – to make Brian Herrien the STARTING TAILBACK before the North Carolina game last season.


“Jacob Eason was not allowed to check-out of a call any last season. They’re giving Jacob Eason the ability to make checks this season.” Javon Wims said today to Seth Emerson beat-writer extraordinaire currently at the AJ-C DawgNation seizing that role there from Chipper Towers – who I presume is still on his Summer sabbatical since he NEVER writes about The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team for weeks-on-end quite frequently since Seth Emerson got here from macon.com.


All of this is GREAT NEWS if in fact these are what are happening on these fronts outside the typical 13 minutes of press viewings of our daily Spring Practices on-going week two now.


Here here.





1 of 5 weeks are complete now for Spring Practice. Not only was Mecole Hardman Junior at Wide Receiver all this week but as well both Isaac Nauta and Jeremiah Holloman stood-out as well at Wide Receiver while the returning wide receivers ALL STRUGGLED dropping passes by STARK CONTRAST. Jacob Eason has out-dueled Jake Fromm Week One.

Jacob Eason is Starting with the # 1 unit while Jake Fromm is getting EQUAL REPS with Jacob Eason while it is Jacob Eason putting his stamp week one with the better job passing so far.


Surprisingly it is Jake Fromm who was the less accurate week one. I did not expect that. If that continues to be the case then hopefully rather than having The Jake and Jake Show for 2 years this year and next before Jacob Eason is taking in the NFL Draft early after next season – we can do instead what we did with Hutson Mason Aaron Murray’s redshirt JUNIOR Year 2012 where he was PRACTICED HARD as the back-up like this but unless there was an injury he would not be played at all.


In fact Aaron Murray joined us 2009 and Hutson Mason a year later 2010 just like this with Jacob Eason 2016 and Jake Fromm a year later this year 2017.


Then Aaron Murray was our QB 2010 2011 2012 and 2013. Hutson Mason in Aaron Murray’s junior year 2012 was redshirted as Aaron Murray was redshirted 2009 with a sore shoulder and his high school injury. I saw this week Aaron Murray compared to Jake Fromm in HEIGHT. At the NFL Combines as I had maintained all along it was indeed true that Aaron Murray was NOWHERE in the vicinity of 6’ 2” and in fact barely is past 6 feet flat at 6 feet and three quarters of an inch.


Short and short-armed Aaron Murray not only is only 6 feet and ¾ “ but his arms are only 30 and 5/8 “ long.


Comparing Jake Fromm to THAT is NOT GOOD for Jake Fromm.


Jacob Eason TOWERS over Aaron Murray at 6’ 5” and with much LONGER arms.


Of course Aaron Murray did suffer a torn ACL but that was his SENIOR SEASON 2013 and Hutson Mason had redshirted 2012 Murray’s Junior Season. Thus Hutson Mason was able to step-in 2013 and get 2 starts and play 5 games 2013. Hutson Mason was on STAND-BY 2012.


Jake Fromm if this continues should stand-by 2017.


Then instead of 2 years of The Jake and Jake Show this 2017 and next before Jacob Eason goes in the NFL Draft after next season it will be but one year of The Jake and Jake Show next year 2018.


Is it realistic to expect that in 2017 ?


Well in 2012 it CERTAINLY WAS REALISTIC for Aaron Murray with Hutson Mason as his back-up REDSHIRTING 2012.


So it is possible however unlikely.


Either way whether it is 2 years of The Jake and Jake Show or one next year 2018 clearly Jake Fromm is FALLING WAY BEHIND after the first week of Spring Practice.


I always talked about Jake Fromm throwing 16 strikes in a row I saw him throw. But it has in fact been Jacob Eason the more accurate week one this week.


We’ll see if that continues.



SEC 11-4 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament LEADS all conferences. Top Basketball Conference. ACC is only 9-8. The Big East is FINISHED and only went 6-7. The Big 10 only went 8-7 and is also FINISHED. The SEC Women ALSO are 11-6 and have punched one ticket to the Final 4 already and a second SEC team can punch its ticket tonight. SEC Basketball Conference.

SEC Basketball Conference.



If you have to identify your weakness to become better : What are we doing WRONG Georgia Bulldogs that starting 2009 we are # 17 in Won/Lost Record with average # 7 Recruiting Rankings ? Why are we NOT PLAYING the players ? Are we failing to move players with a logjam at a position to positions of need in order to get our top 50 players on the field every game helping us WIN ? No we are not and have not for 8 years in a row now. Let’s hope year 9 in a row breaks that trend with so many TOP in-coming Freshmen to fill ALL OUR HOLES.



And if we look at every game after 2007 we’re # 18 won/lost record with 37 losses these latest most-recent 9 years now.


# 18 with the # 7 talent and averaging OVER 4 losses for 9 years to put it mildly sucks.





Every practice it has been the same so far on the OL : Right Guard Solomon Kindley. Right Tackle Aulden Bynum. Left Tackle Isaiah Wynn. Left Guard Dyshon Sims. Center Lamont Gaillard. THESE ARE NOT OUR BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. This remains a BIG PROBLEM if Kirby continues to meddle with the OL and keep our BEST OL off the field.

I remain quite concerned that we continue to NOT have our best players out there on the field and practicing with the # 1 unit who are clearly our BEST PLAYERS regardless of their time here in THIS FAILED PROGRAM.  A failed program primarily because of our failed offensive linemen.


Besides those who have STARTED with the # 1 unit all Spring Practices so far :


Right Tackle D’Marcus Hayes

Right Tackle Ben Cleveland who I guess just needs to TRANSFER Kirby ? Is that what you want Kirby ?

Right Guard Sam Madden


Left Tackle Kendall Baker

Left Tackle Michael Barnett


Center Dyshon Sims

Center  Chris Barnes

Center Sean Fogarty


All I can say to THIS revolting turn of events is bullshit Kirby.


Bullshit son.


No coach in America given the talent YOU HAVE here at Georgia would have this crappy assed OL as his # 1 unit.


We have been FAR from a well-oiled machine on the OL.


We need to GET TO THAT.


We aren’t practicing our best players with the # 1 unit.





I will be glad when Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation quits his part-time job writing about us. Now we SHOULD NOT have Spring Practice because someone might get hurt. We’ve NEVER had someone injured in Spring Practice who missed the season as a result. And Chipper Towers LISTS NOT ONE NAME of anyone who he thinks did either. But oh boy. We could get someone injured JUST DOING MEANINGLESS SPRING PRACTICES. This even though Kirby told the twit : “Is Spring Practice going to get them better ?” Kirby asks Chipper Towers and Chipper Towers tells us that Kirby said : “To his point Smart thinks it does.”

So if Kirby thinks Spring Practices DOES get ALL the players better – then where is this story Chip ?


A fill piece from a guy who hasn’t written about The Georgia Bulldogs at ALL in a long time now.


What do you do with all your time Chipper ?


It sure as shit is NOT writing about us.


Spring Practice is VERY IMPORTANT for ALL of our players.


Try to report on what they are ALL doing Chipper.


This is football.


You’re just one of those pussies who NEVER played the game and don’t understand it.


Give up writing about it.




You did.


I remember.


You quit writing about us 4 years ago when you said then that going to the Masters was MORE IMPORTANT to YOU than covering our G-Day Game that day.


Thus you didn’t write a word about the G-Day Game Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.


You’re been replaced by Seth Emerson – the best beat writer The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER had.


You gave up your job as our beat writer to Seth Emerson MANY years ago now Chipper.


Just leave already.


All you do is LIE anyway Chipper.




Why hold Spring Practice ?


Chipper says we shouldn’t.


Kirby says we SHOULD.



We are NOT an Enigma and we are NOT Schizophrenic. We are consistent as hell. We RECRUIT extremely well and have for 9 years. We LOST 34 games the last 8 years yet average the # 7 recruiting rankings. That’s MORE than 4 losses a year. We’re poorly coached. Obviously. We make mistakes COACHING and have for 8 years.

An enigma is a team who is a mystery.  It is no mystery when after 8 years now we’re consistently one of the top teams in recruiting rankings.  It is quite consistent.  It is expected.  It is what we do.  It is consistent.


We just as consistently lose for 8 years now more than 4 games a season.  That is no mystery either.  It is consistency on our part.  It is what is expected of us.  It is after all what we do.


Last year when we had a new coach have to come-in to bail the old coach out because the old coach had just lost it coaching any more everyone tried on that well Mark Richt was just schizophrenic winning some games while losing to other lesser teams whom he should never have lost to.  But that wasn’t the case either.  Because Mark Richt had become quite consistent at losing to 12 teams who were unranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons or at time of game his last 8 years here.


It is what we continue to do.


You can not be schizophrenic or an enigma doing what you always do being consistent while doing the expected.


Just call it like it is with us.


Call it like it is.


We have not used the talent we have and we CONTINUE to do just that.


Therefore for 8 years now we average over 4 losses a year with the average # 7 recruiting ranking while we continue to just blow games consistently against lesser teams.


We’re poorly coached and have been for 8 years now.


Will 2017 be different ?


If so THAT would be schizophrenic and make us then an enigma 2017.



John Kincade of Buck Belue and John Kincade 680 AM the Fan Show said on radio today that Jake Fromm is a Georgia boy and Jacob Eason is NOT. Kincade went on that “the fans want Jake Fromm.”

Look Kincade first Jacob Eason is as much a Georgia boy as anyone ever in the history of histories.  He came here he told us all because he loves the Georgia fans.  He came here despite Mark Richt being fired.  He is an Academic All-America and already has made The SEC Academic Honor Roll for last year Kincade.  The vast majority of the population in this city are ALL folks who came from somewhere else.  We embrace everyone from everywhere here once they get here.


Second Kincade Jake Fromm is NOT the Quarterback of this team.  I have watched him grow-up and have seen him throw 2 dozen strikes in a row but he is not first team.  He has this year and next year with Jacob Eason.  Then after next year Jacob Eason goes to the NFL as a top NFL Draft Pick.


You getting any of this Kincade ?


Just because Buck Belue is out golfing on a day when it was 84 degrees here is not a license for you to spew bullshit without him to counter.


I am sure Buck Belue will dispel your notions Kincade on us as fans not supporting Jacob Eason and how we all prefer Jake Fromm instead because well he is from here.


Where are you from John Kincade ?



Georgia Bulldogs begin Spring Practices today and it will be in the eighties as we embark on a season full of promise 2017.

The trendy pick is for Georgia to Win The SEC East and face-off against Alabama in year 2 of the Kirby rebuilding program.  After 2015 in which Mark Richt was fired Mark Richt lost 22 seniors.  You know ?  The dream team who averaged 4 losses a season for their 6 years here. All 22 seniors Mark Richt’s last year were all 22 starters for us.  So 2016 was destined to be a rebuilding year.  You can see that ever so dramatically that there will not be a Bulldogs’ player in the NFL Draft now.  We have so much youth 10 players who never played for Mark Richt STARTED for Kirby 2016.


The excitement for 2017 begins this morning breaking training to start-off our Spring Practice and then the annual G-Day Game a month from tomorrow 22 April 2017 Saturday.


