Kirby signed 16 ESPN Top 200 Overall of 3300 nationwide : # 2 Isaiah Wilson. # 10 DeAngelo Gibbs. # 12 Richard LeCounte III. # 15 Robert Beal. # 40 Andrew Thomas. # 66 D’Andre Swift. # 77 William Poole III. # 97 Tray Bishop. # 98 Malik Herring. # 104 Jeremiah Holloman. # 132 Jake Fromm. # 142 Netori Johnson. # 168 Jaden Hunter. # 175 Mark Webb. # 184 Walter Grant. # 195 D’Antne Demery. Is Kirby going to play them and practice them with the # 1 unit or HOLD THEM BACK 2017 ? That is the Question 2017.

8-5 team who LOST to 6-7 Vandie and therefore Kirby was NOT even a winning record in The SEC 2016.


The Off-Season QUESTION is if Kirby is planning on plugging these guys in as STARS on this team obviously or if Kirby is NOT PLANNING on using them right off the bat or not.


Every year now we see THESE TOP STARS do EXTREMELY well as Freshmen. Kirby just signed 8 percent of the ESPN Top 200 best overall players in the nation for just one of the 130 teams in FBS Football 2017.  We represent two-thirds of one percent of the teams and signed 8 percent of the top players.


This is a quite extraordinary signing of 16 of the top 200 players in the nation. Our stars on our football team will be made-up of these 16 players.


Every team in the nation would have loved to have signed 16 of the top 200 players in the nation quite obviously.


But the question we have as a team 2017 is if Kirby is planning on using these guys or instead is going to treat them as persona non grata an unwelcome player 2017.


Obviously these 16 top 200 players nationwide are a huge help to our 2017 team.


If we play them.


If we do not play them then it matters little 2017 that we got the nation’s # 1 haul of top 200 players according to ESPN.


There is little question that Kirby was an abomination across the board in his first head coaching job EXCEPT for RECRUITING.


So the question is if Kirby is going to take-advantage of these 16 ESPN Top 200 players nationally 2017 or have yet again another throw-away season.


This is where we are 2017.




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