More than anything we have to fix the offense and special teams this Spring as we welcome some Freshmen redshirted and some not played much last year as Freshmen who join a few of our # 2 ranked Scout.com recruiting class early enrollees.


The bulk of that # 2 ranked recruiting class Scout.com comes in in the Fall and they certainly have brought a huge amount of excitement with 16 of them ranked in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation.com Overall 2017 recruits and 15 Signees for us Top 100 Overall in either the 247Sports.com Composite Scout.com or ESPN RecruitingNation.com.


With 3300 signed recruits 2017 by FBS schools you can see we got more than our fair share of the very elite players.


You know ?


The ones who play here 3 years and get drafted.


So there is NO TIME for redshirting or holding back our freshmen this season.


4 True Freshmen Quarterbacks in just The SEC alone 2016 were named STARTERS.


It’s 2017 : You play your best players Freshmen or not.



# 17 RPI Georgia Lady Bulldogs Softball 2017 wins exciting game last night against # 19 RPI Kentucky. Tonight 7 p.m. we are again on SEC Network against Kentucky before going this weekend to Baton Rouge to take on LSU # 13 RPI. 11 of the Top 27 and 10 of the Top 25 RPI 2017 are ALL SEC teams. Lady Diamond Dawgs are # 1 hitting team in the nation team average .391 Comcast channel 792 SEC Network 7 p.m. UGA vs KY



Last season we won our Opening Game in the Women’s College World Series.


This season’s team is even better.


Our Lady Diamond Dawgs are # 16 in both USA Today ESPN Poll and in Coaches’ Poll.


We lead the nation in batting average while Kentucky is a weak hitting team.  We’re batting .391 as a team 2017.






My 3 older sisters were married and gone before I was 5 when these 2 hits hit # 1. They took me everywhere. Sock hops. Pools. I as excited as they when they went out on dates telling me about the guys and then home how they wanted me to grow-up better than their dates. I remember dancing at their parties every weekend. Dad got them a Hi-Fi to play the 45 rpms. They danced together all day every day. It was exciting times. I remember all everything age 3 on. If you couldn’t love this music you couldn’t love your mother. Dad had season tickets Bulldogs and we watched Fran Tarkenton fill the air with footballs. This 50th anniversary all this I am reminded. Ed Sullivan Show had 1 live act each week. Dick Clark American Bandstand. Ed Thilenius Bulldogs. The radio was big. Then TV got color I recall neighbors came over to watch even outside the window.

I know you would enjoy these 2 from 50 years ago :






Can you picture all this ?


When the Beatles came to Fulton-Atlanta Stadium 1963 I was there with the youngest of my 3 older sisters listening to the girls all screaming.  For 4 hours.


It all started with Chuck Berry the heart and soul of all of this.


The Bulldogs were great then as we embark upon Spring Practice tomorrow.  I watched us win 4 national championships in football and regularly beat the top teams.  We had great head coaches.  And we had great assistant coaches.  We had great talent.


Music and The Bulldogs go hand-in-hand with me.  I was there.


50 years later now I had no idea then that daily new songs would fill the airwaves then that we’d ALL still be dancing and singing to.


Good times.


We all graduated from The University of Georgia with our degree.  We all had straight A grades.  We all love music.  We all love football.  Dad bought a van and had it all decked-out custom made with Georgia Bulldogs disc player underneath blaring when we pressed the special horn.  Graphics.  Sound system.  Color TV.  Kitchen.  Seats for all 7 of us and more.


I am the eldest son.  Dad was valedictorian.  Mom a graduate.  All of us.  One of my 3 sisters was valedictorian too.  I was just top 5% my graduating class and honored 3rd quarter my senior year Foy Fine Arts for them all to come back up and celebrate.


I grew-up with music in my ears and Bulldogs in my head.


In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.  This is love.



4 True Freshmen Quarterbacks were named SEC Starting Quarterbacks even though they were all 4 true Freshmen last season 2016. “All 4 True Freshmen Starting QBs in The SEC 2016 were very highly ranked so it’s easy to see all 4 have very bright futures. Which of those four has the best long-term potential ? ” ESPN writers say today that : “The arm strength and potential of Jacob Eason can not be ignored while he didn’t have elite receivers or offensive linemen around him 2016. Jacob Eason might be the SEC’s most improved player in 2017 and he’ll battle for an All-America spot soon enough.” So says ESPN Edward Aschoff today. And ESPN’s David Ching says today : “Give me Jacob Eason . Behind a shaky offensive line and with limited weapons at wide receiver 2016 Kirby Smart’s staff is improving the talent around its blue-chip quarterback Jacob Eason and I expect to see the kid get better and better as time passes.”

In fact ESPN writers today anointed Jacob Eason as their consensus pick of whom it is who has the best long-term potential of the 4 SEC True Freshmen Quarterbacks who were named Starting Quarterbacks 2016 season.


“4 true freshmen — Jake Bentley, Jacob Eason, Jalen Hurts and Shea Patterson — starting for their respective teams. All four were ranked in the ESPN 300 the year before, and it’s easy to see that all four have bright futures.”




Edward Aschoff: Jacob Eason, Georgia

“This is a tough one when you consider that Hurts helped Alabama to a national championship berth and Bentley dazzled at South Carolina during what should have been his senior year of high school. Then there’s Eason. He can spin the ball better than any of his 2016 classmates, but his decision-making was an issue against good defense. Still, I’ll take that arm strength and his potential all day. Eason, who started all but one game last season, threw for 2,430 with 16 touchdowns. He completed only 55 percent of his passes and threw eight interceptions, but you just can’t ignore his arm talent. Also, he didn’t have elite receivers or offensive linemen around him. He must learn how to read defenses better, but think back to how he led that victory at Missouri. Think about the grit he showed against Auburn. Go back to that perfect Hail Mary against Tennessee. Eason took his lumps, but he might be the SEC’s most improved player in 2017, and he’ll battle for an All-America spot soon enough.”


David Ching: Jacob Eason, Georgia

“Give me Eason. I know his true freshman season was not perfect, but he still passed for 2,430 yards, 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions behind a shaky offensive line and with limited weapons at wide receiver. Kirby Smart’s staff is improving the talent around its blue-chip quarterback, and I expect to see the kid get better and better as time passes.”





Alex Scarborough and Greg Ostendorf and Sam Khan Jr. all 3 ESPN writers say Georgia BEATS Florida for a change 2017. Greg Ostendorf says today : “I know. Back-to-back SEC East champs. But the Gators still don’t have a quarterback. I’m rolling with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. Georgia 24 to Florida 13.” And “Jacob Eason had a Hail Mary get erased against Tennessee but that doesn’t happen this time around as the sophomore QB makes his mark in the Florida-Georgia rivalry. Georgia 28 to Florida 27” so says ESPN Alex Scarborough today.



(4) Georgia over (5) Florida


Sam Khan Jr: With an improved Jacob Eason (and a Florida defense sans several key starters from 2016), the Bulldogs win the Cocktail Party. Georgia 24, Florida 19.

Greg Ostendorf: I know. Back-to-back SEC East champs. But the Gators still don’t have a quarterback. Maybe that changes this fall. But at this point, I’m rolling with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. Georgia 24, Florida 13

Alex Scarborough: Jacob Eason had a Hail Mary get erased against Tennessee, but that doesn’t happen this time around as the sophomore QB makes his mark in the Florida-Georgia rivalry. Georgia 28, Florida 27


Prediction 2017 JAX : ESPN has Georgia # 5 in The SEC and Florida # 4 of 14 SEC teams in ESPN’s 2017 Power Rankings in football this up-coming season and 3 of the 5 choose UGA over Florida.



“The Gators have run Georgia off the field every year lately. Hard to say why this time 2017 might be different. Florida 24 to Georgia 17” David Ching ESPN says today. And Edward Aschoff ESPN chimes-in “Florida beating Georgia. These are things you learn to live with in life while an improved Florida offense will escape a very talented Georgia defense. Florida 24 to Georgia 20.”




KIRBY took all the players to go BOWLING this afternoon with Spring Practice to start Tuesday. My coaches told all of us that swimming impinges on the shoulder of the college athlete causing tendon injuries prevalent in 17 % of college swimmers and of course staying in the water causes skin issues as well.

I grew-up bowling.


And while I enjoy the water and always have every serious coach has always told us all not to go swimming that it is the cause of injuries to the shoulder.  We had players injured swimming in just exactly this manner yet Mark Richt insisted every year that ALL the players HAD to go swimming with him so he could do a back-flip off the high dive.


Yet for 15 consecutive years we stopped practice and went swimming while THIS BLOG reported that it was way wrong to do so.


When football players in a sustained fashion get wet and stay wet for a prolonged period this causes calluses to soften, and makes all the skin susceptible to blisters.  Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, defensive backs, linebackers, centers, offensive linemen, defensive linemen and special teams’ players all are putting not only their shoulders at risk but also causing them to get blisters.


This affects our players being unable to compete at this all-important time in their personal development and it portends for two types of injuries therefrom just when this all-important 2017 season up-coming is so important to our entire football program.  When there is every known fact about swimming being bad for athletes of MANY sports that this went-on has bothered me for years that no one spoke-out about it when everyone knows what I know on THIS TOPIC of SWIMMING.


Terry Godwin injured his shoulder swimming and frankly he has not yet lived-up to what we all hoped.


It is so important to take care of ourselves and to do activities which are approved for our sport.


So this afternoon Kirby took the entire team bowling this afternoon after warm-up.  Perfect timing.  Perfect activity.



Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation does not like Spring Practice but I do.

It is supposed to be all about watching all our players trying to get prepared for the season.  So many players have a chance to move-up in the pecking order.  Starting jobs are on the line.


For the in-coming early enrollees it is supposed to be a time for their EVALUATION.  In 2017 if you are not playing your freshmen you are behind the 8 ball and will not compete.  Even Alabama plays their freshmen in 2017 even at QB even at Starting QB.  We did too last season for example.


Even for freshmen from the previous year Spring Practice is a time for them to be evaluated again now to see if they should be moved-up on the charts and take-over for the 15 seniors we just lost from last year’s team.


The players are supposed to show-up in form.  This is an opportunity for the coaching staff to see the results of their strength and conditioning programs and to have a more robust group across the board where they get to fit-in with their teammates and earn playing time based upon their hard work readying themselves for the up-coming season.


While there is a sense of excitement about the new recruiting class coming-in Fall Camp they too want to get a feel for where they might actually fit-in when they show-up and how tough their competition is at their position.


All the players need to practice with each other.  Collegiate football is where a player leaves after 5 years 6 if he was injured and didn’t get to play almost a whole year even 7 years possible but either way players have to leave every year.


We say we return intact 2017 but even we lost 15 seniors at Pro Day 2017 just now.


Spring time.


Flowers blooms greenery warm weather spring break ladies love outside football.  This is the most exciting time.


If you don’t find it so I can not possibly help you Cy Brown.


Wake up.


Smell the roses.


Rejuvenation of the football program every Spring means that we no longer can stew about 2016.  Yesterday is a cancelled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  But today is cold hard cash.


Last year is over.  It does no good to not look forward to the new year.  Maybe the coaches will season from a year of experience or maybe it’s just year one all over again.  Two first years instead of a progression of learning ?  Even that is good for you know heads have to then roll.


Maybe the team has players overlooked who could have done better than the 15 now gone who took their time on seniority not because they are better football players.


The youth is served-up piping hot and they get a head start over the in-coming class not on campus yet officially.


Spring starts Monday and Spring Practice Tuesday.


We have hot days and wet days and might even have another cold day we can do inside and that is exciting on the new Indoor Practice Field I think should be named for Erk Russell.


We have the recruits to fill holes such as at wide receiver to look for for next year’s recruiting to get a head start on now before others get a foothold against us getting the WR corps we want next year for all these fantastic quarterbacks no one wants to block for or catch passes from.


For the upper classmen it is a time to reflect on their off-season work-outs and see where they are finally for the new season.  Are they standing still not getting the job done at the highest level ?  Can we challenge them with fresh bodies who are supremely putting forth the effort ?


Every team has a top 50 players.  Will our top 50 for 2017 include some of the in-coming this Fall ?  How many of them will be top 50 for 2017 ?  Surely after recruiting them for 2 years’ time now and them finally getting here this up-coming Fall we have a feel for whether they might challenge for a spot right-off in the Fall or not.  Plug a few in the top 50 and when they get here re-evaluate whether you are right or not on them and move them up or down in Fall based upon also what you see from the others here already this Spring.


The team for 2017 is meeting for the first time Tuesday.


That is HUGE.


The nucleus of the team will establish their work habits and hopefully they will be if you are not excited Cy Brown about their prospects as a team 2017.


2016 was certainly no fun.


Get excited about 2017.


It can’t be any worse.


Get with the program.


Get ready to being on TV.


A little over a month from now 93000 are expected again to watch us play to see the depth to see the youth to see our team for the first time and see how they respond to their teammates.


Every year some player plays outside himself.


Who this season ?


Who Tuesday shows-up and establishes himself as a leader and top player for Georgia 2017 playing way above their head and having the right attitude about the newness of 2017 and fresh start ?


Or are they ho-hum drudgery of 2-a-days no fun drag bore don’t care hate the work see no future see no present in all the excitement of 2017 and its promise compared to the past while boredom only is all they too see as you if it up to you and some old man at CBS Mr.  Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation ?


For those dogged by shortcomings and nagging injuries too reinvigorated for the new season are they realizing they only get 1 go-round and THIS is it ?


This paradise.


Are we revived after the off-season with no practice and you wish still was I guess.


Do we see this as an opportunity to fulfill promise and take your shot at this – your real shot.


Your only shot.


In your only chance.


Or are you going to waste life and waste the most refreshing of all our hope goals and aspirations – the Spring ?


I just do not see it as you do Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation at all sir.





THIS BLOG REPORTED ALL THIS “NEWS” 12 DAYS AGO ON MARCH 5. I reported then 5 March 2017 here on this blog : Isaiah McKenzie who dropped-out of school because he HAD BAD GRADES as there are MANY who DECLARE for the NFL Draft who haven’t done diddle-e-squat in school and had NO CHOICE but to declare because he was going to be not eligible academically anyway. I am sorry John Crist Saturday Down South but it MAKES PERFECTLY good sense that Isaiah McKenzie is a college drop-out. He HAD to DECLARE. Who cares that he didn’t have good grades EITHER ? He needs to go back to school while it is being paid for him unfortunately he without the grades to do so here so he needs to transfer to a school where he can get in.



“I would’ve had to appeal the situation that happened in school.   It would’ve taken me out for the spring. I just said I’m not going to sit out and miss the spring – so I’ll just leave. I tell them and whatever they think is what they think. That’s what they told me coming out: ‘Honesty is the best policy.’ So I tell them anything they need to know about me.”




So Chipper Towers finally now reports 12 days after I did so here on this blog that Isaiah McKenzie flunked-out at Georgia and is a college drop-out and that that is why he declared for the NFL Draft not caring to even look at the pre-draft NFL evaluation of him.


This is all a shame that there is no one who could tell Isaiah McKenzie to take advantage of this situation of being given a Scholarship to The University of Georgia to get an education which with retirement income is worth $ 5 million dollars.




Georgia tek yellowjackets softball cancelled the game last night because it was 41 degrees. Wimps. They are losing record home – losing record away – losing record neutral sites 8-16 overall while UGA is # 16 in the nation batting # 2 best batting average in the nation at 24-3 on the season batting as a team .398. Georgia Lady Diamond Dawgs have 6 batters batting over .400 on the season and 9 hitting over .300.

Who thinks Georgie tek yellowjackets did not want to play us at their house last night ?



Georgia Pro Day 2017 : Chuks Amaechi OLB Tommy Long OLB Tyler Catalina OT Quincy Mauger FS Reggie Davis WR Isaiah McKenzie WR Brendan Douglas TB Johnny O’Neal OLB Shattle Fenteng CB Greg Pyke OT Charlie Hegeus WR Maurice Smith CB Tim Kimbrough ILB Glenn Welch SN Brandon Kublanow C

One would think that one of these fifteen (15) guys could get drafted in the NFL Draft.  Mark Richt really dropped-off there at the end of the Mark Richt era that this is all he left us.



Should Jacob Eason be under-center ?

There is no question that we forced the wrong offense on the personnel we had last season and none more so than Jacob Eason being up under the Center.  I realize that Kirby’s expertise is in recruiting and on defense but even Kirby should see that his offense was a failed offense he could easily thwart last season by stuffing the box.  It is an out-of-date offensive strategy for collegiate football and frankly for the NFL as well.  I fear we see few of these great OL we have been stockpiling last season and this season now in recruiting and not playing them when the other guys here before these latest 2 big classes of top huge offensive linemen aren’t getting the job done.


Yet here we are with 5 of the top running backs in the nation.


We should be putting 2 of them on the field every down.  We should be in the pistol or gun.  We should spread them out.


It didn’t work last season at all.


Lining-up those tired small offensive linemen who haven’t been getting the job done and running nearly every first down all season again is going to be met with boos from the crowd.


Then we are forced to throw on 3rd down.  This is playing into every defensive strategy asking us to do just that.  It’s not working.  This is a failed offensive strategy and with the wrong personnel.


I would not line-up a fullback but keep 2 fresh of the 5 running backs out there on every down.


2 of the 5 are gone after this season.


Frankly I think I would move Sony Michel out wide every play.


And I would move Isaac Nauta out wide every play.  We have other guys who can play tight end well.  We have other guys who can running back well. What we don’t have are receivers.


I would put Jeremiah Holloman out there every down too.


We need to learn to get our top players on the field instead of these logjams at one position not working them enough.  We are not taking advantage of whom it is we have in personnel on Offense.


We stood pat on Offense not only all wasted throw-away season last year but all off-season now too.


Spring ball starts in 5 days.


Are we going to do any soul-searching about offense or continue to stand pat until we prove that Kirby would know how to defend this offense of HIS too.


It’s Kirby’s offense.


It’s Kirby who wants this run on first down every time strategy.


It’s Kirby who can not figure out to throw the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.


It’s Kirby who keeps sending out these waves of receivers who drop the ball and are tentative.


It’s Kirby who decides who plays and who does not.


It’s Kirby who gives us these logjams of top players at 3 positions and holes at other positions.


It’s Kirby who has not put our top players out there playing together forget their position.


It’s Kirby who decides who plays special teams and who doesn’t.


It’s Kirby who hired Jim Chaney.


It’s Kirby who kept Jim Chaney.


It’s Kirby’s Offense.


It’s Kirby without the vision on offense.


You do not have what we have for talent on offense and line-up like we did all last season.  We better be CHANGING that 5 days from now.




“I know I’m a smart-ass fan blogger. I try to give the men who do it for a living the benefit of the doubt because they know more than I do.” bluto gtp get the picture senator of nothing today

No bluto you don’t like others who have the timidity to stand-up to your bullshit and disagree with you.  You don’t give ANYONE the benefit of the doubt and put shit on those whom you disagree with in a vane attempt to make yourself better therefore.


You never have given anyone the benefit of the doubt even when it has been proven later they right and you all wet boy.


You prefer to put shit on folks and hope no one remembers what the hell it was it you did say on the topic.


You contradict salient sagacious commentary on many topics because you have an agenda of putting others down while acting like you are some more intelligent person on ALL topics.


It’s on purpose on your part bluto.


You want to come across as the better person with the smarter agenda on the topic.  You really do.


You have never been right on any call you EVER made.


You have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of everything Georgia Bulldogs.


You remain so.


You said earlier this year that you were so unhappy that it was such drudgery to you now trying to act like you’re a fan of this program any longer.


You brought it all on yourself.


You have nobody to blame but yourself.


And oh by the way you’re hardly superior on the topic of football to anyone.


A God Damn neophyte.


You have no insight.


You have no experience.


You have a total inability to utilize technology.


You are the proverbial village idiot who opens his mouth to switch feet.


And act like you’re friqin’ God.


Here stuff this up your God Damn ASSHOLE bluto.


“I know I’m a smart-ass fan blogger.   I try to give the men who do it for a living the benefit of the doubt because they know more than I do.”


No you do not.






You know what really bothers you bluto ?  That you can not think of any smart ass freaking reply to your own God Damn self for your continuing saga of comments such as “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”



Kirby Smart : “I expect Jake Fromm to come out and compete like he’s trying to win it. I look at Jake Fromm no different than I did with Jacob Eason this time last year. Jake Fromm is coming in highly regarded a heralded recruit but he’s very serious and very professional about his work. Jake Fromm is a great leader in the locker room. Guys in the locker room respect Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm has got good arm strength and is a good decision-maker. Jake Fromm has got a little leadership to him that Jake Fromm is not afraid to jump out there and tell guys where to line up what to do and get after it with a little fire. I think that dynamic Jacob Eason sees that. And Jacob Eason is sitting there watching this young kid that comes in with a little more fire and brimstone than even he Jacob Eason had. Plus Jake Fromm is coming in with Jacob Eason there and that makes it a little bit different than last season with Greyson Lambert who was the incumbent starter. I think Jake Fromm is in a good place. And I think Jake Fromm is ready to go compete.” Kirby Smart.

I have seen Jake Fromm throw 2 dozen strikes in a row for a long time now.  The Jake and Jake Show.  I have also witnessed Jake Fromm for a long time now put his team on his back especially in pressure situations game on the line.


I can tell you from watching Jake Fromm for a long time now that he is a great athlete.  Jake Fromm knew Jacob Eason was here long before Jake Fromm committed to Kirby.  Kirby wanted Jake Fromm when Kirby was at Alabama.  Jake Fromm de-committed from Alabama to come play for Kirby.  That was when Jacob Eason was already here.


Jacob Eason goes to the NFL after next season.


This season is their first of 2 seasons together – the Jake and Jake Show.


Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama including February of 2016.  Then Kirby got Jake Fromm to commit to Georgia after National Signing Day last year 2016.  Then Jake Fromm came to the G-Day Game last year with 93000 of us here.  Then Jake Fromm took Camp here with Kirby last year 2016.


You people tried to tell Kirby that Kirby did not recruit Jacob Eason.  The way that actually went down was that YOU TOLD ME Jacob Eason coming here was ABSOLUTELY dependent upon Mark Richt being here.  Your quote was that Jacob Eason coming here is CONTINGENT upon Mark Richt still being here.


I told you you were full of shit.  That I had read the words of Jacob Eason and of his Dad.  That I heard them BOTH say that Jacob Eason LOVED the FANS of Georgia.  That he wanted to be followed by US.


You always have been FULL OF SHIT.  You are ALWAYS wrong.  You are ALWAYS PROVEN WRONG.


Then Mark Richt went to Miami of Florida on December 4.  At that time then Kirby was NOT HERE.  And Jacob Eason told Florida gators that he was coming there on a recruiting trip.  Florida wanted Jacob Eason to be their QB before Kirby ever was here.


That pissed-off the Florida gators’ quarterbacks they were recruiting and those already committed to Florida as well as those Florida gators’ quarterbacks who were there already.


Then Kirby was hired.


Then Kirby instantly left from the announcement and went to Washington.  Directly.  Left announcement got on plane to Washington and INVITED Jacob Eason HERE not to Florida gators.


Then Kirby came back and hired rock star Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason’s Dad told everyone that THAT changed everything : Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason came here.  You were holding God Damn VIGILS for Mark Richt.  Kirby had to meet with Jacob Eason ANYWHERE but where the rest of us were.  He couldn’t come to the Gala.  That’s how friq’d-up YOU made all of this.


Then Jacob Eason committed to Kirby.


Then Kirby signed Jacob Eason.


This while Miami of Florida fans were fawning over Jacob Eason saying THEY would get Jacob Eason.


And you said you were NOW a fan of Miami of Florida.


And you said that YOU COULD MAKE a good case that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.


THIS is how all this went down.


Oh Yee of short memories.


Oh Yee God Damn LIARS.


What you hate about me is that I have a better brain than you have.  I remember what you say and ram it back down your God Damn throats daily forever every word out of your stupid dumbass mouth.  You are jealous of my ability to tell it like it is.


All during all of that Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama.


Then February of 2016 after Kirby had been here in Athens for 7 weeks from January 12  Jake Fromm committed to Kirby at which time Jacob Eason was enrolled in classes here.


Then Jake Fromm saw Jacob Eason play for us G-Day Game 2016.


Then Jake Fromm came to camp here.


Jake Fromm 5-Star Quarterback.


I have watched Jake Fromm grow-up.  Jake Fromm is going to be a Professional Athlete of the highest level.


Jake Fromm got Georgia the # 2 best recruiting class in the nation according to Scout.com.  Jake Fromm recruited these guys here for us.  16 of them in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation Top 200 nationally no matter what position they played.


15 of them ranked in the Overall Top 100 recruits of 3300 recruits 2017 according to either Scout.com or according to ESPN RecruitingNation or according to 247Sports.com Composite.


You said Kirby did NOT recruit Jacob Eason here.


Kirby heard you tell him that he did not recruit Jacob Eason here.


This is exactly how all this came down in the order in which it came down.


You have made yourself out not only a horses’ ass the whole ENTIRE time but have been PROVEN INCORRECT on EVERY WORD out of your God Damn LIAR mouth.


Remember telling ME that I could NOT say this.  That YOU would NOT allow me to say this ?


Well do you punks ?


If it were up to you still today Mark Richt would still be here as you promised me he would be today and Jake Fromm would still be committed to Alabama and now preparing to play in THEIR Spring Practice instead next Tuesday.


That is how THIS all would have come down if it were up to you.


Except that I would not have been ALLOWED to say this to YOU.  How did that go for you ? Well ?  Did you shut me up ?


Did you ?


Did ANYTHING you said on ANY of this any of it come-out like YOU TOLD ME ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We ALL know.


I was RIGHT about all of this.  And NOTHING you said came to pass.  You questioned whether you wanted to be a fan of us any longer.  THAT is what happened.


That and you tried to CENSOR me because you did not want to hear what you said when you said it and how you still feel about it all.


You did not have your way on that either did you ?  Did you censor me ?  Was ONLY your opinion heard ?


Or did I have my say ?


Did I tell it like it is and how it all turned-out ?


Were you right about ANY of this ?  No.



Oakland University 7 The University of Georgia Ice Dawgs 5 to make it 5-7 Oakland University winning Ice Dawgs take the loss the last goal on our empty net. Finally URL Link works to watch at 12:35 p.m. Ice Dawgs is the name of the exciting University of Georgia Ice Hockey Team doing so well again this season who plays their games at the Classic Center which is too small and should be played at our NEW GYM which should be built with Ice Hockey as one of its design objectives. TODAY 11 am LIVE Ice Dawgs National Championships 16-team Play-Offs Begin for us this morning Tuesday 14 March 2017. So we have THIS while neither the men nor the women made the NCAA Basketball Tournament for The Georgia Bulldogs.

Lost 5-7 third period no sound just picture and it was spotty with no graphics other than occasionally see the scoreboard.


Go Live sucks. Go Live went up and down the whole game.


THIS URL LINK works forget others you have seen :





11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time 14 March 2017 vs. University of Georgia Ice Dawgs coached by Rick Emmett against Oakland University Division 3 Ice Hockey 16-team national championship playoffs






This is the Official University of Georgia Ice Dawgs URL Link.


This is where the home games are played :







The Ice Dogs are 25-1-1 on this 2017 season winning the Conference Title 9-0 in Conference while the University of Florida gators were # 2 at 15-7 last season.




The Ice Dogs defeated Ole Miss 9-2 to Win the Championship Game 2017 repeating as Conference Champions.


This is a Club Sport rather than a Varsity Sport so The University of Georgia funds only 5 percent of the costs of the program which we have had since 1987.


This is an Official NCAA sanctioned sport who competes under the name American Collegiate Hockey Association.


American Collegiate Hockey Association has the National Championship Tournament under way now next.



The National Championships are for both Women’s teams and for Men’s teams in Ice Hockey.


The University of Georgia Ice Dawgs compete in Men’s Division III.


We are in M3 Nationals 2017 POOL B play for the National Championship.


This is a 16-team National Championship Play-Off format and there are 4 teams seeded nationally from 4 geographic regions and we are seeded # 3 in the South Region.  There are the South North Atlantic and Pacific each sending 4 teams to the nationals.





We play against

Oakland University (N2)


at 11 a.m. Tuesday March 14.


Then Wednesday March 15 2017 at 1:45 p.m.  against

Bryn Athyn College (A1)


Then Thursday at 11 a.m. March 16 2017 against

Missouri State Univ. (P4)


The Yankees with two regions both North and Atlantic have a decided advantage in the National Championship Tournament over the South which is not expected to win.


You can find our Schedule here at this URL Link which continues until March 19 2017 :




You can watch the games live here at this URL Link which shows a SHOPPING CART and features 5 HD Cameras including one in each goal :






© 2017 ACHA Nationals


We were the RUNNER-UP 2003-2004 season losing in the National Championship Game :




That trade school downtown was runner-up in our division 1999-2000 season while Michigan State won our division 2 years ago Men’s Division 3 Champions 2014-2015 season.


The Women’s National Championship Game Division 1 was played here in Alpharetta Georgia 2001-2002 season won by Wisconsin.  Division 1 men’s and women’s is called Frozen Four semi-finals.


I think we get a bum rap for Ice Hockey.


We beat Missouri State and lost the first 2 games in Pool play this year.






Don’t give me this shit that Mark Richt is a better head coach than Wally Butts. Kirby does have an advantage on the recruiting trail following the total inability of Mark Richt to win the big games but Kirby’s loss to 6-7 Vandie thus not even a winning SEC Record 2016 is just more of the same as Mark Richt and 2017 can not continue the more than 4 losses a season for 9 years. It just can’t.

Kirby hurt himself in 2018 recruiting selling in 2016 to the 2017 recruiting class ranked # 2 nationally by Scout.com and # 3 by ESPN RecruitingNation and by 247Sports.com composite that he wasn’t Mark Richt.  Then 2016 he was just that.  Mark Richt.  Who was Mark Richt ?


Wally Butts :


2-time National Champions

4-time SEC Championships

previously unparalleled success

bringing us Heisman Trophy Winner Frank Sinkwich Maxwell Award Winner Charley Trippi John Rauch Pat Dye and Fran Tarkenton all six (6) of whom are in the College Football Hall of Fame

an innovative mind who championed the forward pass as a bona fide coaching genius

who was at the time the top high school head coach in America losing only 10 games in 10 years

who our Administration Building is NAMED AFTER



Compared to Mark Richt who brought us no one who won ANY Awards since he said he was not even recruiting David Pollack and never played the game of football except as a back-up and never accomplished anything in coaching ever anywhere who said that “There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


No there is NOT.


9-1-1 in 1941


11-1-0 in 1942


9-2-0 in 1945


11-0-0 in 1946


9-2-0 in 1948


Wally Butts is the DOMINANT football team for the decade of the nineteen-forties.


Our players went off to war with my Dad in World War II while that other school downtown used players who were not even in their school.


Wally Butts got us on the National Stage to end the season in Big Huge Bowl Games 8 times losing only 2 all 8 both teams ranked at the very top of the final polls all 8 at a time when there only were 5 Bowl Games.


The 15 meaningless bowl games Mark Richt coached us in were NONE of them on the National Stage with everyone watching us. Mark Richt did not sign the top recruits and was widely criticized by them as wanting to play for teams who won. The better players Mark Richt had he wasted.


Mark Richt was all about religion.

Wally Butts was all about football.


Mark Richt was a back-up player who saw limited playing time then became a career assistant before taking this job which he said at the time December 2000 I do not want to leave Florida. I love it here and I love my Church here. Then he changed his mind but still stayed there until almost Signing Day February 2001 when Vince Dooley told him get here now and no more dallying-around about wanting to go to the assistant coach NCAA meetings instead.  Going to that assistant coach NCAA meetings would have had him showing up here then after Signing Date 2001 hired December 20 of 2000. If it were up to Mark Richt he would not have shown-up by Signing Date 2001 but over two weeks later on February 20.


Mark Richt then when he took the gig at Miami of Florida wore a Bulldogs’ belt to the Miami press meeting and took his jacket off to show everyone and said : “My wife and I can tell you this: This is our home. We love it. I have no intention of doing anything but finishing my coaching career at Miami.”


Both coaches fell-off late in their careers here at Georgia and both were fired for it.


One achieved great success before burning-out.


The other couldn’t win the big games.


One brought us national prominence and top players who wanted to win; the other did NOT.


Wally Butts is known as not only one our top 2 best coaches of all-time but one of the very best in ALL of college football.


Wally Butts earned scholarships to college in 3 sports football baseball and basketball. Wally Butts was THE STARTER on his college football team earning 1st Team All-Conference.


Wally Butts won the defamation of character lawsuit against the Saturday Evening Post for four hundred and sixty thousand dollars and went on to be a great successful business man in Athens who sent every one of his kids to UGA where they ALL 3 graduated from.


There is no comparison whatsoever between Wally Butts and Mark Richt.


Wally Butts led The University of Georgia to our 1st Four Bowl Games of All-Time ever and put us on the map winning all 4 including the Rose Bowl Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl national stage everyone watching us when there only were 5 Bowl Games.






Kyle Funderburk Dawn of the Dawg says today :


“BCS chose 11-2 LSU instead despite winning conference title games not being a prerequisite for going to the national title before that year.”



Instead LSU 2007 Kyle Funderburk Dawn of the Dawg beat 7 top 25 teams. 7 Kyle Funderburk while Mark Richt beat 2. There was NO REASON for Mark Richt to play for the National Championship 2007 Kyle Funderburk over LSU. 2007 Mark Richt lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game. And, he lost – blown-out by the vols 14-35 by 3 TD. The vols should’ve been a 5-loss team. For these performances, he was awarded the booby prize of beating # 19 Hawai’i in the bowl game nobody watched and nobody cared about.


It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.


Quit trying to rewrite history Kyle Funderburk and while I am at it it is cheesy to make us click your blog post 14 times to see this bullshit from you only to run-up your clicks.



From January 12 it took Kirby Smart until September 5 a grand total of 33 weeks to determine Jacob Eason is better than Greyson Lambert. Then with NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit Kirby made Jacob Eason his STARTER ANYWAY. Who this year 2017 Kirby will you be unable to determine are our STARS for 33 weeks PERSONA NON GRATA person not wanted of 16 ESPN Top 200 recruits overall 2017 Kirby signed and give THEM no snaps with the # 1 unit because these STARS dared to be FRESHMEN ? Then throw them to wolves ANYWAY ?

It takes time for the # 1 unit to learn a player.  And it takes a new player time to learn the # 1 unit.  You can’t make him the STARTER and NEVER let him get used to the # 1 unit.


We were a young team last season.  We were DESTINED to play the freshmen.  Instead we held them back and Kirby COMPLAINED to the press every press meeting about the freshmen.  Kirby said the freshmen were NO GOOD to the press.


This resonates with the TEAM.


And the freshmen.


Now 2017 Kirby is the nearly unanimous choice to WIN The SEC East.  It could be 100 percent of EVERYONE who says this.


If we were a young team last year AND WE WERE then these 16 ESPN Top 200 Kirby just signed in the 2017 class need reps with the # 1 unit.


If they are HERE Spring Practice one week from Tuesday they MUST get reps with the # 1 unit.  Send the message ESPECIALLY on Offense and SPECIAL TEAMS that what went-on LAST YEAR 2016 is UNACCEPTABLE on Offense and on Special Teams.


GET OUR STARS out there on the field Kirby Tuesday March 21 Spring Practice Georgia Bulldogs UGA.


And when the rest of the signing class shows up this FALL CAMP do the SAME Kirby with your STAR PLAYERS.


You must be QUICKER Kirby in determining whom it is YOU SIGNED who are the stars of your team Kirby.


PERSONA NON GRATA person not wanted – do NOT pull this with THIS FRESHMEN CLASS 2017 Kirby.


Play OUR STARS Kirby.


Practice them with the # 1 unit.





Half of the ESPN reporters say Georgia is the team who could become a true thorn in Alabama’s side.

David Ching: Georgia

This is stating the obvious, but if a program is to compete with Alabama, it has to recruit like Alabama. Because nobody in the SEC has stacked class upon class the way Nick Saban has (average ESPN recruiting class ranking over the past five classes: 1.2), the Crimson Tide have run away from the pack over the past few years. But if we’re looking for teams that pose the greatest immediate threat to Alabama’s reign, it has to be one that recruits consistently. That trims your options to six most likely contenders: LSU (average ESPN recruiting class ranking over the past five classes: 5.8), Georgia (7.4), Auburn (8.8), Florida (10.6), Texas A&M (11) and Tennessee (13.6). If I have to pick one out of that group, give me Georgia, which I view as a potential recruiting giant that might have recently woken up. The Bulldogs usually signed top-10 classes under Mark Richt, but it’s possible that the class Kirby Smart just signed after his first full recruiting cycle was as good as any from the Richt era. Smart’s recruiting base is as fertile as it gets, and he coaches in the lesser of the SEC’s two divisions. If he can reel in a few more classes of the same quality as the one he just brought to Athens, Georgia could become a true thorn in Alabama’s side.


Greg Ostendorf: Georgia

In the short term, I think it’s Auburn. With quarterback Jarrett Stidham onboard, the Tigers have a legitimate chance to beat Alabama and win the West. However, looking over the next five years, I like what Smart is doing at Georgia. He’s landed two very good quarterbacks in Jacob Eason and Jacob Fromm, which is a must if you want to beat Alabama head-to-head. He took back the Peach State in recruiting and landed the No. 2 class nationally last month. There’s no telling how good they can be if they can continue to recruit at that level. The biggest thing, though, is that they’re in the East. It’s much easier to come out of the East right now, and you might not have to play the Tide until the SEC championship. The jury is out on Smart as an SEC coach, but the way he’s building his program is similar to how Saban did it when he first got to Tuscaloosa.





Can Georgia beat Alabama this 2017 season ? Excuse me. THIS is the biggest problem we have around here and HAS BEEN. Every off-season we BRAG on ALL the TALENT we have yet average OVER 4 losses a season the last NINE (9) years now here with ALL THIS TALENT. How about we BEAT vols Florida 6-7 Vandie Georgie tek yellowjackets 5-7 Ole Miss – teams like THAT first ? We haven’t proven to me yet that we can EVEN determine who our best 22 players are to PUT on the FIELD. Beat Alabama ? Bullshit. Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation at least you got that right. So why ask ? Jesus Christ getting ahead of ourselves are we ?



I mean Cy Brown our Athletics’ Director just said do not even try to compare the 2 Alabama and Georgia.


Very next day ?


BIG BOLD HEADLINES : “If they played 2017 could Georgia beat Alabama?”


Don’t ask dumb shit questions you answer yourself NO to like you are pandering to a DISCONNECT between UGA FANS and reality of losing more than 4 games a season for 9 years now.


Let’s beat some of these CUPCAKES we lose to every year then get back to me.


It appears to me that some of our fans are the only ones around who recognize where we are or where we should dare to get to.


We should be trying to compare ourselves to Alabama to Clemson to Ohio State hell we should try to compare ourselves to Florida.


Only by striving to be the best can anyone ever achieve success.


If you shy away from comparisons of Georgia to Alabama you shall NEVER beat them.


I’d love to say we can line-up and beat Alabama.  But writing this Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation on the eve of us playing 6-7 TCU in our meaningless bowl game with our 5 losses 2016 is NOT what we should be doing.


It IS what we do.


But it should NOT be what we do.


What we SHOULD do is to compare ourselves with Alabama and see where we need to improve so that Alabama does not come into our state and steal the very players we needed to be better ourselves.


And of course we should CALL IT LIKE IT IS.


It does no good to DREAM about being great.  It takes your eyes off the ball.


DREAMING is NOT a strategy for football greatness.


You don’t become great by dreaming about being great.


We need to beat Appalachian State and Notre Dame and Florida and Vanderbilt and Mississippi State and vols and Auburn Missouri and Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Wake me up when we beat THEM.


Cy Brown AJ-C DawgNation quit DREAMING about starry-eyed wishes and concentrate upon that at hand first.  There is NO PROCESS.  There is only beat Appalachian State.  Beat Notre Dame.  Beat Florida.  Beat Vandie.  Beat Georgie tek yellowjackets. Beat vols.  Beat Auburn.


It seems to me these coaches have their hands full with that despite all our talent.


If any fan or writer of ANY team said to you that they want to know can they beat Alabama 2017 season you would laugh your freaking ass off at them and simply reply : You LOST 5 games 2016 just finished so you want to know if you can beat Alabama now 2017 ?  How about you beat 6-7 Vandie and 5-7 Ole Miss before contemplating your God Damn Navel about beating Alabama ?


Can you concentrate on beating Appalachian State or is this another THROW-AWAY year dreaming of beating Alabama ?


Our fans are NOT HELPING.


Our writers are NOT HELPING talking about beating Alabama when we lost to 6-7 Vandie and thus did not even have a winning record in The SEC.




Compare us to someone else ? Anyone else but Alabama ? What is the strength of our program ? And NOW Greg McGarity says : “The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is almost as good as a Xerox just don’t compare us to a Xerox directly but just to their lowly brethren. Don’t directly compare Georgia to an in fact Xerox which would just be an unfair comparison for us. Leave THAT to ANYONE else but lowly us. We’re just as good as most anyone else except for a real McCoy Xerox” Greg McGarity whines today to the press. He’s always whining to the press about something : Today it’s that Georgia can’t compare to Alabama.

“Compare us to someone else.  Everyone compares itself to Alabama. Compare us to Tennessee.  Compare us to LSU. So I think what happens is so many people refer to one place : Alabama.  There are 12 other schools other than Georgia and Alabama in the league. Let’s compare ourselves to any of the 12 others. Some of the others besides Georgia and Alabama don’t have what we have.  Some of the others besides Georgia and Alabama are better than us too.  But don’t let’s compare ourselves to Alabama.”  Greg McGarity




And why is that Greg McGarity ?


Why is it that The Mighty University of Georgia can not compare ourselves to Alabama ?


Is there something inherently better about the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa ?


Yes they have an AD who thinks that Alabama is better than we are.


And we have an AD who thinks that The University of Georgia and Athens should NOT EVEN TRY to compare ourselves to Alabama.


The biggest concern this football program at Georgia has is Athletics’ Director Greg McGarity.  His record is BAD.  It’s bad for his tenure in football.  It’s bad for his tenure in all sports.  It’s particularly bad in the record by the coaches he’s hired.  Now it seems NOTHING he does is RIGHT with ANYONE.  Everything he says is criticized.  He only an erstwhile tennis player and former girls’ tennis coach one year who was hand-picked by Mike Adam$ to replace Damon Evans whom Mike Adam$ ALSO hired.  Both have been TOTAL abominations.  The state of our facilities is inexcusable and him sitting on so much cash to work on these issues.  And BRAGGING how he only just has begun to scratch the surface on getting MORE DONATIONS from us.  Don’t dare compare us to Alabama.  Has Greg McGarity done ANYTHING that remotely is considered RIGHT ?  Well has he ?


Now this.

  1. No New Gym with cash to buy one while rest buy on time with SEC revenue stream ASSURED
  2. Stinky piss-smelling bathrooms no money to fix with $ 72 million in cash
  3. Tail-gating restrictions everyone hates
  4. Parking problem all our venues
  5. Getting to and from the venues a total nightmare
  6. No Traffic control
  7. Bullshit cupcakes we play as home games because FLORIDA our # 1 Rival is played in JAX EVERY year
  8. Watching our SEC brethren go past us in seats not filling-in West end with seats and view of Baxter Street
  9. RIP-OFF for foods at all venues
  10. BAD SERVICE at all the venues
  12. Donating monies millions upon millions EVERY YEAR specifically targeted by ME for Athletics’ Department instead donated by the Athletic Department to The University of Georgia instead whose annual budget finds these millions but a DROP in the damn bucket of their annual one and half billion dollar budget when these funds so DESIGNATED by ME were INTENDED by ME to FIX this SHIT of our venues and the lousy state of our venues and of our sports’ teams also ALL in a LOUSY state of DISREPAIR as well.
  13. Do not compare Georgia to Alabama – that’s not the right comparison to do.


This clown puppet has got to go.


One of the biggest problems our program has is that we have a puppet AD installed by Mike Adam$ who was a girls’ tennis coach for a year and a poor tennis player himself whose only concern is cash on hand not investing it to make us better like EVERYONE else does as their AD thus they with less cash build new gym they with less cash add to their seating so they go past us in attendance they with less cash have better fan experiences they with less cash have better sports’ programs than we.


And we have a fan base who dares not be Alabama.  Our fans SETTLE for less than acceptable.  We do NOT have Alabama’s EXPECTATIONS.  And it starts at the TOP.  Greg McGarity.


Don’t compare us to Alabama ?

Alabama does NOT have our resources.

Forget they don’t have our talent that their state pales in comparison to our own.  Forget that an AD is supposed to be a salesman.  We can settle for 2nd best.


Don’t compare us to Alabama.  That’s unfair.


Really ?


I tend to believe that the Strength of our Program is that we DARE to compare ourselves to EVERYONE.  That we have EXPECTATIONS that we CAN COMPETE with ANYONE.


Alabama included.


We don’t have to strive to be the best.  We can strive to compare ourselves to anyone other than those who are the very best.  Let’s compare ourselves to less than the best.  Then we look pretty good.


It’s almost as good as a Xerox.  Compare us to not them but everyone else.  The competitors of Xerox would never have sold anyone on their product had they taken this defeatist attitude of Greg McGarity.  Why not just give Florida their due too ?  Compare us to anyone in The SEC except for Alabama and Florida.  And LSU.  And vols.  And Clemson.  And FSU.  And Southern California.  And Michigan.  And Ohio State.  We’re not in their league.  Compare us to just the rest.


That is not a good comparison of Georgia compared to Alabama.


“Expect LESS than Alabama fans expect of their program and IN FACT refuse to allow a comparison of us to Alabama.”




That’s good Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation and our BEST beat writer for some time now. But it’s not my line-up at receiver sir.

I call for the same as you mentioned :


Mecole Harman Jr. is OUR BEST RECEIVER after Isaac Nauta.  He isn’t playing on defense anyway at cornerback and only had 1 touch of the football the entire 2016 season.  Kirby has to FIX THIS.  You don’t sign the # 1 athlete in the nation and give him one touch all year – NOT AGAIN.


Not and keep your job as head coach UGA with this dearth of wide receivers.  Kirby FAILED to figure-out who his pitch and catch combo was last Spring and didn’t figure it out all FALL CAMP either but then again EVERYONE gave Kirby a THROW-AWAY year so he took it.


A honeymoon.


If you can’t find someone to throw to in 2016 or 2017 for that matter either that is ON THE HEAD COACH of a FBS School – especially Georgia with all this talent to choose from.


So Receiver Depth Chart in order :


  1. Isaac Nauta  TE Buford Georgia Consensus Freshman All-America – unclog TE move him outside he’s our most accomplished receiver by FAR.  I would throw to Isaac Nauta every down this year 2017 and next year when he is a 1st Round Draft Pick after next season.
  2. Mecole Hardman Jr. – Soph- wasted his freshman year when Kirby wanted to redshirt the # 1 athlete in the nation.  That’s BULLSHIT Kirby.
  3. Jeremiah Holloman- F
  4. Javon Wims – Senior
  5. DeAngelo Gibbs – F- you left him out all together Seth
  6. Terry Godwin – Junior – Seth you didn’t say he has been Tentative here since he got here but he is.  He fixes that and he would be WAY up on this Depth Chart – that’s up to Terry Godwin.
  7. Riley Ridley
  8. Mark Webb Jr. – we’ve GOT to plug HOLES with our TOP players youth or NOT Seth.
  9. Trey Blount III
  10. Dominick Sanders Senior – he should have been targeted on OFFENSE last year and wasn’t
  11. Michael Chigbu Junior 2017 WR
  12. Matthew Landers
  13. Jayson Stanley Junior 2017  Creekside WR 6′ 2″ 207 lbs.
  14. Elijah Holyfield 5′ 11″ 215 lbs. RB – if not going to play him more at RB then fill holes with top stars and throw to him in space
  15. Tyler Simmons 6′ 206 lbs. McEachern WR
  16. Charlie Woerner  6′ 5″ 251 lbs. Rabun County Starter 2016 TE – for heaven’s sake all these TE and no WR and no one can THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX except for me ?  Wake-up
  17. Shakenneth Williams Senior 2017 6′ 1″ 208 lbs. WR 2 games 2016 including 1 start Macon




My theory on Depth Charts is one think outside the box and move your STARS to fill holes and two if the guy already here isn’t getting the job done let someone else try.


This is our biggest hole.  We better get with it and find our pitch and catch combo NOW.


We don’t have one.




“Georgia is the program that feels like it’s on the verge of exploding.” Ben Kercheval CBS Sports.com “Storylines you need to know as college football begins 2017 spring practice.” Who needs to listen to an ENTIRE long-winded PODCAST to HEAR that ? I don’t.



Getting an initial glimpse of Kirby Smart’s second year at Georgia: UGA is the textbook definition of a sleeping giant. The state produces plenty of blue-chip talent each year, and the SEC East remains a division ripe for the taking. The Bulldogs’ offense has two star running backs returning in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, and quarterback Jacob Eason has a year of experience under his belt. For all the hype East division foe Tennessee has received lately, Georgia is the program that feels like it’s on the verge of exploding.”        CBS Sports.com Ben Kercheval



Spring in Atlanta is March 20 and that is when our Spring Practice begins the next day March 21 as well which is 2 weeks’ time from now. Kirby tweeted today when is the G-Day Game ? Well that is 7 weeks’ time from now April 22 which is also Spring. May is Spring as well as is June with Spring ending June 21. I commend Falcons’ head coach Dan Quinn for saying they are improving that he was on the headset and that he is the head coach and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY therefore – that Dan Quinn OWNS that. Now Kirby today in response makes the tweet that he wonders when G-Day Game is. THAT is one of his top 25 blunders of 2016. Looking FORWARD without looking at what he could have done to prepare the TOP PLAYERS ON THE TEAM to PLAY FOOTBALL 2016 which then therefore became a THROW-AWAY SEASON. Everyone needs to learn to get past something but no one can be over anything. You must OWN that which defines you. If you don’t then you NEVER LEARN from your past. You can not get over something. You can get past it.

“I am past it.  I am not over it.  I don’t think I ever will be and that’s a good thing.” Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons’ head coach.


They never should have tried to have passed the ball on the play call.


Here is hoping that Kirby does not look past last Spring Practice where he FAILED TO PREPARE the players to play – not even knowing whom it was he WOULD play – let alone prepare them Spring Practice.


Unfortunately I read Kirby’s last tweet about when is G-Day Game as completely different from Dan Quinn’s latest Quote that HE is not OVER 2016 season but is past it in the print edition AJ-C Page C-4 Sports Section article by D. Orlando Ledbetter AJ-C I presume DawgNation I mean they have REBRANDED themselves as NOT AJ-C but as DawgNation right ?


One head football coach here studies where he mucked-up stands-up like a man and said I was on the headset I take OWNERSHIP therefore of the play call AND of all 3 phases of the game.  It’s my bad.  I have studied it.  I am past it but NOT over it.


The other head coach here prior to Spring Practice appears headed to making the SAME MISTAKE year 2 as year 1 looking past Spring Practice.  Kirby has NOT TAKEN OWNERSHIP of shit about 2016 and does NOT intend to considering it a THROW-AWAY season.  No it wasn’t Kirby.  And when G-Day Game is does not really even enter my mind right now but how can we get ALL THIS YOUTH on this team 2017 PREPARED in the up-coming Spring Practices ?


Forget the damn PROCESS and live in the damn MOMENT Kirby.  You ONLY get 1 go-round.  It’s NOW.


We need to not look past Spring Practice but to see the opportunity of Spring Practice to finally only now prepare the youth if they the stars of the team.  This 2017 recruiting class – most especially the early enrollees – must be prepared now and not put into the position of persona non grata.


I am consumed by it –


– well that and in the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.



Isaiah McKenzie will not be drafted and never plays a game in the NFL. 4.42 in 40-yard dash not going to get it done for Isaiah McKenzie who dropped-out of school because he HAD BAD GRADES as there are MANY who DECLARE for the NFL Draft who haven’t done diddle-e-squat in school except to RUN THEIR MOUTHS like Isaiah McKenzie. You can see the comments to THIS BLOG for the off-field incidents REPORTED HERE by READERS of this blog who WROTE ABOUT IT ONLINE here on THIS BLOG. As for the BULLSHIT 5-foot-7 and 173 pounds ” — at times the only reliable pass catcher for then-freshman quarterback Jacob Eason — ” all I can say is that he set the RECORD for FUMBLES at Georgia – that and DROPS. He was AWFUL. He lost us the Vandie game by himself. I am sorry John Crist Saturday Down South but it MAKES PERFECTLY good sense that Isaiah McKenzie is a college drop-out. COMPLETE RESULTS HERE : 11 bench press reps and 36 ” vertical leap with his 4.42 in 40-yard dash disappointing who tries catch NOT USING HIS HANDS.

11 bench press reps only

36 inch vertical leap

123 broad jump

4.42 in 40-yard dash

4.15 in 20-yard shuttle





“— at times the only reliable pass catcher for then-freshman quarterback Jacob Eason — ”


Pure unadulterated bullshit John Crist Saturday Down South.


At 5 feet 7 inches of 173 lbs. with small 8 inches and seven-eights hands with only 28 and seven-eights arms his lack of ability to use his hands like good players do to catch a football he has NO FUTURE.  Sorry.


11 bench press results and disappointing 4.42 in the 40-yard dash proves that Isaiah McKenzie did NOT prepare well for the NFL Combines he should have been THANKFUL to have been invited to.


The folks good at catching a football use their hands.  Isaiah McKenzie uses ANYTHING BUT his hands to catch the ball.  He does not watch the ball into his hands has bad eyesight or poor hand-eye coordination.  I would know.  Trust me.


He led the team in fumbles and drops in his time here got suspended should have been kicked-out of school here for his treatment of ladies at a restaurant – according to eye witness accounts – has no respect for ladies never got a single good grade in classes while he was here and had NO CHOICE but to declare because he probably was going to be not eligible academically anyway.


So he declared.


He did NOT even WANT to TRY to go to classes anymore.  This is what he WANTED – to NOT have to go to classes any more where he was NO DAMN GOOD.


Why should he look at where he is ranked John Crist Jesus Christ ?


It did NOT matter to him since he didn’t want to go to class.







“I didn’t see the pre-draft evaluation from the league of me or anything like that so I don’t even know my pre-draft evaluation from the league.”


He put us in bad field position all the time John Crist for YEARS who with his small hands does not catch the ball with his hands – anything BUT.


But hey you paint the picture of him as a dumbass so at least you got that part right John Crist Saturday Down South .com.


As for his public embarrassment of The University of Georgia before he was suspended well I did not have to report that on this blog as this blog’s readers wrote it all for you HERE of his treatment of ladies in public in comments on this blog.


The NFL has NO CHOICE but to strike such a personality.


Who cares that he didn’t have good grades EITHER ?


He needs to go back to school while it is being paid for him unfortunately he might not have the grades to do so here so he needs to transfer to a school where he can get in.


And fit in.


Human Joystick.


Do you see anything about GREAT HANDS in that moniker ?




He runs well down the field – unfortunately he leaves the football BEHIND.


I am NOT going to miss him.


Sorry to burst his and your bubble on him.


Any NFL Scout would point out ALL these flaws.



The Top 15 football players who played running back for The University of Georgia. Why Top 15 ? Because you can not leave ANY of these 15 out that’s why Kyle Funderburk.

1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  • 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  • 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  • 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  • 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  • 1,547  Nick Chubb, 2014
  • 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  • 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  • 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  • 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  • 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  • 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  • 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  • 1,130 – Nick Chubb, 2016
  • 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  • 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  • 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  • 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987
  • Charley Trippi
  • Terrell Davis


Charley Trippi batted .464 for The Diamond Dogs

Charley Trippi coached our baseball team after World War II

Charley Tippi was professional baseball player playing for the Atlanta Crackers

Charley Trippi’s all-time professional baseball player batting average is .334

Charley Trippi 1946 and Herschel Walker 1982 BOTH Won the Maxwell Award

18 former Georgia Bulldogs are in the College Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi Herschel Walker

Georgia has 4 who were # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick Charley Trippi not Herschel Walker

Georgia has 4 who were MVP of the NFL Championship Game Charley Trippi not Herschel Walker

Charley Trippi threw for 1 TD and returned punt for another in NFL Championship Game (Super Bowl)

Charley Trippi won 2 National Championships for Georgia in football Herschel Walker 1

Charley Trippi won National Championship football for us 1942 and after war came back won again 1946

3 Pro Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi not Herschel Walker

Both Jerseys are retired numbers 34 and 62

Charley Trippi’s over 2,500 yards passing in the NFL, over 3,500 yards rushing and over 1,300 yards receiving marks the only Pro Football Hall of Fame member to have achieved these numbers in all 3.

Charley Trippi is the player who won the MVP of the Rose Bowl, just as he won the MVP of the NFL Championship Game (preceded the Super Bowl but is the same exact game and distinction.)

The NFL after 1 year on the Atlanta Crackers paid Charley Trippi $ 100,000 plus a $ 25,000 bonus to play with them instead and he did instantly being NFL Championship Game MVP and NFL Champion, after being selected # 1 over-all in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft 1945.

Charley Trippi also served on the coaching staff of the NFL Cardinals after his playing days.

Charley Trippi returned punts, kick-off returns, actually the punter as well, catch passes, throw passes, run, intercept passes and excel at all phases of the game.

Charley Trippi was such a great football player that he played both ways, serving as defensive back.  In fact, when you look up his records, many list him at defensive back.

Charley Trippi played for us in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl.

Herschel Walker is the only Georgia Bulldog to ever win the Walter Camp National Player of the Year Award.

Herschel Walker and Charley Trippi were both Walter Camp All-America.

Herschel Walker won the Heisman Trophy Award. Charley Trippi did not.

Charley Trippi never settled for 2nd best at anything, ever.  Who is a real hero ?

“Greatest UGA Player of All-Time”

If you meant college football only you did not say that either.

“Greatest UGA Player of All-Time”  Charley Trippi.


( http://www.ugafootballlive.com/highlights/greatest-player-ever/ )

After careful consideration to the category you describe, Charley Trippi.



Terrell Davis is one of ONLY 3 former players for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Super Bowl MVP

Two-time Super Bowl Winner

Three-time 1st Team All-Pro

Two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Most Rushing Yards in the NFL 1998 Season

Two-time NFL Most Rushing Touchdowns in a season

44 years old Terrell Davis was the back-up to Garrison Hearst here at UGA and rushed for 1919 yards in college with 16 rushing TD and another 5 TD receiving with 621 receiving yards in college.

His college gave-up football and he chose to come to The University of Ground Attack UGA playing here his last 3 years of college.

And then got drafted by Denver and was STELLAR.  Terrell Davis was the Best in the business.

Congratulations to Terrell Davis Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Canton Ohio Terrell Davis !


The ONLY college to have 4 different players Win the MVP of the NFL’s Championship Game Hines Ward, Terrell Davis, Charley Trippi and Jake Scott the ONLY indeed The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are quite the story in the NFL and this latest recruiting class we just signed 2017 will be the Greatest of them All.

I watched Terrell Davis from our seasons’ tickets so I was rooting for Terrell Davis.





Georgia Softball 16-3 record on the season wins double-header tonight and no head coach Lu Harris-Champer was NOT hired by Greg McGarity either. This while Greg McGarity has hired eight (8) and fired seven (7) head coaches yet NONE of them have out-performed their predecessors. We have 10 hitters batting over .300 while our 3 Starter Pitchers are all ERA of 1.35 to 1.39 to 1.94. Yet we have 3 primary fielders who have committed 6 and 7 and 7 errors each in 19 games all well UNDER .900 fielding percentage all 3 on the error-filled infield who cannot catch routine ground balls.

Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs are # 17 in the USA Today ESPN Poll and # 16 in the Coaches’ Poll.




And no Greg McGarity did not hire us this coach either.


His coaches have flopped all of them.




“Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future.” Greg McGarity about MY complaints HERE about the HORDES OF CASH from SEC Revenue Sharing Greg McGarity is JUST SITTING ON instead of a new gym stinky piss-smelling bathrooms tail-gating restrictions parking and getting to and from the venues traffic control bullshit cupcakes we play as home games because FLORIDA our # 1 Rival is played in JAX EVERY year watching our SEC brethren go past us in seats not filling-in West end with seats and view of Baxter Street RIP-OFF for foods and BAD SERVICE IN OTHER WORDS Greg McGarity is NOT DOING ANYTHING about the LOUSY STATE OF EVERY ONE OF OUR SPORTS’ TEAMS since the day Greg McGarity took over nor anything about all our complaints about the venues either : “Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future. Our donors have been fantastic. I think one thing is we have just scratched the surface. We just know there’s tremendous upside there. And I think the message that we’d like to convey is that it’s a huge deal for us. Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future.”



Get rid of this Greg McGarity clown puppet NOW who has let the general state of all of our sports’ teams and their facilities fall into a state of TOTAL unacceptable DISREPAIR.


This Howdy Doody clown has got to go.





JPEG Greg McGarity



Howdy Doody Greg McGarity has GOT TO GO.


He is just a marionette clown puppet whose puppeteer marionettist is STILL Mike Adam$ doing Mike Adam$’ BIDDING directives – sit on cash and DONATE our monies we entrusted to him to manage our sports’ teams and their venues –  to The University of Georgia millions upon millions every year which we GAVE Greg McGarity to FIX this SHIT with instead when The University of Georgia has an annual budget of a billion and a half dollars.  The millions DONATED every year by Greg McGarity were specifically FUNDS I donated to the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT to fix this SHIT not the separate MONIES I donated to The University of Georgia for OTHER PURPOSES of The University of Georgia.  Most of us DONATE MONIES to BOTH.  My MONIES donated to The University of Georgia are MATCHED by my MAJOR EMPLOYER thus doubling-up those FUNDS but my DONATIONS TO FIX THIS SHIT are NOT :


  1. New Gym
  2. Stinky piss-smelling bathrooms
  3. Tail-gating restrictions
  4. Parking
  5. Getting to and from the venues
  6. Traffic control
  7. Bullshit cupcakes we play as home games because FLORIDA our # 1 Rival is played in JAX EVERY year
  8. Watching our SEC brethren go past us in seats not filling-in West end with seats and view of Baxter Street
  9. RIP-OFF for foods
  10. BAD SERVICE at all the venues
  12. Donating monies millions upon millions EVERY YEAR specifically targeted by ME for Athletics’ Department instead donated by the Athletic Department to The University of Georgia instead whose annual budget finds these millions but a DROP in the damn bucket of their annual one and half billion dollar budget when these funds so DESIGNATED by ME were INTENDED by ME to FIX this SHIT of our venues and the lousy state of our venues and of our sports’ teams also ALL in a LOUSY state of DISREPAIR as well.


Mike Adam$ is still controlling the STRINGS of this clown puppet marionette Greg McGarity still doing Mike Adam$’ bidding DIRECTIVES.


It is HIGH TIME we rid ourselves of ALL vestiges of Mike Adam$.


Fire Greg McGarity.


He was ever only just a puppet installed by Mike Adam$ to replace ANOTHER Mike Adam$ CLOWN puppet as AD Damon Evans.


“And I think the message that we’d like to convey is that it’s a huge deal for us. Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future.”


This lip service from this clown puppet is just too much to bear any more.


Greg McGarity alone bears all the responsibility for all of this and this sorry state of our sports’ teams and their venues under Greg McGarity do not bear scrutiny do they ?


He isn’t doing anything telling us that he isn’t doing anything about any of it but might at some point in the damn future.



AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson is doing a GREAT JOB bringing us all this NEWS isn’t he ?  I have always liked Seth Emerson for his thorough reporting.  He stops and thinks.  Then he interviews and does HIS RESEARCH.


Well research this.  The University of Georgia MAKES MORE PROFITS than EVERY other Athletics’ Department and SITS on it rather than investing it as it was INTENDED by US the ones donating our monies to IT.


Then they BRAG to US that they have just scratched the damn surface ripping us all off and NOT doing as we wanted with those funds but as Mike Adam$ told Greg McGarity to do with those funds INSTEAD.




For a program who MADE ITS NAME on our OFFENSIVE STARS winning AWARDS we NEVER DID HAVE ONE DURING THE MARK RICHT ERA. Not 1. Frank Sinkwich. Herschel Walker. Garrison Hearst. Champ Bailey. Charley Trippi. All of them PLAYED OFFENSE here at Georgia and ALL won AWARDS. But the Mark Richt era brought us NONE OF THAT on OFFENSE. What will KIRBY bring us on OFFENSE for AWARD WINNERS ?

We’re steeped in tradition here at Georgia for our Bulldogs’ Offensive Players to WIN AWARDS.  It’s been a LONG TIME since we had one all the way back to Jim Donnan years when we last won an AWARD for one of our Offensive Players and even he was a 2-way player at WR and defense AND special teams.




It goes all the way back to Garrison Hearst for the last Georgia Bulldogs’ AWARD WINNER on OFFENSE for UGA.


What will the Kirby era produce for us for AWARDS for OFFENSE ?


Our offense here at Georgia has NOT KEPT-UP with college football trends innovations and AWARD WINNERS on OFFENSE.


What is Kirby going to do to produce OFFENSIVE stars who WIN AWARDS on OFFENSE ?


Mark Richt sure NEVER did.





Heisman Trophy Award

Archie Griffin Award (MVP)

AP Player of the Year Award

Maxwell Award (top player)

Sporting News Player of the Year Award

Walter Camp Award (top player)

Burlsworth Trophy (top player who began as walk-on Award)

POLY POY (Polynesian College Football Player of the Year Award)

Davey O’Brien Award (quarterback)

Johnny Unitas Award (senior/4th year quarterback)

Kellen Moore Award (quarterback)

Manning Award (quarterback)

Sammy Baugh Trophy Award  (passing quarterback)

Fred Biletnikoff Award (wide receiver)

Paul Warfield Trophy Award (wide receiver):

John Mackey Award (tight end)

Ozzie Newsome Award (tight end)

Dave Rimington Trophy Award (center)

Jim Parker Trophy Award (offensive lineman)

Doak Walker Award (running back)



Mark Richt could not bring us ANY of these Awards on Offense during his entire 15 years averaging 9-wins a season coming here as an Offensive Coordinator.


What will Kirby bring us for Awards for our players on Offense ?


Margaret Sullavan


( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3e/Margaret_Sullavan_in_The_Shopworn_Angel_trailer.JPG/300px-Margaret_Sullavan_in_The_Shopworn_Angel_trailer.JPG )


( https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMTkxODcyMzU3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzE5MDAwNzE@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_.jpg )


This is The SEC Spokeswoman Wynn Everett who is from Atlanta but she went to Auburn.  She wins my Award this morning along with Margaret Sullavan whom we also did not get to come to Georgia.  But this year’s team is chalk full of possible Award Winners if the coach plays them.


What do you do with TALENT like this ?


Throw them out of the bed ?


Call them persona non grata – person not wanted because they are young ?


Or RECOGNIZE who the TOP STARS on your God Damn Football Team are and play them practice them with the # 1 unit BRAG on them when they do something right to the press and GROOM them for success.


I don’t give a SHIT if they are FRESHMEN.


Play them or look the fool.


Mark Richt redshirted Knowshon Moreno so we only got to see him 2 years.


We have YOUNG TALENT 2017.


We damn sure better be GROOMING them and PRACTICING them and PLAYING them Kirby.


Or you shall find yourself boy on my shit list.


And if he doesn’t and holds them back and does let them practice even with the # 1 unit SPRING PRACTICE and again all FALL CAMP and BERATES them in PUBLIC at every PRESS CONFERENCE then throws them out there to the wolves anyway and gives them the START we all know the youngsters MUST be getting this 2107 season as he did 2016 season then AGAIN we will have HELD OUR STARS on OFFENSE BACK and not prepared them nor the team for them and we can piss away another wasted season – another THROW-AWAY season 2017.


We just have too many holes on a 8-5 team who LOST to losing record Vandie and therefore did not even put-up a winning record in SEC action year one.


It was a tale of poor roster management and lack of confidence in Kirby’s freshmen last season.


And just when last season saw the last remnants of the last great recruiting class here at Georgia – The DREAM TEAM Mark Richt called them who were all gone prior to last season 21 seniors every single one of the 21 whom Mark Richt STARTED here and who collectively averaged 4-losses a season their 6-year tenure here since Kolton Houston joined those seniors who left prior to last season.


We were a team destined to be young.


Instead it was a THROW-AWAY season.


The youth did not gain confidence themselves in themselves.  How could they ?  Every time the coach was asked about them oh well he’s ONLY just a freshman.


Then started him anyway.


And his teammates too lost confidence in our freshmen.


In this day and age 2017 if you don’t get your TOP STARS on your team FRESHMEN or NOT out there – especially with less returning seniority than EVERY TEAM in America really, then we are doomed as a program with coaches who are


AFRAID to start freshmen.


Well no.


He played him.


He made him starter.


He just UNDERMINED every God Damn BEST he could and then threw him into the breach again anyway unprepared.


Here’s hoping the 18 ESPN Top 200 overall recruits of 2017 do not face the same.


8-5 is unacceptable as is losing to losing record Vandie and not even putting up a winning SEC Record.



It is PUT UP or SHUT-UP time for Kirby as far as I am concerned too.


I am sick and Dawg-Tired of averaging 4 losses a season for the last 8 years God Damn It.


I want to see our Offense grow-up and produce STARS again.  Stars who win AWARDS.




Not 2018.


And you better damn well shore-up the God Damn Special Teams too Kirby.


Are you listening to me ?


Soon you shall if you aren’t.


Trust me.


This is NO THROW-AWAY year 2017.




Like the last 8 years in a row now averaging now MORE than 4 losses a season for the latest 8 seasons now and counting.


God Damn pitiful bullshit results with all this friqin’ talent


WASTED God Damn It.





If I had talent like we have I would PLAY them Kirby.


Practice them in SPRING PRACTICE giving them reps with the # 1 unit announcing that what went on on Offense 2016 was UNACCEPTABLE.


I would play EVERY early enrollee on Offense some reps with the # 1 unit SPRING PRACTICE Kirby.





“You go through an experience like 6′ 4″ Elite 11 QB JACOB PARK had at Georgia it’s not easy to bounce back.” Matt Campbell head coach Big XII Iowa State says today. Jacob Park would have started against Kentucky if Mark Richt had not run him off 2015 and he should have been the STARTER 2015 by ALL ACCOUNTS. Instead Mark Richt never gave him a chance and held him back. Now today Jacob Park is the STARTING QB 2017 his Junior Season Iowa State.



Hutson Mason was CERTAINLY no damn good as our Starting QB and should NEVER have been made Starting QB for 2014.  That Mark Richt chose Greyson Lambert 2015 as his starting QB cost Mark Richt his job.  And why was that ?  Because Jacob Park was BETTER than Greyson Lambert.  Anyone would have been.


2015 season there is NO QUESTION that had Mark Richt not run-off Jacob Park that Jacob Park is named the STARTER at QB here at Georgia against Kentucky.


Instead having given Faton Bauta not one single snap at QB all 2015 season Mark Richt was DESPERATE and started Faton Bauta against Florida our # 1 Rival.  He threw 4 interceptions and no running plays were called for a guy I had called to be MOVED TO RUNNING BACK the year before.  Instead Faton Bauta was THROWN to the wolves desperate as Mark Richt was 2015.


Desperate without a clue.


But Mark Richt MORE THAN ANY OTHER POSITION was PROVEN WRONG on his choices of QB here at Georgia – an area of expertise Mark Richt had NO EXPERIENCE at when hired here – choosing his Starting QB.  9 times it has been documented Mark Richt made the WRONG CHOICE at QB.


I said THIS WOULD BE PROVEN-OUT as Mark Richt’s 10th incorrect choice as Starting QB at UGA this guy this Jacob Park.


So now as we enter this 2017 Season and Jacob Park Elite 11 QB at 6′ 4″ we STOLE out of South Carolina has indeed been named ALREADY NOW as the Starting QB this season let’s compare his stats 2016 there at Iowa State Big XII to Jacob Eason last year here 2016 shall we ?


Jacob Park Iowa Sta. .. TD Pass 12 .. INT 5 .. RUNS + 59 yd .. COMPLETION % 58.9

Jacob Eason Georgia .. TD Pass 16 .. INT 8 .. RUNS – 45 yd .. COMPLETION % 55.1


Jacob Park was not named Starting QB Big XII Iowa State last year until the last 5 games by Matt Campbell.








I called for Jacob Park to be our Starting QB 2014 not Hutson Mason who does not hold a candle to Jacob Park.


Like so many of the Mark Richt recruits Jacob Park SIMPLY WAS NOT HERE despite being a highly-touted recruit Mark Richt SIGNED and then WASTED like 59 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits here.  


There is NO EXCUSE for Mark Richt having 59 of his 146 signed scholarship recruits JUST NOT HERE – GONE – his last 6 years here.   Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits beginning 2010 through 2015 – JUST GONE – NOT HERE AT UGA.




Mark Richt had NO CLUE whom his best players were at QB specifically. He played the wrong ones chose the WRONG QB 9 times in his career here at UGA and I said THEN that Jacob Park would be Mark Richt’s PROVEN 10th INCORRECT CHOICE at QB here at Georgia.


Jacob Park should have been our STARTER 2014 season NOT Hutson Mason.

Jacob Park should have been our STARTER 2015 season NOT Greyson Lambert.

Jacob Park 2016 compared to Jacob Eason and would’ve obviously competed with him 2016 here.


Jacob Park was an early enrollee 2014 for Mark Richt who wasted him and ran him off.


2013 South Carolina MR. FOOTBALL

ESPN Elite 11

# 4 QB Nationally 2013 Rivals.com

# 78 OVERALL PROSPECT 2013 of 3300 prospects 247Sports.com composite

# 4 QB Nationally 247Sports.com composite

U.S. Army All-America

Top Student Business degree Major UGA

Paid his dues 2014 when Mark Richt NEVER GAVE HIM A CHANCE

Left when Mark Richt announced Greyson Lambert as Starter 2015 costing Mark Richt his job.


“You go through an experience like JACOB PARK had at Georgia it’s not easy to bounce back.”   Matt Campbell head coach Big XII Iowa State says today.


Best of luck to you Jacob Park.  I am sorry about that sir.  I tried to tell Mark Richt it would COST HIM HIS DAMN JOB.  It DID.  The dumbass.






Kirby signed 16 ESPN Top 200 Overall of 3300 nationwide : # 2 Isaiah Wilson. # 10 DeAngelo Gibbs. # 12 Richard LeCounte III. # 15 Robert Beal. # 40 Andrew Thomas. # 66 D’Andre Swift. # 77 William Poole III. # 97 Tray Bishop. # 98 Malik Herring. # 104 Jeremiah Holloman. # 132 Jake Fromm. # 142 Netori Johnson. # 168 Jaden Hunter. # 175 Mark Webb. # 184 Walter Grant. # 195 D’Antne Demery. Is Kirby going to play them and practice them with the # 1 unit or HOLD THEM BACK 2017 ? That is the Question 2017.

8-5 team who LOST to 6-7 Vandie and therefore Kirby was NOT even a winning record in The SEC 2016.


The Off-Season QUESTION is if Kirby is planning on plugging these guys in as STARS on this team obviously or if Kirby is NOT PLANNING on using them right off the bat or not.


Every year now we see THESE TOP STARS do EXTREMELY well as Freshmen. Kirby just signed 8 percent of the ESPN Top 200 best overall players in the nation for just one of the 130 teams in FBS Football 2017.  We represent two-thirds of one percent of the teams and signed 8 percent of the top players.


This is a quite extraordinary signing of 16 of the top 200 players in the nation. Our stars on our football team will be made-up of these 16 players.


Every team in the nation would have loved to have signed 16 of the top 200 players in the nation quite obviously.


But the question we have as a team 2017 is if Kirby is planning on using these guys or instead is going to treat them as persona non grata an unwelcome player 2017.


Obviously these 16 top 200 players nationwide are a huge help to our 2017 team.


If we play them.


If we do not play them then it matters little 2017 that we got the nation’s # 1 haul of top 200 players according to ESPN.


There is little question that Kirby was an abomination across the board in his first head coaching job EXCEPT for RECRUITING.


So the question is if Kirby is going to take-advantage of these 16 ESPN Top 200 players nationally 2017 or have yet again another throw-away season.


This is where we are 2017.